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 Why isn't cigarette smoking illegal?
I understand A LOT of people smoke cigarettes....but that isn't my question...why don't they make it illegal with all the health hazards it causes to the smoker, and those around the smoker....

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Im not j/k....

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School ...

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What do you think about people who are smoking?

they are filthy animals!

They are dumb and inconsiderate to those of us who don't smoke.

Jersey Boy
I feel pity and disappointment for them. I think they were immature or insecure to start smoking in the first place. I physically become ill from cigarette smoke.

In my experience, I have had:

1) A grandmother that lost a leg and kept smoking until her death.
2) My mother who lost an eye to cancer, is diabetic and continues to smoke.
3) My wife who was just diagnosed with MS and continues to smoke.

Smoking does a lot of damage over time and can trigger MS, affects circulation and cause cancer.

Smoking to me takes away the people I love bit by bit.

Blah, Blah, Blah
Dont you non-smokers ever give up? lol
And by the way.......
I'm tired of you eating while I'm smoking! It's disgusting!

I think the habit is horrible and discusting and do nto understand why people do it

The Old Man
I think if they haven't learned by now,with all of the talk of how bad it is for you & they keep smoking,that they should get what is coming to them,, A nail in their coffin.


I have a sister & aunt who continued smoking after being diagnosed with breast cancer, both with kids, & have a sister that dies prior to them, non-smoker, on all accounts very healthy from their same disease. I now have been diagnosed & want to live as helathy as possible so I truly don't understand their way of thinking. To me, it's a slap in the face to my sister who struggled with the disease for 3 yrs. before God relieved her of suffering, along with those who continue to suffer from any kind of cancer & fighting. It's sad & selfish I think but they are adults & it's ultimately their choice but after being handed a potential death sentence of cancer I would think they thought better of themselves, their health & bodies & families?

I been smoking 20 years and theres nothing wrong with my lung.......................

If that is what they want to do with their life that is fine, but do not do it around my kids or myself. Please have curtsy and do not share it with others that do not want cancer.

Andy C

I think lots of things being an ex-smoker.

But think of it this way.

If we had not started smoking many years ago what would happen if we tried to introduce cigarettes as a product into the society we have today ?

How would governments react to a product that clearly has wide health implications.

I think people who smoke do not accept what is going on in their bodies. They are not dumb, people spend alot of money to make sure they keep smoking. People really do believe that they get a benefit from smoking. I don't think this is true anymore, but if you had asked me in the first year of giving up (I smoked for +20years) I would have said that I did.

The sooner the governments balance the health costs against the tax contribution from tobacco the better. That is probably only when they will act.
It is tragic for people to die from smoking related diseases when education could be the answer.

I do hope people will learn to treat each other with more respect and see smokers as victims.

Come on people we've known for over 100 yrs that a drop of Nicotine can kill a cat. I personally find non/ex-smokers to be more rude than smokers.

It is true that smoking causes cancer and other problems but come on don't blame smoking for colon cancer and other forms of cancer. Smoking is not the root of all evil. Oh and I've lost many of my family members to cancer.

I do agree about underage smokers and can understand not wanting people to smoke around your kids but I don't think you have much right in a public place to tell them to stop or leave especially if they are outside. As for the no smoking ban outside of hospitals ummm that's dumb! Although I'm a non smoker, I'd refuse to go to such a hospital regardless of how "good" they are. I don't believe in forcing ones views on others.

Yes, cigarettes are addictive but not to all. I come from a family of smokers and I am the only one who doesn't smoke. And yes I've tried them. Ah and you've got to admit there are people that smoked every day of their life and live to be almost 100! Don't spout that crap about George Burns would have lived longer if he hadn't smoked since he was 12.

I don't know as i have to avoid them because I can;t breath in smoke. So i guess I'll go with ew.

It's a stupid habit that is disgusting. It's gross and I can't stand the smell of it.

I was a Beagle named Lola
I don't mind as long as they smoke in designated areas.

It stinks, it causes cancer and it's addicting.

Texas Made!
not good for u and it stinks!

Lynette G
i dont have a big problem as long its just smokes but yer there just killing them selves the thing i hate is how they smoke near you and leave there buts on the ground and when they throw them out the car window cuz some1 did that once and my sis got burnt

I think it helps pay for roads to be maintained. I think it helps for health care for underprivileged. It helps economy by employing people who then spend it on things they need and want.
It helps keep hospitals open.
Excuse me while I stop to light an cigarette.
Have a nice day

Cynthia S
"if you smoke - you stink"
this is from a funny ad in the uk! lol

most people who smoke dont smell very nice and you are just digging yourself a grave

Jennifer M
I am a smoker but I think the ban against smoking in public is awesome. I dont smoke around my children, why should anyone else. I dont want to sit next to a smoker while I am eatting eiether. I think for any adult to light up next to a innocent child is just plan stupid, and as for smoking outside of a hospital, come on, common sense here, we have people dying in here and they cant breath why add to the problem.

smoking is dangerous to ur health do u smoke?

I believe in the basic constitutional right that everyone has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If a person smokes, does so in manner in which they do not infringe on the rights of others they can do as they please. It is their life and I have no right to dictate how they intend to conduct it. Cancer aside tobacco is good for the economy.

Susanne T
I think that a) they look gross b) they smell gross c) they are being stupid and d) I hope they don't come near me while they are smoking or right after they smoke because I hate the smell.

I think that they're unnecessarily increasing their chances of a whole myriad of diseases; but, so does obesity, alchhol, drugs, promiscuity, etc., etc. etc. Smoking is still a legal activity & smokers know the risks. I really don't much care. I'm not going to look down my nose at a smoker any more than someone eating a double bacon cheeseburger.

I don't care it is up to them. I just hate the underage smokers. They annoy the hell out of me.

i read all the responses from people and i respect the fact that we all have different opinions, but i don't like the fact that people are judged by what they do. I do have to agree is kind of a stupid thing and probably more than half of people that smoke started doing it when they were young thinking it was cool, peer pressure and not thinking of how addicted and bad is for you, i know i did. like every addiction, is bad for you and is hard to quit especially when you're under stress which is when your dependency comes in, but if you think about it is better than drinking out of stress. now if people really think that we are not aware of the risks of smoking you're wrong, but unfortunately when you get older and start being more responsible and realizing how bad it is, is a little late cause is not easy to quit

I am a smoker I have been for 35 years. I am VERY considerate of those who do not smoke. I always ask if anyone minds and if they do I don't smoke or I go out doors. I never leave my butts laying around anywhere as It is rude and ugly. My late husband died from lung cancer guess what HE DID NOT SMOKE AND I SMOKED OUTSIDE OUR HOME SO IT WAS NOT SECOND HAND SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gave up a drug and alcohol addiction 15 years ago I am not giving up my smoking. We all have to die from something and life it to short to worry what I will die from I have more chance of dying in a car accident than from smoking.

I agree it is smelly and as I said I am considerate of others please don't group all smokers as we are not all rude

I do not smoke. If someone does want to smoke, that is what they want to do. It would be like someone telling me that I cant get on the internet. You do know that the exaust that comes out of the cars is worse than a cigerette??? It is true. You get more carbon dioxide from a car than you do from a smoke!!!

I love the flipflops
I think if they saw the hurt smoking has caused our family with my father having lung cancer, colon cancer and eventually liver cancer that killed him, they would hopefully think twice.

Personally, I do not like to go anywhere smoking is allowed because I do not want to worry about second hand smoke.

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