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 Is it best to floss your teeth after or before brushing?
i usually floss after i brush.. however it seems like it makes sence to do it b4 i brush.. not sure... if you know for sure please tell me.. the more answers the better......

 How do you cure a toothache without seeing a dentist?
HELPP!! Ive got a terrible toothache and I DO NOT want to go to the dentist (that place scares me). Any tips of easing the pain for the short or long run?

Wb thanks ...

 Bad breath trouble. please any tips?
i tend to brush normally, but still i can sense bad breath coming from my mouth. others are complaining as well. what to do??...

 My front tooth hurts. I can feel it in the root when I wake up. Serious?
For some reason it throbs while I sleep. When I bite into something first thing in the morning the tooth feels sore at the root. Like the feeling that one would have if they were punched in the tooth....

 Do you always brush your teeth twice a day?
I sometimes go to bed without brushing my teeth. Is it bad?...

 How to make your teeth white?
I heard many people say by brushing everyday will eventually make your teeth white, but I don't get to see the results...

Are there any ways that can help?
Additional Details

 REALLY bad toothache - please help?
I've got a really bad toothache, it started this morning and it's got worse through the day. It's there all the time and it's really really sore. I've already taken ibuprofen ...

 Mouthwash first or brush teeth first?
Should you use mouthwash then brush, or vice versa? Professionals?...

 I brush for about 15 minutes on an average.is this bad for my teeth?
everyone keeps telling me to do something about ...

 Do you clean your teeth before going to the Dentists?
I take my toothbrush and toothpaste with me and clean them before I go in....

 Do you have a beautiful smile?
Just a simple yes or no please and if no why not....

 I think my molar tooth needs to get pulled out. would it hurt?
My right molar tooth has cracked open alittle and now anytime my tounge touches it it hurts... it hurts and its throbbing which keeps me awake at night =( there is a cavity on top of the tooth to. A...

 Ive just been told I have to pay £700 for a brace for my 10 year old daughter. whats happening to dentists!?

 Can you actually die from tooth absess?
My friend said u could die if your tooth abcess leaks out poison. Is this true? I think I have a tooth abcess, so could i drop at any moment or is there a warning sign or something?...

 How can I get my 2 year old to let me brush his teeth?
Everytime I try to brush my sons teeth we go through a battle. He cries and pushes me away etc. I have to literaly hold him down everyday. What do I do?...

 I hav bulimia. would the denists say anything about my teeth?
im 16. i got braces on a few months ago and do monthy checks. i just went in for one today - i drive. the tops of my bottom front teeth seem to be wearing down a bit and they arent in the greatest ...

 Abscessed tooth! Face is swollen! Has anyone ever died from this because the pain is killing me?
I'm on antibiotics and Vicodins and as many Advils, Aleves and aspirins I can swallow. Can't get into dentist until Tuesday! What can I do to get through this? Any suggestions? Please ...

 What r some of the things u can't eat w/ braces?
I have to get them soon and I'd kinda like to know exactly what I won't be able to enjoy in life anymore:(...

 Getting Braces?
My two front teeth are uneven and i have an overbite and i have a tooth so far in my gum that i have a bump in my gum. Do I ahve to have braces?
Additional Details

 Well answer me now plese?
hey people tommorow march 15 2005 im gonna go to the dentist and their gonna take 1 or 2 teeth out will it hurt????????????...

Bad Breath Problem!!!?
Okay now I'm 11 years old and like I keep my teeth really healthy. In the morning I brush my teeth, Tounge, and I floss. And when I go to bed, I do the same thing. And At school, people will be like, EWW your breath smells bad!!! And I don't get why they say that!!! And If we chew gum in school, we will get in DEEP trouble and detention I had my mom smell my breath and shes like, hunney Idk whats wrong because you take perfect care of your teeth!!! WHATS WRONG WITH ME? Is there like something I can do to help stop this "breath of doom" thing? PLEASE I really need help!!! And my boyfriend even dumped me because of bad breath!!! It's ruinning my social life!!!

seems like a bad situation. The best thing I can tell you is
1) don't breathe in people's face
2) get some lysterine packs (really small) they'll keep your breath nice and fresh and dissolve in less than 4 seconds
3) drink a lot of water to keep your mouth clean.

K Warrior
my friend had the same problem so i told him to always chew gum and now his breath smell really minty strong and all the girls loves it..good luck =)

chew gum after breakfeast brush your teeth after every meal, use listerine 2 times a day and don't eat bad scented food

Baby #2 is on the way
try those listerine breath strips, or BreathRX breath spray.

♪ Shakila Rahman ♪
Use mouth wash before you go to school or take some gum to school, keep it in your backpack and start chewing it when you get in the bathroom! Don't let anyone see you!

uh use Listerine, it really helps and then have Listerine on the go so you can use it any time you need. Also talk to your dentist about this problem, you could have a medical condition.

your boyfriend's an idiot for dumping you just because of your breath, he obviously didn't care about you that much so just forget about him and don't be self conscious because of your breath.

Dj Ataxia
I'm a salesman by trade, and I can tell you Altoids Spearmint work great.

If your boyfriend dumbped you because of that he wasnt a real boyfriend. You cant try listering in the morning for like a minute and if you dont already brush your teeth for 3. You can also try those listerine things you stick on your tounge. I hope this helps

bad breath comes from what you eat. Its comes from the stomach. Watch what you eat and clean yourself out...that might help..other than that go to the dentist

Try Tic Tacs or Mints. Have one at lunch and anytime you have a break. That is what i do :)

try Eclipse mints

ask your dentist....they should be able to tell you what to do like recommending you to see another specialist

Gargle a cup of lukewarm water mixed with salt or half a lemon juice.This is best done before going to bed. Chew Parsley leaves,which are sure to keep your breath fresh. Put a few drops of Tea Tree Oil on your toothbrush top it with toothpaste, and then brush your teeth. More useful remedies at http://useinfo5.blogspot.com/

All American Woman 4 Obama
You might be having hormonal changes that are causing it or some allergy or food problem.

Sometimes, whatever you last ate gives odor that comes up from the stomach, not from the mouth or teeth.

Sometimes, drinking Coca-cola or even a spoonful of straight coca-cola syrup can help with bad breath and upset stomachs. I was a waitress and those of us who smoked would always drink some coke before going back to our customers.

♪°§Ωúļ Эαtღ® ←?→Ðєåŧh ŧhღ ҝїđ°♪
you've got to avoid certain foods at school and stuff, it happens to me too, but I trained my self, and we're both 11 years olds! yay! I thought I'd never find an 11 year old here...... :)

if u have alergies then ask ur mom to take u to the doctor to get an alergie pill perscription or if u already have 1 then either get more or start taking it more often...but if u dont have any alergies then try a new type of tooth paste if u havent already.

raj _eternal
answer is simple brush ur teeth after ur breakfast and then see the difference ........avoid onions & Garlic in ur diet as much as possible.......eat mint leaves it acts as a breath freshner .........always dont breath out ur taken air on face of ur companion.......i guess this would do the trick.........

Martha Y
biotene Mouthwash will take care of it
some times we don't produce much saliva
and we get bad breath

Use Mouthwash too.
What you eat can also greatly affect your breath too.

No Trouble
Hi Carly,

You are not the only one who is concerned with their breath. It is a very common problem. Please visit http://www.bad--breath.net for a free ebook telling you how to fight back. Good Luck!

address man
Honestly; you should ask a dentist what someone your age should do for that. It might be different for you than what I would do as an adult. And at 11 years of age, stop worrying about your social life so much. You're a young kid; be one and enjoy your life!

Health Cracker
When it comes to gums, health is a vital aspect of the overall wellbeing associated with your oral cavity and it may be achieved by fighting bad breath. Sure, it might appear a bit of a long short to assert that healthy gums and an absence of bad breath are related, but when you dig deeper and realize that at the root of diseases affecting both are bacterial infections and overactive bacterial colonies, it is not surprising that fighting one will invariably also lead to helping the other.

Affecting your gums - health, look, and feel included – are bacteria which are seeking to derive nourishment from food particles. The same is true for bad breath which is caused by anaerobic bacteria that are breaking down food particles left in between teeth and other locales in your mouth. These process of this digestion leads to the creation of sulfur as a main result and this, of course, is associated with halitosis (bad breath).

Source: http://www.themouthdoctor.co.uk/gumdisease/22-whenitcomestogums.html

Are you gently scrubbing your tongue, too? If so, it's probably coming from the inside, not your tongue or teeth. It could be internal, or Halitosis. I would talk to my doctor.

Mike B
Keep doing all the stuff your doing but make sure you get to the back of your tongue and start using Mouthwash. There is this one out for kids. It is made by listerene, it shows you when you spit out in the sink all the stuff you missed. Most of the bad breath is on your tongue so you need to make sure you scrub it good and you rinse with Mouthwash really well.

It could be a health problem or you may not be drinking enough water.
Bacteria in your throat and back of your mouth may be causing it as well.

Try this:
Get a glass of water (or bottle, doesn't matter)
Squeeze a full lemon into the water (half of one if it's really really big)
and use about a teaspoonful of baking soda.

It shouldn't taste all that sour and it should taste kind of like baking soda. Either way, the lemon and baking soda can get rid of what's there. So, taste doesn't matter. You can change it if you want to.

Try that for about a week before you go to bed and after brushing or more if you want.

If it doesn't work, at all and you want to stop, then you might want to get your health checked out.

It´s called halitosis and might be diet problem not your teeth.

sharon c
its called halitosis and ask your dentist what you could do for that , there is nothing wrong with you

you might have gingivitis..make an appt with your dentist...

Yo Mama
you have a sinus problem. the stuff from your nose drips in the back of your mouth. Then bacteria develops.

next time you go to your dentist. ask them if they see any sinus problems through your x rays.

eliminate bad breath by controlling bad bacteria in the mouth is important as well as to regain self-confidence and never to become embarrassed about your breath again.

bad breath is caused by dirty mouth. that is why it always vital to keep breath as fresh as always using all natural oral care product that have no alcohol content. use all natural oral care that contains only essential oils that can help fight the cause of bad breath. since bad breath may also be triggered by the foods you eat; simply cut down the foods that can make bad breath problems like garlicky meals.

proper brushing and flossing is a good way to keep breath smell fresh. visit http://www.oramd.co.uk for more bad breath care tips

check if you have troath infection. Try taking some lozenges.

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