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jay p
When you go to hospital,what they normally check in blood test???

they dont drug test u if u were wondering. thats wut i get afraid of. they never do unless ur having a baby and its on the day u have it. they see if its in the babys blood.

judy c
routine CBC is white cell, red cell and hemglobin

they check your levels/ white cell count, red cell count, O2 in your blood, chloesteral (ldl and hdl), Potassium... crap like that.

The routine ones would be a full blood count (looking at your red blood cell count, white blood cell count, platelets and haematocrit) and Urea and electrolyte (your sodium, Potassium, Urea, creatinine, Calcium, Magnesium, Albumin and total bilirubin levels). As you haven't stated what you are going in for i can't really help you as blood tests tend to be pertinent to the reason of admission into hospital.

jay k
White Blood Cells
Red Blood Cells
Cholesterol- both High Density Lipoproteins, and Low Density Lipoproteins
Glucose- testing for diabetes

It depends on why your in the hospital. If you can tell me why your are there, I can tell you the most likely blood tests.
RN.... just got off work in the hospital.

Depends what you're in for. They will almost always do a CBC (complete blood count) because if your white cell count is high you are fighting an infection, and that will effect other things.

If you're in for surgery they'll look at the red cell count to see if you're anemic, and the platelet count to see if you have any kind of clotting problem.

Depending on what kind of blood tests, for example they could check your CBC to detect infection, anemia etc.
They could also order an ABG to know the oxygen content of your blood, to determine respiratory or metabolic problem. Another example is culture and sensitivity to determine what kind of organism is in your blood and to know what kind of antibiotic it is sensitive to.

This question is too vague. The tests ordered depend on why you're at the hospital in the first place. There are too many labs to list without knowing what the problem is or what the symptoms are. The basic, routine labs are a CBC and a chem panel (same thing as a metabolic panel). You can run your own search for these and see what they reveal.

Their are myriad of tests that can be performed by Blood test. It depends on your illness what they are trying to look for in your blood. In general they do some tests specific to some disease.Some tests are:
1.Hb, RBC count, hematocrete, Packed cell volume....etc.....These test mainly look for if your blood hemoglobin is normal or less. ESR is a test that tells if you have some chronic infection.
2. Differential Leucocyte count and Total leucocyte count (count of total and specific white blood cells). This tells if you have some acute or chronic infection.
3. Some parasities can be looked in blood, like malaria.
4. Liver funciton test: this test tells if your liver enzymes are are in normal range.
5.Kidney function test: this tells if your kidney is working properly or not.
6. Thyroid function test: this tells if your Thyroid hormones are in normal range or not
7. Some Viral infection markers like HIV, Hepatitis etc.
8. Blood clotting time and platelet count to know if there is some clotting or bleeding disorder.
There are many tests, so again I must say, the test depends on the disease you are suffering or suspected to be suffering from.

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