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This may be a life or death situation...i need answers?
how can i help prevent getting skin cancer beside limiting exposure to sun and wearing sunscreen???

amelia black
wear clothes?

stop worrying about it. If you worry about it you will get it. And live your life to the fullest if that means sitting in the sun all day then sit in the sun all day. Don't let the fear of that keep you from doing anything. You only have one life go and hide in a hole if you wish if not live it up. If you get it you get it. mother earth and father time have your fate fixed already. No fighting it might as well live it up

don't smoke, limit alcohol intake, drink more water.
Sunscreen, i don't trust. you are putting chemicals on your skin. and you skin is drinking this gunk up.

That's about it, except for eating healthy. Stressing over this, however, is not healthy. Stress causes the system to weaken, thus enabling imbalance and disease the opportunity to occur.
Try not to stress over this, eat healthy, consider taking vitamin supplements, and live your life.
Good luck to you.

if u are SOOOO concerned then pls wear UV protective dress ..u can get it in ski shops....also U can wear a UV mask as well.

there is a school of thought out there that it's the sunscreens that actually cause the cancer. I never use it.

Tj aka Mom

Those are excellent ways to lower your risk of skin cancer! Other ways to help is to build a habit of healthy choices. I doubt if any of these are new, but I will touch on a few.

Get exercise. Find something that you will do, and you will eventually enjoy. Not only do all your internal organs work better, but anything that affects circulation, will eventually affect the skin on some level.

Eat right! It is amazing how much what you choose to eat affects your skin. Choose a balanced diet rich in fruits and veges. Check out the new government recommended food pyramid!

Drink water. I have heard the amount of water you need is take your body weight in pounds, divide it in have, and that is the number of ounces of water you should drink per day. (So a person that weighs 150 lbs. should drink 75 oz. of water) Research is finding out how much better skin does what it's supposed to, when its well hydrated.

Get plenty of sleep.. . at least 7-8 hours per night is optimal. Your skin rebuilds and renews while you rest.

Visit your doctor. If you are at risk, get yearly checks with your dermatologist. He/she will be able to spot any trouble spots and take care of them while they are small and easily treated.

Slather on that Sunscreen every day, even on the days that seem overcast. More rays than you think come through those clouds .. . . besides it's easier to maintain a healthy habit if you just "do it" every day!

Good luck, Eugene!

aww lovee
well babe really unless you want to live inside your whole life

thats the best you can do! you can also wear hats, there are cute ones out there!
and really thats awsomeyou care!

if it makes you feel better havea ruiten checkup with your doctor to make sure you dont have anything that could beome skin cancer. if you stay on top of that, even if you get cancer, which i hope to heavens you dont! they will catch it early, and will be able to help cure it, or get rid of it!

wish you luck!
have fun you only live once!!

also sun screen over 40 spf, is the same as 40, it doesnt portect you more, but if you want to buy 65 spf, theres no harm in that.

Denny T
Besides limiting sun exposure and wearing Sunscreen, you can be VERY aware of your body. Make sure you look for moles and skin irritations, and watch their growth patterns.

If a mole grows quickly or out of control, go see a dermatologist immediately. Catching these quickly will ensure you will never face any serious health risks!

Know your body, and take care of it!

best of luck!

I'm a cancer patient right now, so I'll think good thoughts for you!

Dave W
Take antioxidants to mitigate the free radical damage done by ionization of the skin.


I agree with a few of your answerers on this one-try to live a stress free life,vitamins,limited exposure to the sun-hats,etc.Eat healthy and put on the sun screen!! One of your answerers said that Sunscreen causes cancer-she is way wrong-it could save your life!!

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