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Abscessed tooth! Face is swollen! Has anyone ever died from this because the pain is killing me?
I'm on antibiotics and Vicodins and as many Advils, Aleves and aspirins I can swallow. Can't get into dentist until Tuesday! What can I do to get through this? Any suggestions? Please help!

Stay away from anything with salt.

hot water bottle or wet hot rag will bring dwn the swelling

ibuprofen will reduce the swelling - people have died from it (very very rare) if the abscess grows in such a way to restrict your windpipe - if you are still alive then i dont think you will die

Daniel D
The answer to your question is.....yes. Always remember, pain and inflamation are your body's way of telling you something is wrong. Your body probably new you were sick before you did.With the onset of an infection, the immune system mobilizes and starts fightng an internal struggle with many different enemies that it knows are dangerous and potentially fatal.
With an abscesed tooth, the area of infection is of great concern. Not only the obvious: sinus, ears, nose and throat(whitch are soft mucus membranes) but the not so obvious as well. An abscess is a type of necrosis(dead or dying tissue) and along with pain and inflamation, puss occurs as well. Here lies the danger, with an external abscess(boil,fistula,sty....) the discharge(puss) is expelled outside the body. With an internal abscess(tooth,sinus, bone, lymph nodes.......) the poison is internal. the puss is essentially pure infection. With ingestion or absorbtion, your immune system not only has a "localized"(tooth) area to combat, it must then contend with the possibllity of a widespread infection. In other words....you are swallowing "Poision" when the abscess discharges into your body which can result in "Septicemia", or an "Infection" through out the body which is potentially deadly if not treated wirh antibiotics immediately, and even then, a person may not fare well. Now..the good news...Your doing best thing you can..."Antibiotics". Coupled with your immune system, a positive outcome is almost always achieved. About the only thing the dentist can do, is "lance" or "drain" the infection which should take some "Pressure" off the affected area. Most people who've never had one, don't realize, that the dentist generally won't treat the source of the problem (i.e.- tooth) until the infection is under control or has completely subsided. Sometimes a cottonball with a local anesthetic resting in the generalized area can sometimes bring some temporary relief. One warning about the "NSAID"s(non steroidal anti-inflamitory)(Tylenol,Advil,etc.), although the warning is very clear in the litature, most people don't realize that permanent liver damage and potential complete liver failure can and does occur with very large or repeated dosess of these drugs.

Dr. H
Continue taking your antibiotics as prescribed. They need to have the swelling down before they can take out the tooth or perform the root canal in order to get the anesthesia around the tooth. Give the antibiotics 2 days to fully get in your system. If it has been that long and the swelling isn't going down then you may want to let the dentist know in case they want to change your antibiotics to something stronger. Good luck--it'll get better. And don't take the antibiotics with alcohol because it makes the antibiotics ineffective.

Chico Infierno
Yes many people have died from tooth infection which spreads throughout the body if not taken care of.

Go to another dentist

Just keep poppin those Vicodins...Your on meds so it may start feeling better in the next few days...try icing your face for swelling.

try using zilactin on the tooth area. I used this about six months ago with great success.

[email protected]
better get to a doctor, infection can set in, and go the the jaw, way more painful....also... tell the dentist, it is an e mergency... good luck!1

My friend, I hear you loud and clear,I feel your pain far away. Here is my two cents and I am sure that will help you.Can you find any dentist that will do work for you on Saturday and he or she can work it out with your insurance dentist that you will have on Tuesday. If not you have to wait for 4 days before you get help. I urge you rest and watch video or cable 24/7 because, it is painful as it can be.Have an ice pack put on your face and keep it on and off. A sleep will help also.Please try another dentist and let his or her deals with your dentist.I send my full support to you and drink a lot of water and eat soft food or soup. Do not run around the tooth pain is beyond any descriptor and I wish you the best. No one die but the process take too long in my personal opinion.

It's the anti-biotics that you should be taking, the abscess is the infection......if you have the correct amount of tablets,taking the anti-biotics on a regular basis(1 every 4-6 hrs.) Slow down on that aleeve and all other nsaids. One of the most important things you can do sweetheart, is try to relax, I know that's easy to say........the more you aggravate yourself and keep your heart pumping.....the more you aggravate that infection. Stick to the anti-biotics, until you can see the Dentist.....................LATER..

I would seek another dentist, perhaps a referral from your regular dentist, or take him out of the mix if he's putting you off. Maybe he does not realize how much pain you are having. Infection if treated should start subsiding, but if a tooth is abcessing it is too risky to wait that many days, unless the professional has told you it is hurting more than it is dangerous. I still might get a second opinion, just to be on the safe side.

Just keep taking your antibiotics as directed.. and be careful with the painkillers. They are so dangerous for you and also highly addictive. Go to the ER if you're that concerned/in that much pain.

yes, it is a very weird thing but people have died of it. It is a big infection which could cause death. Go to doctor right away!!

Prying Pandora
Keep with the prescribed antibiotics. This is needed to bring the infection down. Stop taking any Aspirin products because this will cause your blood to thin making it difficult for a clot to form once the tooth gets extracted. If the infection does not go down by Tuesday, your dentist or oral surgeon may opt to do what's called an incision and drainage before extracting the tooth. In your situation, there's a better chance that you could die of overdosing on painkillers. Please be careful. Vicodin is a narcotic that is highly addictive and should only be taken as prescribed. I feel for you...I really do.

If you let it go long enough, it can get seriously infected. It could actually kill you if left untreated. You should go to the dentist ASAP. This happened to my brother, he let it go for way too long and had to get pumped full of antibiotics. He also said it was the most painful thing he'd ever expirienced. Sorry...

In addition to the accurate information given by several dentists above, please let me add... Be careful about your dosing on Aspirin, Advil and Aleve. You said that you are taking as many as you can swallow. We tend to take these things for granted because they are available at every mom and pop store in the neighborhood, but it IS possible to overdose and end up with toxicity in a relatively short period of time.

What can you do to get through this? Ice is helpful at this point. In addition, SLEEP WITH YOUR HEAD ELEVATED. Use a couple of extra pillows or even sleep in a recliner or on the arm of a sofa. This will help more than you imagine.

It will take a few days but trust me the antibiotics will kick in and you will feel so much better. Also try alternating ice packs and a hot rag, both of those seemed to help me some. This is just about the worst pain there is, I think it even competes with having a child with no pain killers ~been there. Sitting up lessens the pressure some so try sitting up as much as you can. It is very rare for an abscessed tooth to kill you but if left untreated any infection has the possibility of causing death. (The reason your dentist is having you wait is because they will not extract or do a root canal on an abscessed tooth until you have been on antibiotics for a week.)


Don't worry, I just had a tooth cut out of my gum and had stiches to sew the hole up. That was last week and I was in bed for three days. The only thing that helped me was pain killers, call your dentist and tell him you have to have pain killers because you can't make it. I had to go a month in almost your same condition.

Don't worry about getting addicted because there were nights the only way I could sleep was taking 2 1/2 loratabs and basically passing out. It might help if you get an icepack and put on the outside of your mouth, if that hurts, try a warm pack.

I feel so sorry for you sweety! If you still can't get any relief from the pain zappers you're taking, try some Tylenol pms because the only time I got relief was sleeping.

Slow down on the Aleve and the Aspirin, itll cause you more problems, GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM if its that bad. Keep taking your anti biotics, they are really whats gonna get rid of your pain, cuz theyll kill the infection. Put ice on your face. Then heat for comfort. Im sorry youre in pain. I sure know the feeling. Get well..

There have been instances, rare however, to die from an abscessed tooth, but that is if the infection is so extreme, and depending on the location of the tooth, that it spreads to surrounding tissue and cause enough swelling to affect your airway. But if you have been on antibiotics for at least 24 hours, and your swelling has gotten bigger, go to the emergency room immediately! do not wait until tuesday. It is possible that you might need to have the abscess drained if it has come to that. It will help release the pressure built up under the tissue, which is primarily why you are hurting. Once the pressure is released, you'll feel much better. Again, i dont know since i havent seen you, but if warranted, the emergency room will put you on IV antibiotics to get the infection down quicker.

Be careful!

use ambasol you know the stuff you put on bab ys gums ,also frozen peas on the area ,u could also try wetting a camomile tea bag and put it in the mouth on the affected area as this has a mild pain killing abillity,but try not to od on the pilles as u will get ill,
if u can tollerate it try an ice cube,

Jennifer B
Yes, if it isnt treated it can spread and cause death. But that is rare. If you have been on the antibiotics for over 24 hours and there is no improvement or it is getting worse, and the pain meds are not helping, go to the emergency room (if you cant get in to a dentist).

I had an abscessed tooth once. IT is soooo painful!! dont worry you wont die. But ice ice ice!!! it helps. I would go to the store and buy some of that kanker sore medicne. It will numb the area. Good luck to you and your tooth!!! =]]

Mr. V.P.
Go to the ER if your symptoms worsen or new ones occur (vision,hearing, balance affected and fever).

Nebula D
I'm a dentist.

Has anyone ever died from this? Absolutely.

If you face is really swollen, i.e. to the point where it is a good 50% larger on one side, then I'd go to the ER. At that point, you'd need to be concerned with the infection spreading posteriorly and compromising your airway.

On another note, let this be a lesson to you that avoiding the dentist is downright stupid.

Lily & Stu Too
You poor thing - toothache is the pits, isn't it?

How long have you been on the antibiotics? They should begin to work within 24-48 hours after taking them. If it has been longer than this and you are feeling unwell (ie. have a fever and feeling 'flu-ish'), then you really need to get seen asap. Try calling NHS direct if you are in the UK?

If you have only been taking the antibiotics for a day, give it time - they should kick in soon.

Careful about taking more than the recommended doses of painkillers though - and I'm not sure you should be taking Aspirin and anti-inflammatories at the same time as both can irritate your stomach. Try the anti-inflammatories with paracetomol instead?

I know it sounds mad, but a Mouthwash made up of a teaspoon of salt in water as hot as you can stand will help. It will hurt like hell whilst swilling with it, but it really does help the pain afterwards and will encourage the nasty stuff out of the absence and help with inflammation.

All the best.


This is a good site for home remedies. Back off on all the drugs though you're liable to die from overdose.

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