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My son told me I needed to buy him regular pop because diet pop causes cancer.?
Has anyone heard of this or is he trying to pull a fast one on me? My response to him was "doesn't everything cause cancer?"

u know what i have heard that too but i dont know if its true plus maybe he just dont like diet pop

Kids say the darndest things!

miss cutie 4 eva
It gives you cancer to drink pop at all. soda is incredibly bad for you, and it is the second most bad food for you in the world!

There's theories that the sugar-alternatives they use cause cancer.

I wouldn't worry about it...

Frankly, I don't drink Soda anymore, it's horrible for you... diet or not.

Beehive Ineferno
well pop will not give you cancer
but regular pop is not worse off for you than diet pop
they just market it like a healthy alternative when it just tastes slightly different. replacing regular pop with diet pop has saved no ones life.

Cemre Tas
If you believed that I would have laughed.

Short version:
Soda will not cause Cancer, well legal soda anyway.

Long version:
Cancer is caused when a cell becomes infected and does not function properly. However your immune system will not attack the cell, because it is still your cell.
If the cell does not get rejected by your body then it will multiply, replace cells in major organs, and slowly kill you.
Cancer is caused by genetics, radiation, or anything that can effect you on the molecular level.

Actualy, drinking 2 cans of pop a day, everyday, is said to cause cancer. Alot of artificial things are shown to cause cancer, yes.

High fructose corn sugar, which is in pop, silences the little voice in your brain which tells you to stop eating because you are full, this causes you to eat more.

You're right - everything seems to cause cancer. I wouldn't think that diet pop would be any worse than the regular, that is why I drink neither. H2O is the best thing for you.

Someone scared him about aspartame. It is used in most diet drinks and low calorie sweeteners.

There doesn't seem to be much truth in it but the rumours keep circulating.

ashree l
Thats entirely Untrue but it does cause health issues
Since they substitute the real sugar by using the artificial sugar your stomach thinks it is getting ready for the sugar but when the wrong chemical goes down there it reacts to it in a minor way
Nothing major
but I personally don;t like it because of the way it taste and all the health issues wrong with it

pop in general is bad for your health, don't buy any

Diet coke contains more aspartame. Its supposed to make it sweet but keep the taste, when really its not good for you at all. And yes your son is true, there have been cases of cancer connected to this.

i have heard that diet pop is not that good for you, but i dont think it would go as far as cancer, but idk

Yes. Diet pop has artificial sweetners, and who knows what that can do to someone's health? In a recent study with rats, scientists have seen that aspartame (a sweetner used in a lot of diet pop) caused leukemia, lymphoma and breast cancer in the rats.

In actuality, regular sugar that comes from nature, not chemically altered, and found in regular pop is better for people. Diet pop also has a really high sodium content which of course is not good because nothing is good in excess.

To be on the safe side, I'd give your son water or milk because pop really isn't good, diet or non diet

Dark Fairy
Diet fizzy drinks are worse for children than normal fizzy drinks IF they contain Aspartame. Aspartame poisoning can cause cancer but it also causes all kinds of other things. Some children that have been diagnosed with ADHD miraculously recover when diet drinks are taken out of their diets. The best thing would be to give your child no fizzy drinks at all but as a mum I know that's almost impossible! But he is right - if he has fizzy drinks don't give him the diet versions!

I am leery of some artificial sweeteners - like the blue one

1)Why has autism gone from 1:3500 births to 1:150 in two decades??
2) My brother can drink aspartame in a diet soda and within
20 minutes will have a 2 hour migraine headache

the stuff is a chemical - not a derivative of sugar

BUT - I am more leery of HFCS - High Fructose Corn Syrup
You get the calories for the sweets - HOWEVER - the brain does not register the calories - and you wind up eating more than you thought - and get fat like me

not to mention the phosphorous in soda is GREAT for leeching muscle and bones

Need to find a better drink ( and tea stunted my growth!)

all the best

I don't know about cancer, but i was told by my doctor that diet pop was actually much more unhealthy than regular because of the ingredients that they use. He said the only people who should really drink diet pops are people with certain health conditions and diabetics.

ikno the answer
wat is pop soda it might sorry never used pop b4

Some research has shown a possible link between aspartame and brain cancer. Possible.

However, links to other cancers have been disproven:

puffy puffers
that's about right. There are so many differents myths about diet soda. My doctor told me that if I like soda and want to drink it it has to be diet. I don't think my doctor would tell me to drink something that would give me cancer

Tell your son that the media comes out with a new medical revelation everyday. And that according to the media tap water is bad for you, and bottled water is bad for you, but the more water you drink, the healthier you will be. Then be a parent and decide what's healthy for your child and what's just a fad. Kids don't go on diets. And kids should not have a lot of soda. The phosphorous ruins their tooth enamel.

Ashley C
he is right.
that has been proven!
Diet Soda's doo actually cause cancer

If you buy him the regular, make sure he has no more than one a day, and not every day.

Well some people have said that Diet Soda that contains aspartame or other artificial sweeteners have stated that the chances of getting cancer are higher...Personally I am not convinced of this so do what you want...But I say stick to milk, water, and juice

Audrey King
yes, things that have no sugar and are replaced with even more unatural substances can cause cancer. Pop itself though is not good. How bout you dont buy him any pop and only let him occasionally have it? You are getting him addicted to it and he will always drink it. Pop contributes to obesity and he may be fine now but he wont be as he grows and his metabolism slows. Give him water and fruit juice he will thank you when he is fit and happy!

yeah the real answer is everything causes cancer. there have been some connections because diet soda has chemicals in it, but as long as hes not drinking an excessive amount he should be ok.

Yes, diet soda has been linked to brain cancer. But kids really shouldn't drink soda, it's too high in sugar, it can ruin your teeth.

I grew up with soda in my hand all of the time, now that i'm older and can make my own desicions I still LOVE soda, so I usually buy carbonated water and frozen 100% nautral juice and make my own healthier soda

The Frito Bandito (Anti-Jonas)
sorry, but im afriad yur kid just wants too b a kid

Its not good for kids to drink diet

I don't know, pop isn't a staple in our household. All soda is crap for you and your kids really.
Like drinking a bowl of sugar.

Only solution is to give him none, that will give maximum health benifits!!!!!

No I haven't heard that. I would prefer regular over diet though, why would a kid need diet soda? Soda is the worst thing a child can drink anyway.

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