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Why isn't cigarette smoking illegal?
I understand A LOT of people smoke cigarettes....but that isn't my question...why don't they make it illegal with all the health hazards it causes to the smoker, and those around the smoker. If smoking is a choice that can possibly kill...why doesn't that qualify as a form of suicide?

Good question, many illegal drugs are less harmful than cigarette smoking, yet still smoking is not illegal.

Because there are too many people addicted to it, and also that cigarette companies pay the government.

Watch "Thank You for Smoking".

They tried it with alcohol and it didn't work, prohibition. People start smuggling it and so on.

The state and federal government make a lot of money on the taxes! As of next year it will be illegal in Illinois to smoke anywhere except outside!!

Nikki *
It should be, but even most non-smokers balk at the idea. That's going too far and dipping into personal freedoms. Personally, I lobby for getting smoking banned in public places so other people don't have to suffer, but I don't think banning cigarettes is the way to go. With cigarette taxes constantly going up and more and more states going smoke-free in all public workplaces, more people are going to start quitting or cutting WAY down.

Because making it illegal would mean it would have to be enforced, therefor putting unnecessary strain on law enforcement.

I guess you just have to hope people will take responsibility for their actions....

...never gonna happen...

john b
because the government is getting a **** load of money off of the tax people put on them to buy em. Thats why so many people are addicted, all the tobacco companys would have to do is take the addicting ingredints in cigs and everyone would be fine. But they choose not to, the government and the companys don't care about our health they just care about getting a fat check at the end of the day...

It is true that smoking causes cancer. Personally, I think smoking is a stupid habit, and am revolted by the nauseous smell of cigarette smoke. However, a ban on cigarettes would actually have negative consequences for society.

First of all, the government makes a lot of money off of cigarette taxes. This tax revenue pays for many important services and programs. If cigarettes were banned, this revenue would no longer exist and as a result, services and programs would have to be cut, or sales and income tax rates would be increased.

Secondly, a ban on cigarettes would be very difficult to enforce. For example, smoking marijuana is illegal, but it is still very common. The police are unable to stop people from using drugs illegally, so how could they be expected to stop people from smoking?

Finally, think back to how well Prohibition worked in 1920's and 1930's. Instead of stopping people from drinking, it created an underground market for alcohol. Criminal gangs became extremely powerful because of all the money they earned off of bootleg alcohol. The same thing would happen today with cigarettes. People addicted to smoking wouldn't just stop overnight, and they would turn to illegal sources to purchase cigarettes.

The solution is banning smoking in public places. This way, the only people the smokers are hurting are themselves.

I Bleed Black & Gold
your avatar name fits you well.it is illegal for persons under 18 yrs of age.there should be a law for people over 300 pounds to but there isn't.

Mildred S
i suppose you would like to see mcdonalds outlawed too. please, we have enough governments trying to control us. can you imagine all the Nicotine busts we would have. arrest charge: possession of a virginia slim. having a pack might be enough to slap an intent to distribute on them.


Because they make a LOT of money off cigarettes. The govenment taxes the &#%! out of them. They make the govenment a lot of money for other projects.

If you make smoking illegal then you would also have to make fast food illegal, it causes just as many, if not more health problems than smoking. And why not make alcohol illegal as well. The bottom line is that making something illegal isn't going to help, people are going to do what they want, just look at all the people that die from illegal drug use.

Bewildered one
Because the manufacturers are making so much money and have so much power because of that, that it will not be stopped.

because the government found away to tax it and make alot of money off of cigarettes

To understand the answer to this question, you have to know how our sneaky government works. Of course the tobacco industry is a very profitable and highly taxable source of income for the US government which is one reason why it is legal...they have the right people on their side when it comes to decision making policies such as ones to end the sale of tobacco which is done by "lobbying" government officials. One other reason tobacco sales are legal is acctually because of the medical income it produces. The more sick people there are, the more money has to be paid to take care of them, thus more taxable income. It may sound unethical and very insensitive to humanity and the quality of life ... but unfortunately this is reality. Many people do not realize how the government manipulates every aspect of every societal issue you can think of including but not limited to things such as cancer, aids, and many other illnesses.

Me myself and I
because the USA makes good $$$ on them

Too many people addicted; too hard to quit. Plus, it doesn't actually put second party people in direct danger like mind-altering drugs and drunk driving. Sure it causes cancer, even second hand, but there are too many people hooked. Too much money to be made.

Plus, if you had millions of Nicotine withdrawn people, things would get ugly..

No Idea. How weird, pot is illegal and its pretty much the same...

because if they do there would be a massive riot.

Well this is a good question and I feel that if they make cigarettes illegal then they will also have to make alcohol illegal.

Alcohol kills a lot of people also only in a different way. Drunk drivers, murders etc.

Neither is good for this society as far as health concerns but lets be realistic and place blame on both where it belongs. If one is illegal then both should be illegal.

Lucky S
The tobacco giants have powerful lobbyists. If it was simply about choice heroin and coke would be legal and tobacco is just as dangerous as any of those. Smoking companies have always given big money to politicians.

When people smoke , they inhale toxic into their body.

Which can be detox in lots of ways.

Life is too short to be so serious & boring.

Anything can be a hazards that posibbly kill.

So why just stop the cigarette?

Why don't they make it illegal for people to pollute the air everyday (cars). You do not think he pollution in the cities is just from tobacco smoke do you?
Why don't they make alcohol illegal?

Way to many people want there cars,smokes,and alcohol ..... Big business to boot!

Many things in this world are choices which can kill, to make every one of these illigal is rather ...well... ignorant.

They can't really classify as suicide because no normal form of suicide takes 50 years to kill. Another reason why it isnt illegal and why they cant make it illegal is because it really isnt a hallucinating drug. It doesnt alter your brain activity and judgement. Working in coal mines or becoming a police officer is also a choice than can kill, thatll be the same argument they can use. A lot of things out there pose a risk of health or dying. The only thing they can do is raise taxes or prices on ciggerettes to deter but that wont really help. They have limited smoking by banning them indoors here in California and most restauraunts or casino's have banned indoor smoking. Thats about all you can do. Smoking will always be around because as much as you dont want to believe it, it actually helps our economy. Nicotine smoke is a multi BILLLLLLION dollar industry, with that, the companies pay huge taxes which in turn circulates our economy. May be a huge reason in why they wont ever make it illegal.

Hummmmmmmmmm hun, believe it or not, alcohol kills people too. Its a government conspiracy. If they make alcohol and cigarettes illegal then the taxes for other stuff will go up, and then not only do you have pissed off (smokers and Drinkers) But, when you find out, that the government will do something stupid like putting a surcharge on clean air to make up the difference in the tax cut then you'll say why did they make smoking illegal. Get my point.

Clown Knows
Because outlawing stuff does not stop people from using it.

Because there are tons of things that can slowly kill you besides smoking cigarettes. What about drinking? What about chewing tobacco. I don't think it's a form of suicide, because people aren't doing it to intentionally kill themselves.

For the same reason that alcohol isn't illegal.
This is a FREE country, and we already have too many restrictive laws.
People have to take responsibility for their own behaviors, and suffer the consequences when they don't.

That Guy
because we still do live in a somewhat free country....

you should have the right to kill yourself if you want...

Why isn't alcohol illegal then too. How many people drive drunk and kill other people. And those people who get killed by drunk drivers have no control. At least if someone is smoking near you, you can walk away. More people die from cancer and heart attacks than from cigarettes. And did you know that if a person smokes and dies, and the death may have been caused by smoking, they automatically rule that that is what caused it, without looking further? So the actual number of smoking related deaths is probably a lot less than what you think it is. It's gotten to the point that if you were smoking in your car and you were in a car accident and died, they would probably rule it a smoking related death.

Don't think that I'm saying all this because I am in favor of smoking or anything, because I'm not a smoker. But people have smoked for years, they always will, and you don't have to be near them if you don't want to.

The same reason abortion is legal.

Zsa*Zsa* Galore
I agree with you. The only thing I have heard is the the tobacco lobbyists & the tobacco companies throw billions of dollars at our Congress & Senate to keep it unregulated. Good question!!!!!

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