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 I am 14 and i am a chain smoker any advice on how to cut down?
i have smoked for 2 years started when i got into alot of trouble and i dont want to quit all together i jus wanna slow dwn if dat makes ani sence 2 ya i tried lines and da nhs trust fings dnt ceem 2 ...

 Can men get breast Cancer?
Can men get breast cancer? my honey has a right swollen nipple that is very tender... Could it be a systs?
Im not j/k....

 Need a team name! help?!?

 Have you or anyone u known had cancer?
hey... recently a family member has been told they have 6 months to live as she has jst discovered she has cancer in her stomach and its spread to the liver... the doctor says she has 6 months to ...

 Does having a LOW white cell count mean you COULD possibly have leukemia?

 I will be starting my first cycle of chemo next monday?
i have stage 2 ovarian cancer i have to do 6 cycles of chemo (or more it depends) and i will taking Bleomycin, etoposide, and cisplatin. All meds have hair loss as their side effects. I have ...

 Bowel cancer? can it cure itself?
I have a Christain friend who has bowel cancer, he's not going to go for an operation as he said that he is going to pray to God to cure him, and that God will answer his prays,,, I think that ...

 Grieving the loss of my Mom?
My Mom lost her battle to Ovarian Cancer a month ago today. Right after she past I did cry, and felt that I missed her, but part of me couldn't fully let go and release my emotions. I still ...

 My dad and his father before him they had colone cancer, i'm 30 years old what should i do?
my dad and his father before him they had colone cancer, i'm 30 years old what should i do?...

 I'm 14 and I think I may have/be at risk for colon cancer??
Well my dad's dad died of Colon Cancer in March. He had a tumor the size of a soccer ball. MY dad probably has it because he's always constipated and he bleeds while on the toilet. Maybe ...

 I have cancer and im scared?
i just found out i have ca of the uterus and cervix, and im still shocked by the news. have to see a ca dr next week to see about surgery. i am so depressed about it, all i do is cry. my husband ...

 Why should I be concerned about lung cancer?

 Help!!! I need anwers!!?
I'm 14 yrs old and i worry about getting different kinds of cancer! I dont know how you know when you got cancer? and what cancer feels like. I need help because i worry about it nonstop and it ...

 There's a small hump in backside of head,near neck ,will it be cancer?
I had 2 road accidents both times hit the head,then later on after 2yrs i got swelling (a hump) in right side of head.Can there be fiber accumulation??I feel it gradually increase its size.Do I need ...

 Does any one know any symptoms of colon/rectal cancer?
Are there any sure signs that something is wrong?...

 My breasts hurt, do you think i have breast cancer???

 What does tobacco do to you?
School ...

 Should a 42 year old female with oral cancer under go chemotherapy if her biopsy removed most, CTshow nogrowth
should a 42 year old female with oral cancer undergo chemotherapy after her biopsy removed most of the cancer, and the CT scan showed no growth. She is feeling very skeptic about treatment. The Dr.�...

 I was just wondering about brain tumors. Can you die from one? How is a brain tumor treated/detected?

 This may be a life or death situation...i need answers?
how can i help prevent getting skin cancer beside limiting exposure to sun and wearing sunscreen???...

What is your excuse for being poor?
I meet people online and in person who are poor and there seems to be no hope for them. They didn't go to school, got a lame job, then had more kids then they could afford to have. Then, they ask for handouts and say, "Oh, poor me, I am so poor and I have no food or money". Then, they take the handouts and they are in the same place they were before: No education. No money. Too many children to care for. And, then they get health problems too or their car breaks down or their house burns down. It may seem like bad luck but I just think these people are so STUPID. Here in the USA there are so many opportunities to be rich and successful!!! It just makes me sick how people can live like that!!! These people need to get off their big butts and go to college and get a good job and stop complaining and complaining and asking for handouts. Geez, it's annoying, don't you think????????????
Additional Details
Yes, I am rich and successful. Yes, my parents did pay for my college and graduate school too. Yes, I plan on paying for my own children to go to college too. I know others who did things the hard way and got scholarships for college and worked hard and are rich and successful too. I guess we get what we work for!!

my ex-wives; j/k :)

I have no self-confidence, and therefore cannot get a job.

Okay, you're in charge. Try to fit that into a political platform, LOL!

I wouldn't say it the way you did, but some people don't know any other way to live only off of somebody else. Some people take the easy way out some people don't, but their is allot of people who have tried to make it on their own and theirs know way with what places pay you for min wage come on i know a few people who are trying to go to college and have a job but they don't make anything they aren't given the hours they were told when they was hired. You cant blame everyone who has this problem because its not always their fault its all of our problem for not doing more for others and thinking we are better than them..

I don't think they are stupid. I think that some people can not realize that working for your money is what takes you through life, finacially at least. Some people just want to be in the other side and not worry so much about money. Money is an improtant thing but it will never guarantee happiness and other things that I can't recall from the top of my head.

Wow are you always this anal or did you not get your daily enema today. It must be nice to be so f'n privileged and to be such a spoiled brat. Ya know some of us got the raw end of the stick and we do what we can to take care of our kids and house ON OUR OWN and not have to have or mommy and daddy pay for it all. God you are such a b*itch and very frigid too I bet, but I guess no man has been close enough to find out or else you wouldn't be this way. Enjoy your stuck up life.

Doris D
no i dont think its annoying sometimes people are sick and what money they had was paid to the drs. and for meds that they hope will let them live long enough to at least see their kids grown, and if their lucky they might see their grandchildren. at least i hope i do!!!!!

GOD bless you because i have job probably better than you but when you are the only one working because you're mom is at home and you're dad is dying of cancer in a bed at home and you're mother is taking care of him leaving her job there is nothing to do but to ask for help.

That's great good for you.
have you ever stopped to think that something happened or there was a sudden illness in their lives. Sometimes shi* happens and by the way smartypants did you ever think there is more to life than money.
I had money and was married in a horrible relationship. I had to take the kids out before something else happen to us. We had money the ex-husband made great money still was not happy,(AND YES I HAD AND STILL HAVE A GREAT JOB)
so let me tell you I got remarried and we do not have the things we use to have but being LOVE and having a LOVING FAMILY is a whole lot better than have money so in our family we are
and you are the one who is complaining if you are so rich then point the people who are having a hard time in the right place(your money). you sound a little to overconfident
you are just PLAN RUDE

just me
guess you are rich and succesful or you have rich parents that paid for your college lucky you

When your truly disadvantaged its not just as easy as getting in to college and then just getting a job. Although having children you can't support perpetuates this cycle, I think you need to reevaluate your perspective on underprivileged. Just try and imagine how hard it is to be a high school student who parents are fat, lazy, dirt poor and are everything you hate. How successful is that person going to be in high school? Not successful in high school means you have no hope for college, which means you have no hope to get a descent job however doesn't mean you don't deserve the same simple joys of life such as a spouse and the love of a child. Think before you speak.

I'm glad I'm poor because now I know that I am not a snobby and annoying. I know people who have trustfunds they dont have jobs they dont go to college they just sit at their house doing nothing but lazying around and getting money off of their dead grandmother. I have a job I went to school got an education went to college and I'm still making a **** wage at a **** job. SO **** YOU you dont need to judge me.

YOU sound like a RICH snub. NOT all poor people have this attitude. ALSO not all people care to be rich and have the headaches that goes along with having money. Like I said YOU SOUND LIKE A S N U B It would serve you right to lose everything you have. Just to see how it feels like to have to do without. YOU are the stupid one to be thinking this way. S N U B

well if they are poor how can they go to school? also it's not easy for them to get a nice job. there isn't many companies where they want to hire poor people. most of the time, when poors find a job, it's not a job where they learn about their qualities, it's usually repeatitive and boring work. also these people have many difficulty to accept themselves. Try to be positive, optimist and determinated when everybody says you are a loser.

Graham H
pride comes before a fall

things that make you go hmmmm
no your the annoying *****

Wow, pretty intolerant. I hope that your life turns out exactly the way that you feel it should, but that doesn't happen for everyone. Mistakes happen. People start out disadvantaged. I will agree that you probably get what you accept, but some people have been beaten down with problems (not always of their making) and need help to get back up.

Please think hard before you castigate others for their perceived problems. It could happen to you sweetheart and surely you would want someone to give you a hand, or your parents, or your child or your friend.

Most people who are really rich and successful don't feel the need to go around saying so.

glen f
I think people who complain about poor people are annoying, what do you think.

Jersey Boy
A better question, what is your excuse for not having compassion?

I was out of work for 5 months due to downsizing and had to make the decision of health care or mortgage payments. I learned first hand how to be humble and thankful for the assiatance I got to help my family through this period.

The stupid people are the ones that want to make things black or white and blame the victim.

God help you that you and your family never has employment or health problems in your lifetime.

You sound like a spoiled ***** to me who has always had everything. We need poor people, you know. They sweep your streets and empty your garbage cans. Just imagine a society where everybody's rich and highly educated - who will grow your potatoes? It's totally impossible that EVERYBODY is rich and successful. Some people just aren't that intelligent, and a plumber doesn't make that much money. They would all rather be doctors and professors, but nature won't let them! Are you actually blaming them for that??

Also, the system in your precious USA is such that poor people can't go to good schools, they can't get any insurance or whatever, so they are never able to give their kids a good education or go to the doctor when they get sick, so they only get sicker and poorer. In the USA there are actually much LESS opportunities then in, say, Europe - here, everybody gets an equal chance.

You sound like a spoiled rich kid. Your mommy and daddy paid for your college. Some people didn't have the same opportunities you did to attend college. After you have kids and a low paying job, how can you afford college? I paid for college on my own, but I worked full time during the day, then attended classes at night. Don't criticize people unless you have walked in their shoes.

People like you are annoying. People who think that because you're not poor it's ok for you to ridicule other people who aren't as fortunate as you. I, myself, have lived a poor life solely because I grew up in a poor family. I put myself through college and I have no kids yet the fear is always there. The fear that I will never be finacially stable because growing up I never knew anyone who was finacially stable. To this current day none of my family is finacially stable. Yet, I'm determined to do better than they are, even moved across the country by myself to do so (currently Michigan's economy is shot to pieces and you'd have better luck winning the lottery than getting a decent job). I'm only 21 and I'm still not finacially stable (again the fear is still lingering) but I'm doing something about it. I'm not saying I'm poor right now but not everyone who is poor is as you described. Please, have more of an open mind.

Oh what a snotty little **** you are. Who are you to say what others should do. Mommy and Daddy gave you everything not everybody is so lucky young lady!!!!!!!

Bat Thumb
Gee, must be nice to be a rich little snot, eh?

I dug ditches at 16. Spent 4 years in the miltary, with a family to support. Went back to laying pipe, driving a truck, operating heavy epquipment, and welding for another 4 years. Then got laid off. Decided I needed a college education, which was paid for through the GI Bill, and worked part-time to support said family. Was a street cop for nine years, four of which I continued my education (full course load and rotating shifts...feel glad you didn't have to work while going to college). Now, I'm on my own and make a decent wage, but thankful I got to experience the real world instead of having someone GIVE me everything. I had to earn it.

Not everyone's fortunate enough to be born with a silver spoon shoved up their ***. I'm glad I wasn't.

Walk a mile in someone else's shoes before you judge them.

It all starts with family. From generation to generation you have to instill in your kids to be as successful as possible, to go to college, to get that good job, and to raise their kids the same way. I agree with you 100%. I don't understand why anyone would want to live a life like that. Anyone who is living that way didn't have parents who taught or showed them how to be successful. It's about priorities too. A lot of people's priorities are all out of order when you have a lame job, 5 kids, not married, and struggling for a meal everyday. But, a lot of people may have lived very successfully and made some bad choices or things happened beyond their control and now live this same life so it's a 2-way street.

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