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 What could a small knot or lump on the lower right side(middle) of my neck be?
It doesen't hurt. But, it feels like my neck muscle and shoulder muscle does a little but, not bad at all. I have been doing heavy warehouse work for the last seven months. i've had the not ...

 What kind of gift to get someone with Breast Cancer?
My boyfriends mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer, and I don't know what to get her since it's a very hard time. Or should I just get her a card saying sorry?...

 If I eat a chicken with cancer is it possilble to catch cancer from eating it?

 Can you get cancer from being on the computer too much?
someone posted something about people getting cancer when you are on the computer too much? and if this is true then why doesn't Bill Gates or people that do this for a living get it?

 Could this be lung cancer. coughing worse.worse at night,little pains in chest some wheezing and sneezing?

Additional Details
by the way im 19 years of ...

 Which/What cancers have cures and and which cancers dont????
im just curious and nervous especially about prostate cancer im 15 and wondering if their are any cancers with cures so far and which ones dont have cures and also if you can prevent them?? ...

 Fluid leaking from one breast, positive NOT PREGNANT?
I have a family member/friend whose right breast starting aching for a few days. Then one day, fluid starting coming out. When it came out, the fluid was white, then clear and then followed a ...

 Brain tumor???or anyother illness?
hi i am 19 years of age.i spend a lot of time on the pc the pc with the light of at night and for a bit in the day i also used to talk on the house fone alot my symtoms are


 Cancer type?
Ages ago, my friend went to the doctors because she fainted heaps of times in one day for no apparent reason.
The doctor said that she might have a type of cancer.
He did tests, and it ...

 How serious is stomach cancer??
i really really need to know....

 Abnormal bone scan results???
cancer has come back after a year, bone scan done to see if its spread, results come back with abnormalities, does this mean bone cancer too or could it just be nothing?? tell me straight please i...

 Who would win britney spears or jessica simpson,in wwe......lol?

 Breast cancer?
Why is breast cancer a hot topic? I think that it is wrong to just sell pins none stop and have talk shows about 24x7x365. We also have walks, talks etc.... yes it is terrible thing but if women take ...

 Im a widowed father of 3 kids, (10,13,14) and have been diagnosed with cancer and recieving chemotherapy.?
My kids seem embarassed to be in public with me due to my appearance. (baldness,weight loss,paleness,etc.) they insist they are not but never want to go anywhere with me in public, and this just ...

 Mom just diagnosed with breast cancer!!?
My mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a cancerous tumor in her breast and a cancerous tumor in her neck. Those two tumors were removed. Her one breast was also removed. The surgeon ...

 Soy Milk. I love it..but now I hear it causes cancer. What the funk?
I absolutely LOVE Soy Milk. However, an email I received from a friend states that it can cause cancer. Can you tell me what the benefits are and whether this cancer thing is true?...

 Is throat cancer leads to death??
hi experts/doctors,
could any one plz tell me the symptoms of throat cancer. is this disease leads to death? is there any cure? my friend facing first stage of throat cancer. please help me.. ...

 How do I keep my head up even though he's dieing from cancer :(?
A family friend is dieing of cancer and has been fighting it for so long (years). How do you tell yourself that everything will be okay for that person and that their gonig to heaven...where they don&...

 Throat cancer?
is there any visible signs on the skin on the neck for throat cancer?
Additional Details
ive got big swellings that have come in my ...

 Lump found in breast, swollen and lots of pain. Cancer? Please respond?
This question is not about me but about my children's mother. I am their stepmother.
She called me just now wanting my opinion about what her doctors told her. She was having severe pain ...

What should I Do?
one of my close reletives is dying from cancer and I don't even know what to do. I keep thinking the phone is going to ring and say he passed awa. I have faith in my God but if we loose him I don't think i will be able to believe that he/she/it even exists.
Additional Details
I went to see him at the hospital yesterday he was like a little baby sleeping. he's put on the life support system but that might be taken off by tommorow. he's really yellow and his years are really white, as i was told, i couldnt' even stand in the ICU for more than one min. i came out crying and shaking..but I feel little better today....i couldn't seelp last night so this morining i woke up at 5 am and prayed for him for an hour and then went to the temple and pryed for him. at least now, I am starting to have faith in my believe i was soo broken yesterday i didnt' know what to believe in-even the existance of GOD. I didnt' go to the hospital today but i plan to go tommorow after i go to the temple again. Thanks for all of your words, they mean a lot to me. sometimes talking to those we can't see becomes a lot easier than to those whom we can see (crying).

Osama bin Laden
read about THE FIVE STAGES OF GRIEF everything would be okay.

I am sorry to hear that your loved one is struck with cancer, and may soon pass away. It is difficult to lose someone whom we love.

Nonetheless, life goes on. And, though it is a sorrowful event, God's existence has nothing to do with it. On a cloudy day, we do not see the sun - yet, we know that the sun exists. And, for whatever the reason, if He feels that this is the best time for this to happen, there must be good reasons. Even if we don't understand it now.

They say people typically go through five stages - denial, anger, depression, bargain and acceptance. I hope the acceptance stage comes early to you.

Finally, I am sure your loved one - dying from the cancer - would want you to live happily - not doubt your faith, and live in grief. For his sake - and for yours, do live a purpose filled life. And, through the times of grief, God is the best source of comfort. Do take advantage of it, and cast your grief and anxiety upon Him. He is certain to give you peace.

its hard to lose a family member.. so you prayed to god to heal him,, so if he dies you dont no if you belive god exists...well you prayed for god to heal him ....well if he dies he will be cured and well from his cancer....and he wont be in any more pain..and there is nothing else you can do if god decides to take him that was his way of curing him....

Spend all the time you can with him. Tell him how important he is to you. Do things he enjoys while he still can enjoy them. Take him to his favorite restaurants. Take pictures have get to gethers. My husband passed from lung cancer in June Good luck

just keep praying let god take it in his own hands just take it one day at a time ok everything will be ok in the end :)

Sorry,, but GOD didn't make your relative get cancer , the person needs to be right with GOD when he or she dies . GOD DIDN'T SAY THAT YOU WOULD NEVER DIE he said believe in me & know I am your God , that He has prepare a place for you. Things happen in this wrold , bad things. every day, if they happen to you & you beleave in HIM , THAN HE HAS A PLACE READY FOR YOU , & YOU RELETIVE. to go to. don't be mad at Him .HE'S GETTING THEM OUT OF ALL THAT PAIN , & THEY CAN REST NOW . be happy God has made a place for them.

pray for him.go to where he is and pray for him.tell god to let him live.tell god how much you love him or her.tell god that if he or her dosn't get to live well to put him in heaven not go to hell.tell god you are sorry if you did anything bad or this person did something bad.maybe god will let him die for a reson.maybe something else really bad was going to happen to that person.and god didn't let that happen.take my word and pray for him every night every day if you really love that person pray before you do anything before you go to school,eat,work,go to store whatever just keep on praying for him.....well something like that happen to me that person lived.

last year my mum had breast cancer i lost my sister in law to cancer of the blood my husband to cancer of the pancreas and my dad 3 weeks later to major organ failure. yes i do still believe in god i tell you what i believe which may help you, it did me. we just rent these body's and when its tired warn out sick the body dies and we can go home. its probably silly to other people but i know my dad has gone home and when its my time he'll be there to meet me, put his arms round me tell me how much he has missed me and how much he loves me then in turn it will be my turn to meet someone.

God exists whether we want to believe or not. It is better to enjoy what time you have with your relative. People are born and die everyday - this is what life is. Be thankful for the time you have with your relative. Talk to them, learn from them, that will immortalize them on this world and have faith that you will see them in the next.

I am going to talk to you from first of knowledge. I have an aunt who has had cancer 6 or 7 times in various areas and stages.

First I want you to know, my mother is a crook and my father abused by bodily for years. So my aunt played a big part in raising me. I want you to understand the importance in her in my life, still yet today.

She is dying. She has had both breasts removed, multiple brain surgerys and other operations to help with this cancer that has invaded her, not to mention the Chemo and other treatments. She is not even 40 years old and has only one son. He is 16 years old. She is divorced and is the sole caretaker for my 69 year old grandmother.

Now then, moving on, and assuming that my pain is as bad as yours, you have to be positive. I am not saying assume he will live or die I am saying live EVERY day as if things were OK. Don't treat him different than you would have. That isn't what a dying person wants. They don't want to be treated as if they are dead. That isn't fair to them OR you!!! You need to have a positive outlook when they don't and smile when they cant. Honey, praying will do your spirit good, but your actions will make it count.

Please feel free to contact me for a support system, and I will lean on you as well.....I wish you the best and baby, please remember this.....If you allow yourself to be weak around the weakest, they will only sense it and be that much weaker......

Hugs and Kisses and Blessings to you and yours and anyone else who may need them......Lissa

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