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 My mothers doctors have told us that she has 4-6 weeks to live due to brain cancer, should we tell her or not?
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 I am 14 and i am a chain smoker any advice on how to cut down?
i have smoked for 2 years started when i got into alot of trouble and i dont want to quit all together i jus wanna slow dwn if dat makes ani sence 2 ya i tried lines and da nhs trust fings dnt ceem 2 ...

 Can men get breast Cancer?
Can men get breast cancer? my honey has a right swollen nipple that is very tender... Could it be a systs?
Im not j/k....

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 Have you or anyone u known had cancer?
hey... recently a family member has been told they have 6 months to live as she has jst discovered she has cancer in her stomach and its spread to the liver... the doctor says she has 6 months to ...

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 I will be starting my first cycle of chemo next monday?
i have stage 2 ovarian cancer i have to do 6 cycles of chemo (or more it depends) and i will taking Bleomycin, etoposide, and cisplatin. All meds have hair loss as their side effects. I have ...

 Bowel cancer? can it cure itself?
I have a Christain friend who has bowel cancer, he's not going to go for an operation as he said that he is going to pray to God to cure him, and that God will answer his prays,,, I think that ...

 Grieving the loss of my Mom?
My Mom lost her battle to Ovarian Cancer a month ago today. Right after she past I did cry, and felt that I missed her, but part of me couldn't fully let go and release my emotions. I still ...

 My dad and his father before him they had colone cancer, i'm 30 years old what should i do?
my dad and his father before him they had colone cancer, i'm 30 years old what should i do?...

 I'm 14 and I think I may have/be at risk for colon cancer??
Well my dad's dad died of Colon Cancer in March. He had a tumor the size of a soccer ball. MY dad probably has it because he's always constipated and he bleeds while on the toilet. Maybe ...

 I have cancer and im scared?
i just found out i have ca of the uterus and cervix, and im still shocked by the news. have to see a ca dr next week to see about surgery. i am so depressed about it, all i do is cry. my husband ...

 Why should I be concerned about lung cancer?

 Help!!! I need anwers!!?
I'm 14 yrs old and i worry about getting different kinds of cancer! I dont know how you know when you got cancer? and what cancer feels like. I need help because i worry about it nonstop and it ...

 There's a small hump in backside of head,near neck ,will it be cancer?
I had 2 road accidents both times hit the head,then later on after 2yrs i got swelling (a hump) in right side of head.Can there be fiber accumulation??I feel it gradually increase its size.Do I need ...

Should cell phones be banned from classrooms?
I think yes. There is no need for them to be taken to class. They can remain in lockers and be taken out on spares and lunch. If there is an emergancy, they can contact the school. Parents have been doing that since the first school ever built. If I was a teacher, I would take it away and they can pick it up at the end of the day and if it was an ongoing problem I'd take it away and kick the student out of class. I'm curious to see what young people and teachers say?
Additional Details
Sorry I posted in the wrong catigory without realizing.

[email protected]
Classrooms are for learning, not for text-messaging!

You ask, I answer
i agree.

I would have to disagree with you. I understand that cell phones can be distractions. However, my sister's freshman year in high school, there was a gas leak, and the building had to be evacuated immediately as a result. Her school had a policy that cell phones could only be in lockers, but the students were unable to go to their lockers. There were about 2,000 students crammed into a middle school as the school tried to frantically call all of their parents. Since then, the school allows students to have cell phones with them as long as they are off and not visible.

i think no they should not have cell phone at skool cause if the parent has a emergancy problem there can ring the skool or if a promble at skool there can do 2 the office and ring there parent from there

at my skool we can not take cell phone in the skool or there going 2 brurn it i keep im 1 in my bag

1 day my dad passed away and my couin was home from skool and he txted me during skool and i was so sad and ran ojut of class

but now im not at skool because i have cancer and im at the hosptal at the time

im not a goodie goodie wish we can have phone in class

Fay B
Yes. Teachers have enough problems to get the student's attention. If there is an emergency where the school needs to contact the parent there are "land phones" - remember them?
And of course visa versa for the student.

Susan B
I totally agree that cell phones aren't appropriate in the classroom. You make a pretty sound arguement.

Cell-phones (or anything else, really) need not be banned if people use them responsibly. Students do need to understand that even if they, personally, would rather chat with a friend during class time, there ARE other students who would rather study and learn during class time. if you cannot live without a cell-phone during class-time, perhaps you should attend class via cell-phone! In case of a true emergency, people can always call the school and let you know.

breanna d
NO way cellphones should always be allowed in classrooms my cellphone is my life i couldnt live with out it

Chika Linda
NO [email protected]!!! sometimes class is boring then you have something to do like text or even talk when the teachers are not looking OMG! i would die without texting in class!!!!!!!!!!

wish I were
Yes, they should remain in the lockers til the end of the day! No breaks, no nothing, leave them in the lockers!!!

I thought all schools were like that? My school has already banned cell phones but people break the rules left and right anyway, even with the threat of 3 day suspension.

Yes, they should be left in their locker or at least be turned off. I can't use my cell phone at work and school is a preparation for the working class, right? I also agree that cell phones do distract while driving . I have tried talking on mine while driving and by the grace of God I haven't gotten in a wreck...came close a few times . So now I pull off the side of road to gab, or just wait till I get home to return calls. Anyway....no cells in class!

The Emperor of Ecstasy
I think cell phones should be banned for anyone under 18yrs old....

dell c
No just keep it off like i do. My locker has been broken into a few times before so i don't keep anything in there that is valuable.

I say yes to people like to fiddle wit hit and sometimes you get it taken away from you or they say u can't bring it to school anymore. it will pribly get you in alot of trouble so my awnser is to to this question.

I agree to an extent, that yes cell phone's disrupt class and should have reasonable limits as you stated but, banning them all together is becoming unreasonable. At my school if you are caught with a cell phone any where inside the school, whether it be lunch time or not you get an automatic three day suspension no exceptions. Which I can see not allowing them in the class rooms, where they could be distracting to the students and be possible tools for cheating, but banning them completely is getting out of hand. Many students like having them as a sort of safety blanket; it allows the students instant communication with their family members in case of emergency (Which as you stated above, could go through the standard channels, but that would take longer, and time may be limited.) and it is a necessity for any driver. (If used properly i.e. check in with parents, accidents, etc.) So I feel that the phones shouldn't be outright banned, as is the case for many schools, but reasonably limited to prevent inhibiting the learning process and to prevent incidents such as the one in WI.

Flecia S
yes because the school phones dont always work

I agree they are there to learn and nothing else

judy j
yes b/c school is there for "learning"

Yes, they should. Students have no reason to have them during class. Students who use them are distracting other students and the teacher and not learning anything.

yes they should. at my daughters school you have to turn them in to the office at the beginning of the day. if you don't and are caught with them it is taken away and you can not get it back until you parent comes to pick it up.

Jeanette M
i agree...they shouldn't be taken it to their classrooms...it interferes with the teacher teaching the class and distracts the other students and the one with the cell phone will also be distracted and it will affect their learning and the rest of the classroom. it is so rude. Well they can use it during lunch if they need to. Or if there is an emergency they can use it....but why would they do that because the school would allow them to use their phone to call their parents. so they don't' need a cell phone at all in school. Its okay on the school because just in case if the school bus gets into an accident they can call 911 or if they can go to a Friends house or if they stay after school for some extra help.

what does this have to do with cancer?

Kate L
Yes, I agree, they should not be allowed in classrooms. They can be a distraction, they can be used for cheating, and they can be really disrespectful to a teacher if they go off during a lesson. There is no need for them in class.

Hoopz C
Yes they should be. I hate it when somebody is texting in the middle of class. I can not constrate on my stuff!

Yes i do agree that cell phones disrupt the class and people can use them to text druing class and they can also listen to music with it. also, they can cheat with it too. But cell phones are supose to be for emergency, i have ask a lot of parents if they had the schools phone number and the majority of them said"no" also if it is a serious emergency like your mom is having a heart attack the secretary will answer say hello and if there are other people callign she will proably say " please hold" and you don't know how long that will take. Also, in some schools there isn't always a secretary at the desk to answer questions. There is another problem with keeping them in your locker. People can steel it! my brother brought a i-pod to school and left it in his locker and he made sure that he had turned the nob so the people didn't know his last digit. But when he came back at the end of the day, the i-pod was gone someone stole it from his locker! What i think is that cell phones should be turned off, or on silent, or they should be on vibrate. But if the phone does disterb the class or the teachers then yes i agree that the teachers should take it and give it them at the end of the CLASS. this is because a girl in my school got her cell phone taken away by her teacher and when she returned to retreive it the teacher looked in her desk and it wasn't there! someone stole the cellphone from the teachers desk! so i say allow cell phones but put some rules or restriction on it!

ya! I aggree

Take em out of school and remove them from cars most of the people dont know how to drive and with a phone in their hand forget it

Yes. I am a teacher and they are a disruption. I love my phone but it gets turned off when I get to work. Kids today are great but they have to know that cells are not acceptable in a educational setting not to mention the possibility of cheating on tests etc. They should not be used in school. You should be able to bring them, put em in your locker till schools out then turn them on.

OF Course!! Why?

Can be used to cheat...

Disrespectful of:
* Teachers time and efforts
* Other students who are there to learn

Just moi
No, I think they are just fine on vibrate or silent... This way there are less chances of kids losing their cellphone or getting it stolen... Some kids need to bring the cellphones to school so they can communicate with their parents after school

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