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 Could this be lung cancer. coughing worse.worse at night,little pains in chest some wheezing and sneezing?

Additional Details
by the way im 19 years of ...

 Which/What cancers have cures and and which cancers dont????
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 Brain tumor???or anyother illness?
hi i am 19 years of age.i spend a lot of time on the pc the pc with the light of at night and for a bit in the day i also used to talk on the house fone alot my symtoms are


 Cancer type?
Ages ago, my friend went to the doctors because she fainted heaps of times in one day for no apparent reason.
The doctor said that she might have a type of cancer.
He did tests, and it ...

 How serious is stomach cancer??
i really really need to know....

 Abnormal bone scan results???
cancer has come back after a year, bone scan done to see if its spread, results come back with abnormalities, does this mean bone cancer too or could it just be nothing?? tell me straight please i...

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 Breast cancer?
Why is breast cancer a hot topic? I think that it is wrong to just sell pins none stop and have talk shows about 24x7x365. We also have walks, talks etc.... yes it is terrible thing but if women take ...

 Im a widowed father of 3 kids, (10,13,14) and have been diagnosed with cancer and recieving chemotherapy.?
My kids seem embarassed to be in public with me due to my appearance. (baldness,weight loss,paleness,etc.) they insist they are not but never want to go anywhere with me in public, and this just ...

 Mom just diagnosed with breast cancer!!?
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 Is throat cancer leads to death??
hi experts/doctors,
could any one plz tell me the symptoms of throat cancer. is this disease leads to death? is there any cure? my friend facing first stage of throat cancer. please help me.. ...

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 Throat cancer?
is there any visible signs on the skin on the neck for throat cancer?
Additional Details
ive got big swellings that have come in my ...

 Lump found in breast, swollen and lots of pain. Cancer? Please respond?
This question is not about me but about my children's mother. I am their stepmother.
She called me just now wanting my opinion about what her doctors told her. She was having severe pain ...

 Is cancer heriditory ? if father has cancer, whether his children will also get the disease or carriers?

 Can cell phones/laptops cause cancer radiation?
just a poll do you think it causes cancer? i don't....

 My son has a little smooth pinkish mark on his hand. Do I worry about this? He's 11&had; a it for a long time.

Additional Details
I think it was a little pimple that popped. Now, he has a smooth mark. The doc. just checked him and everything ...

 Dark,dry crinkly patch on breast, sometimes itchy, as large as a silver dollar. Is it cancer?

What if you are passing a little blood with your stool?

Gone fishin'
Could be hemorrhoids but it should be checked out always.

The two most common causes for blood in your stools are haemhorroids and colorectal cancer. First, you must be sure that what you're seeing is actually blood, since some food with strong colouring may mimic blood in stools. If however you haven't recently eaten beetroots and the like, you should check with your doctor. Other symptoms of colorectal cancer may be constipation (same as for haemhorroids) and sudden weight loss. Please consult your medical doctor asap.

See your doctor and have a fecal occult blood test [FOBT]drawn. That is the screen test for colorectal cancer and it can tell you if there's something to worry about or not. It may not be serious at all, but don't take any chances.

If you are pushing to hard or maybe you might need to get checked out!

Mike M.
I've had this very same problem myself, so I know where you're coming from. What you need to do is allow yourself to go more often, and DON'T push too hard when you do go.

~♥ L ♥~
Well it could be a hemeroid. If it is persisant in a few days you need to call your doctor and make sure its not a bowel problem. Don,t put it off either because if it is anything else caught early things will be fine But late could mean bigger problems than you really want. Keep an eye on it and like I said see your doctor if it persists.

Kick IT
It could very possibly be hemmroids. If it is a little painful when you have a bowel movement, it probably is. If it continues, I would make an appointment to see the doctor. That is your best bet.

Go see your doctor. NOW! It may be nothing serious. But if it is, your chances of recovery are greater if you get to it immediately. Don't stress over what it may be or get worried about it. Act upon it, and either get it out of your system or resolve it.
Take care of yourself, I'll cross my fingers for you!

sweet smile
Is it frank (bright red) or dark? Bright red could just be hemorrhoids, but if is occult (Dark) than this could mean a GI bleed. Either way, you probably need to see a doctor.

Go to a doctor, it could be a few things, I pass blood in the stool because I have ulcerative colitis.... http://www.ulcerative-colitis.org

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