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 Fluid leaking from one breast, positive NOT PREGNANT?
I have a family member/friend whose right breast starting aching for a few days. Then one day, fluid starting coming out. When it came out, the fluid was white, then clear and then followed a ...

 Brain tumor???or anyother illness?
hi i am 19 years of age.i spend a lot of time on the pc the pc with the light of at night and for a bit in the day i also used to talk on the house fone alot my symtoms are


 Cancer type?
Ages ago, my friend went to the doctors because she fainted heaps of times in one day for no apparent reason.
The doctor said that she might have a type of cancer.
He did tests, and it ...

 How serious is stomach cancer??
i really really need to know....

 Abnormal bone scan results???
cancer has come back after a year, bone scan done to see if its spread, results come back with abnormalities, does this mean bone cancer too or could it just be nothing?? tell me straight please i...

 Who would win britney spears or jessica simpson,in wwe......lol?

 Breast cancer?
Why is breast cancer a hot topic? I think that it is wrong to just sell pins none stop and have talk shows about 24x7x365. We also have walks, talks etc.... yes it is terrible thing but if women take ...

 Im a widowed father of 3 kids, (10,13,14) and have been diagnosed with cancer and recieving chemotherapy.?
My kids seem embarassed to be in public with me due to my appearance. (baldness,weight loss,paleness,etc.) they insist they are not but never want to go anywhere with me in public, and this just ...

 Mom just diagnosed with breast cancer!!?
My mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a cancerous tumor in her breast and a cancerous tumor in her neck. Those two tumors were removed. Her one breast was also removed. The surgeon ...

 Soy Milk. I love it..but now I hear it causes cancer. What the funk?
I absolutely LOVE Soy Milk. However, an email I received from a friend states that it can cause cancer. Can you tell me what the benefits are and whether this cancer thing is true?...

 Is throat cancer leads to death??
hi experts/doctors,
could any one plz tell me the symptoms of throat cancer. is this disease leads to death? is there any cure? my friend facing first stage of throat cancer. please help me.. ...

 How do I keep my head up even though he's dieing from cancer :(?
A family friend is dieing of cancer and has been fighting it for so long (years). How do you tell yourself that everything will be okay for that person and that their gonig to heaven...where they don&...

 Throat cancer?
is there any visible signs on the skin on the neck for throat cancer?
Additional Details
ive got big swellings that have come in my ...

 Lump found in breast, swollen and lots of pain. Cancer? Please respond?
This question is not about me but about my children's mother. I am their stepmother.
She called me just now wanting my opinion about what her doctors told her. She was having severe pain ...

 Is cancer heriditory ? if father has cancer, whether his children will also get the disease or carriers?

 Can cell phones/laptops cause cancer radiation?
just a poll do you think it causes cancer? i don't....

 My son has a little smooth pinkish mark on his hand. Do I worry about this? He's 11&had; a it for a long time.

Additional Details
I think it was a little pimple that popped. Now, he has a smooth mark. The doc. just checked him and everything ...

 Dark,dry crinkly patch on breast, sometimes itchy, as large as a silver dollar. Is it cancer?

 Can fat guys get breast cancer? (sorry to anyone offended)?

Additional Details
no offense. I was just ...

 Please help me...I am dying here?
My mom had breast cancer last year and she came out fine. But for the last month she has had a sharp pain in her lower back pain. TODAY they gave the news we werent expecting, the cancer has returned....

Vitamin C Benefits?
What are some benefits of taking Vitamin C. I'm currently taking 1500 mg of it and its helping alot. I'm just curious how is Vitamin C helping me?

David M
A few years ago a cancer researcher came out with a paper saying that the best cancer and infection fighter as yet found was Interferon, but, at the time, it cost $15,000 a gram. The good part was that Interferon was a product of the natural breakdown of Vitamin C in your system. Shortly after that paper came out the FDA tried to make Vit C by prescription only. Guess why? The FDA says that the Rda for Vit C is 64 mg a day, just enough to prevent scurvy. Linus Pauling, who got a Nobel Prize for his work with Vit C and a second Nobel Prize for organic chemistry, said 1000 mg a day as a minimum and 2000 mg a day if you are sick. On a personal note, I was sick twice a year, for 2 weeks at a time, for 20 years, and was flat on my back for at least a week each time. To this day the doctors have no idea what the problem was. After I gave up on the doctors I tried Vit C. I took enough to keep from being sick and just below too much to get diarrhea. It followed a bell curve over 2 weeks with a peak at 40,000 mg a day – about 300,000 over the 2 weeks. I was not sick for those 2 weeks and after a couple of years of that I have not been sick since. I did not dissolve my kidneys, as some doctors said would happen. I did not get any Calcium build up or stones and did not dissolve my cones or solidify my joints. Try it, but drink a lot of water – Vit C is a natural diuretic.

It is an antioxidant, so it reduces your risk of heart disease and cancer. It also produces collagen, and helps you heal from minor injuries, such as scrapes and bruises, because it boosts your immune system. Vitamin C will also protect you from scurvy. Another benefit is that it will help your body to better absorb iron.
If you are have a deficiency of vitamin C, it is likely that you may experience these symptoms:
Swollen Gums

Wounds that don't heal

Easy bruising

Bleeding Gums

If you consume an excess of vitamin C, you could develop kidney stones, or experience diarrhea.
The recommended dosage is 60 mg/day for a nonsmoker, but the requirement for those who smoke is 100mg/day.
vitamin C is abundant in citrus fruits, and can also be found in tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, and even potatoes.

The functions of vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) are many. It's necessary to build and maintain healthy, strong tissue, especially connective tissues such as bone, cartilage, dentin, collagen and capillary walls. It can act as an antioxidant, has an antihistamine effect, may help prevent some cancers and can help boost the immune system. It's an essential partner of protein for tissue building and both helps the body absorb iron and makes it available for hemoglobin production. Unless you have a deficiency, you don't need an over abundance of it. This is a water-soluble vitamin and excess is excreted in urine but can cause diarrhea. The new DRI guidelines for adults establish an Rda of 75mg/day for women and 90mg/day for males. Smokers need 35mg/day more. The UL for Ascorbic Acid in the DRI recommendations is 2,000mg/day for adults.

reduces your risk of getting sick

Roxas of Organization 13
Here is a webpage that you may find interesting:

benifts u in
healthy skin ,hairs ,memory power,making curd coz it is present in most of citrus fruits and vegetables, anti-aging coz it is an anti-oxident,it aoids many deases
advice ---go for natural sources of it

David S
Vitamin C is an "essential Vitamin." Your body cannot make it and you will die if you don't have enough of it.

Coming to America on wooden ships, 1 out 2 people died from a disease called Scurvy during the voyage.

Scurvy is caused by a lack of vitamin C. There is no drug that can ever "cure" it.

What about low grade deficiencies of vitamin C? Two time Nobel Prize winner Dr Linus Pauling published research suggesting that many forms of heart disease start out with low-grade, chronic Scurvy. The inflammation in the blood vessels leads to the plaque buildup which causes congestive heart failure.

vitamin C is used to neutralize oxidative particles in the body--they cause "rust."

vitamin C is also one of the building materials used to maintain healthy connective tissue. Lack of Vitamin C can cause your gums to bleed, and easy bruising.

It helps your body to absorb iron. Iron helps to produce hemoglobin in your red blood cells which transports oxygen around your body

Burnt Shrimp
check this out http://www.4besthealth.com/benefits_of_vitamin_c.htm

Mike J
Your immune system. I don't know exactly what it is either, but C will chirp me up. I feel like taking it gives you a glow.

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