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I have to get braces on Tuesday and I just wanted to know the procedure. (My orthodontist wasn't very clear) Could you write it like this.
Step 1 ..... (Amount of pain)
2..... (Amount fo pain)
............and so on.
And also I was told I needed bottom braces first and headgear. Do you need bottom AND top braces for headgear? Im getting the oringinal/regualer kind.

the one
i have braces for five years got them off lasty year. It dosent hurt when tehy put them on your mouth it just really sore and it feels weird. No just bottom they gave the bottom first and i had to wear that stupid thing every where i got use to it sometimes i forgot it wasent there.

John S
step 1 it takes like an hour to get them on
i dont kno about the headgear.
step2 it doesnt hurt right away but you feel it pulling thogh
step3 it hurts for about a week
step 4 getting them tightend isnt that bad but it hurts for about a couple days

Palestinian Queen
lol... no headgear needed..
no pain neither.... well up until your teeth start moving...

theyll just glue the bracets onto your teeth..
put the wire though them all.
and band them together..

n once your teeth start moving is when youll be feeling the pain..
itll get better..
oh.... n ... CONGRATS!! loll

Kira Kira
it was really painful and u cant eat for a while and when u first get it, u keep on biting the inside of your cheek. plus when u finally get them off your breath really stinks.

Black Charm
Well when my friend got braces she said that there was not really any pain. I think you have to eat soft food for a while. And a few days after getting braces then your mouth gets sore and you start to feel pain. Also when you get your braces tightened that is supposed to be really painful.

Well i dont know what the headgear entails but...
they clean each tooth
glue the bracket to your teeth
hold a blue light to your mouth to dry it
and after they do that for every tooth,
they put on the wire....done.
nothing hurts until like an hour later when all you want is a nice cold milkshake. =]

Braces don't hurt. it is just a long installation period getting everything glued into place.
Drilling with no anesthetic, and using a rope driven drill is what really hurts.
That is what i had back when I got braces.
Now the drills are air driven, you got novacaine, and nitrous oxide and stereo music just to get your teeth cleaned.
We only got that when it was a root canal, and no stereo at all.

it doesnt hurt getting them on, but the head gear will kill you for the first week! but the more you wear it, the better it gets, pretty soon you wont even notice. you do need top braces for head gear, and the braces will hurt really bad for the first couple days. i recomend eating a big meal before getting them on, because you wont really eat for the next couple days!

Step 1. no pain, they like glue this weird stuff on ur mouth.
Step 2. a tiny bit of pain, they start putting lil' brackets on each tooth
Step 3. some pain, they put the wiring saround ur mouth
Step 4. UR DONE
but..... it doesn't hurt until the next day! it hurts so bad! u could just like pull ur face off! eat lots of cold things!
and u dont need top and bottom braces for headgear, hope this helps!

if you get them on in the morning, it hurts to eat that night and the day after. but getting them on doesn't hurt.

There is NO pain. I am not kidding. I have had it and I cry if I fall over. I am a baby!

dont listen to the bull **** answer number 1 gave you. i have braces. they dont put u to sleep. nothing hurts in the procedure. its a day later your teeth are sore and they feel like theyll fall ot. not sugar coated its the truth you wanted right?

about the headgear i dont know.....
but i was told i need and expsnder and top before bottom!
it dosent hurt really....
they put a huge plastic thing in your mouth that makes you gag (keeps your mouth dry)

just me =)
umm i also have braces
and when u get them its not that bad
just the horrible taste of the gel its gross so
try not to taste it
well i dont exactly remember the steps in detail but dont
worry about the pain it doesnt hurt

and well im not so sure about head gear
cuz i never got that

but good luck :)

Love & music [:
Why are all you people always spazzing about getting braces. ugh. >:P I've had them before. geesh its a big deal you'll get used to it.

all i can say is take some pain relief before you go to get them on... and keep it in your system also stack up on som of your fav. soft foods like mashed potatoes, yugort, ice cream.... no noodles or anything like that.. killer to get out and you prolly will be in to much pain to eat it. gl!

Oh braces are nothing
first they put this thing in your mouth to open it..make sure you put Chapstick on before hand...it doesn't hurt at all.
Then they just put the brackets on which don't hurt
and then they put the wire through the brackets.

It's a painless procedure.

It will be sore after about an hour or half...you may want to take some pain medicine right after you leave the ortho. and keep on taking them every four hours (or as instructed) even if they don't hurt.

Good Luck and remember that it doesn't hurt to get them on or off, the only part of braces that hurt is when you get them tightened every month.

yadah yadah yadah
the chick is lying to u about putting u to sleep. i had baces and its no big deal i dnt quite remember the process but it doesnt hurt really. just make sure they take out both of ur spacers cuz they left one of mine in and it got jammedinto my gums by the braces and my dentist ddnt find it until 2 years after i got them off. also u dont even have to hav braces to get head gear so u can hav just bottom braces and hav head gear. god luck and hav fun w/ ur new look!

i had braces and the pain really didn't start until the next day after getting them on.
ummm, i don't know about the headgear, sorry.

theres no pain at all while hes putting them on, just after before you go to bed and for a couple of days. but once you got throught the soreness, you dont even know you have braces. good luck!:]

Step 1: The dentist will take moulds of ur teeth . No pain .
Step 2: The dentist will clean ur teeth . No pain
Step 3: The dentist will glue the brackets onto ur teeth. No pain just that u might taste something disgusting cause they put that liquid onto ur teeth .(proberbly to clean it or something.im not sure about that so i might be wrong)
Step 4: After u have the brackets on , the dentist will put the wire into the bracket. No pain but maybe a lil bit uncomfortable.
Ok u have your braces done already but the pain will occur about 3-4 hours after u get ur braces. U will feel like all ur teeths are being pressed back. To try and have a feel of the pain, use ur finger and push ur front teeth back. Slowly increase the pressure till u feel pain. Thats the pain u will feel in ur mouth for about 3-4 days but not everyone will last the long or that short.

Ello, I'm Marie :]
1. amount of pain - none. just a little sore after.
b. why the hell would you need headgear? your bite can't possibly be that bad.
4. if you only need bottom braces, that's all your getting.

I got braces a year ago. I'll be happy to explain the process.
Ok, so first they fix you up, sometimes they might give u the "magic nose" which is full of novacane that makes you fall asleep. Then, they take the braket things and glue then onto ur teeth. That doesnt hurt alot. Then, they put the wire in your mouth and adjust it so if fits. This part sort of hurts, but barely, cuz all they are doing is just pressing gently on the brakets to ensure the wire stays in place. Then, they put these littrle rubber bands on each braket thing. Thsi sort of hurts, but not alot. They just stretch the rubber band out and around each braket thing. After that, they use this thing and shine a light on them so they stay in place, this doesnt hurt, just close your eyes, cuz it is a tad bright. After that, you are all done and you go home. When you get home, it isnt going to hurt, but the next morning its going to hurt alot. For me, it hurt for about 2 weeks, and it was painful. What really helped was Motrin and Tylenol and that kind of over the counter medicine. Take it easy and dont chew, cuz that WILL hurt. Hope this helps!

ive had braces, and it doesnt hurt when you get them on, it just hurts after a while when you get them on. bc the glued brackets are pulling your teeth straight.
okay the put the glue on your teeth
stick the "squares" (brackets) on the glue
string metal wire through all of them
cut off the extra wire
put small colored rubber bands over each bracket to hold the metal wire in place
then your done!!
they usually put the bottom braces first, then the top.
as far as the headgear, it depends what needs to be fixed. my upper jaw needed to come foreward, since i had an underbite, so they hooked the headgear to the top brackets with rubber bands. but it all depends what fix YOUR teeth need.
dont be scared girl youll be fine!! dont even stress about it =)
good luck!

Well, if you already have spacers, then you've faced one of the most painful parts. Personally, I never liked going to the orthodontist, but it's not really bad.

Step 1: Remove Spacers - Not all that painful, actually. They just need to take them out.

Step 2: Bond the brackets - This is the least painful part, and the longest. This is mainly what it will be. It's not painful, but the cement that they use to bond the brackets will be really bad tasting, but you'll have to deal with it.

Step 3: Inserting the arch wire - This is the most painful part. The arch wire is the wire that goes and connects the brackets together. There will be lots of snipping of it and fitting it, especially if you're a small kid. The worst that will happen is that the wire will poke your gums and it will hurt.

Step 4: Putting on the ties - This is usually what give the braces color. You just select the colors you want. It doesn't hurt at all.

Also, ask your mother if you can find another way to do the procedure WITHOUT headgear. I never had it, but I heard it's very painful and you can't always get kids to wear it.

what they do is they give you laughing gas then put a bad tasting "glue" on your teeth one at a time. they put the brackets on one buy one then let them dry. you get to pick the colors you want on. they don't hurl but it does help to eat soup and other very soft food until their not so sensitive. hope this helps :)

silly sophie
my friends have them and they say it hurts a bit

it hurts but you get used to it

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