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Any advice or tips on getting teeth whitened by a dentist?
I am thinking of getting my teeth bleached by my dentist, does anyone have any tips or advise?

make a visit to a dentist for scalling, once after that avoid stuff like any means of tobacco, beverages and moreover brush twice that too before going to the bed

I actually talked my dentist into doing it for free, i've been going to him since i was four (now 19) he did it and i love them. Its not only a self asteem boost but other people notice it too.

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Use whitening strips. They really help me.

First of all why do you want to bleach your teeth?There are many,many causes of tooth stains. And each whitening treatment will depend greatly on that. Some stains can be simply removed by a routine cleaning from your ddentist and some stains require a much more extensive treatment. A rule of thumb is the less invasive it is,the better for your teeth.The less abrasive the product your using is,the better (if you're planning on using over the counter products) .Trust me,i'm a dentist.If you have any other questions,feel free.

Well Those appointments when you do that with your teeth, are very well your teeth will look nice, but it's a little bit expensive.

A professional and a good dentist will cost you like $250 an appointment, so it's your decision, i would suggested if you smoke, drink and if you have your teeth yellow.

it works. but remember the bleach affects the tooth and it may weaken the tooth. so weigh your options, do you want white teeth or do you want to risk having a weak tooth.

cheaper getting one of those self teeth whitening kits

I forget what it's called but there is an at home whitening kit that's cheaper and is done the same way with peroxide gel and a lamp. Ask your dentist about it.

If you have caps, crowns,veneers or other artificials whitening will only work on real teeth


I started bleaching about 4 years ago; my start up costs were approx $250. Now, I order my whitening gel from a seller on Ebay. If you start with bleach, may sure you get a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. I like the Colgate version. Email me if you want specifics about my Ebay seller.

I spent $300, got them white, then they went back. Save your money. I routinely use Rembrandt rinse, with reasonable results.

Your dentist won't actually do the whitening, you will receive some custom tools to do it yourself.

You can go to Brite Smile. My Bro had his teeth wightened by them and no his teeth are really white and clean.

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all i can say is that sometimes it dosent work

This is my personnel exp. may be when u go to doc. & during the the teeth whitening process may be some cavities hidden under might open up this will cost a fortune to get it fixed and insurence will not pay that so u better chk ur pocket before u enter doc. clinic

my dad is a dentist if you want a good bleach that wont make your teeth sensitve for the rest of your life, get your doctor. The stris will KILL your teeth! It will make them very sensitve to where you could never eat ice cream or soup anymore.

Brush after each meal even if its in the middle of the day public restroom where ever. Have cleaned by dentist ever 6 months and use white strips once a week at home during the evening.

Be sure to floss every night.

don't do it unless u really want to spend that much on it. It costs like 300. I found that using whitening strips at home works almost as well and is way cheaper.

I knew a dental hygenist about a year ago and she told me that the Colgate (I think) brand with the brush on stuff is just as good as going to the dentist...she got discounts on all services and she still preferred Colgate.

Just make sure you don't have any cavities before whitening your teeth.And if you have fillings on your front teeth they won't get any whiter.

I want mine whitened by the dentist, but its too expensive, and I don't know if it'll work. I've tried Crest WhiteStrips Premium, and it didn't work at all. I also tried some cheap whitening stuff from Walgreens, which I used once and almost threw up. The solution was chunky and you were supposed to sleep with it on your teeth. My suggustion, get it done by a dentist.

well as long as i know whitenning teeths make your teeth weak..also why whould u want to do that...it's gonna be so obvious that it's not really your teeth...u did "something" to it

use whitening toothpast which has flouride. brush twice a day , i dont think visiting a detist is so useful. cleaning teeth often will result in weakening of teeth, but it is neceesary when u have probblems like odour , stain etc

Bleaching not advisable, but can go for polishing..

You could always use those whitening strips on the market instead of paying all that money from a dentist. If you want a professional job then, I would go the dentist.


u ve enough advise....i think that s more....go ahead...

The tips means shortcuts and do,not try shortcuts when it comes to health. The colour of teeth going yellow is not only because of yellow deposits and removing these deposits is the only solution. The dental surgeon may tell u about the real cause of change and the need is to act on his advice.

ok i asked my dentist about that and he said tht u really do not want to get ur teeth whitened because there is a something or other running along our teeth that holds them to your gums and when you whiten then you weaken that. ur teeth might fall out. i don't think ur gonna have the same smile on youy avatar. (wait do u even have an avatar?)

Brite Smile done by a good dentist works great! It's expensive (about $500) but FAST and makes you feel great.

I would advise getting your teeth whitened if you really want it. I think it helps with self esteem. I am currently going through the process of having my teeth whitened has well. They are using a process called zoom whitening and it's all done in one afternoon visit. It lasts a lifetime. It is quite expensive ($500.00 probably depending on where you are) and insurance companies will not pay for it. However the end result is well worth the expense.
I hope this helps

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