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My mother is dieing of cancer?
she went in to have glablatter removed they found lung cancer and liver cancer both in stage 4 and now she has brain cancer does anyone know how long it will be , knowing all this and the pain she is starting to have I dont think she can get anything done i think it is to far gone . she was alright christmas and then it hit after the new year cant belive how fast things are going

Im sorry. I can suggest making memories. I know memories are a part of heritage. let her share stories of her childhood. Buy a mini tape recorder. This way she can just record her memories quicker and you have her voice. Most of all, let her know you will be okay. A mother is always a mother and will worry about her children long before she worries about herself. I am tearing up for you now dear. Im so sorry.

Im very sorry to hear that. There is no one that can tell you exactly how long she has to live. In a way , you are lucky b/c you know that she doesnt have long to live. When my grandmother died it was totally unexpected and I regret not spending more time with her. Now that you know that your mother is sick, dont take any of her time for granite and make sure that she is comfortable for the rest of her days. Tell her you love her, hug her, and kiss her. Only God knows when she will join him.

I'm very sorry to hear about your mom. I highly, highly recommend that you contact Hospice. They are an organization that is free of cost, and is there for end stage disease. They are there not only for the patient, but the family as well. They will take care of pain management, bathing, etc. They will arrange for all meds and stay in constant communication with the doctor. You may have to have your mom's doctor contact them for you, but I suggest you do it right away.
They are angels in disguise.
God Bless.

[email protected]
I dont kno how long she has but, make every day count!!!! take pic, look @ pic and remember all the gr8 time you and ur mom had.Say everything u need or want to say u only have this 1 chance....... Life is so short to be angry be happy make her finally day wonderful.....

I am very sorry to heard that... But I can't don't anything.... really sorry.

God bless her....

By the looks of it, lots of people have felt your pain, and that should be some comfort to you .Sometimes you feel like no one is going through this but you. I was a Hospice nurse and the only patients we took care of were cancer patients. It sounds like you have a pretty good grasp on how ill your Mom is...and you are right, the cancer has spread pretty far, and she sounds like she is going downhill pretty fast. I know how much she must mean to you and the only thing of comfort I can offer you, is she will soon be out of that pain. There is no way to give an actual time when someone might die. People rarely die of the cnacer...they usually die of a blood clot or the tumor invades an artery...or even pneumonia. Be with her as much as you can; show her how much you care for her, but assure her you will be OK...that will give her peace, knowing she can let go and you'll be alright. My thoughts will be with you.

I hate to say this but it could really just be a month. I'm not a doctor, but my friends mom had brain cancer, and she got 5 months to live. You should just spend every moment you can with her, and remember that even though she may not be with you soon, youll always have the memory of her with you.

it could be any time now since the cancer has spread that far my dad found out he had cancer and a week later he passed away im so sorry

This is a very sad situation, did you know the doctor she has should be offering advise and counselling so you understand what is happening and how long it could be.

People are all different and depending on treatments and response can have a lot to do with how long it will be. The prognosis for her does not sound good though.

Be strong and make this time special for her, paint her nails, give her a foot massage and let her know she is loved.

My father in law passed away from the same cancers and it was too quick, so treasure the minutes and time everyday.

God Bless xx

~YuM yUm LoLipOpS~
sorry to here that

I don't know & I'm so sorry for you & for your Mum
cancer is a terrible thing

'lil peanut
My grandmother died of cancer in the brain feb of last year so I feel for you. My grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer 15 years ago they removed tumors, she then got it in her stomache they said she would last 6 months well they operated on her and she lasted 15 years. Unfortunatley once it goes to the brain it really does not take long because there really is not much you can do to remove it, well she was riddled with it though. You can have operations on tumers in the brain but the quality of life is pretty bad after that. She was in her early 80s and once she went in with the brain cancer she lasted less than one month but remember she had already lived 15 years. It is different with everyone and only God knows so just pray and hope she is not in too much pain. All cancer is different just like all people are different. I had an Aunt who also died of cancer and she was diagnosed with it and withing 2 months died so there was not much pain luckly. She had what is called Oat Cell cancer and I guess that is the fastest spreading one. I will pray for you

That is an extremely sad situation. My dad died suddenly and all I can offer is advice for you, your family when the time comes. As we have all seen on 60 Minutes and such, Funeral Homes prey on people when they are at their weakest. Consider a simple cremation. It costs about $400 to 700.00
This is not being crude, this is circle of life stuff. We live, we all die. How is usually up "to us." Place an ad in the local newspaper re debts, etc. Use prior samples (in your newspaper) as a guide for yours. Your family will save thousands of dollars by NOT hiring an attorney to do these "simple" things. Get many, many (ten + ) copies of the death certificate, since Social Security needs one, life insurance companies need one, etc, While she is ALIVE videotape her . ASK her about her mom & dad; her life as a kid. Family history You may not know. Now you will have "A Living Memory."

One Sexy Jeep Girl
prayers and (((hugs)))

Kasey S
Cancer is hard to deal with and unpredictable. If she's really in a lot of pain, make sure you and her doctors do everything you can to ease the pain.
My grandma died after fighting bone cancer. It was hard to let her go because I loved her so much, but to see her in so much pain was worse.
As for a time frame, no one can give you one for sure, so spend every moment you have with her as if it were the last.

brandi j
there really is no way of knowing, my best friends grandmother had brain tumors, ALOT of them, they didn't give her very long at all and she made almost another year. so i can't really help you with that. all you can do is make your last memories with her enjoyable ones. ones that won't be so painful to look back on, and tell her how much you love her every chance you get. i'm very sorry you have all this going on. and good luck and best wishes.

Denny T
Hang in there! I'm so sorry to hear that.

As a current cancer patient, I know what you are going through.

There is a great supportive online group for people with cancer
and caretakers, you may want to check it out!


Goodluck to you-

sweety im so sorry
there is nothing i can say to ease your pain but if you ever want to talk me e-mail address is on here and babe it will be ok... life is such a stupid and painful think sometimes. im here for you sweety

mike j
The time varies so much for each individual. It depends on how good of health she is in and if there is any kind of treatment available to extend her life. Sometimes it is better just to make the person as comfortable as possible if it has progressed too far. I lost my mother-in-law two years ago and it was her second round of fighting lung cancer. I pray you will get more time with your loved one. Make sure you tell her how much you love her each day. Those are the things that will bring you comfort. Also, try not to let her see you upset. Also, she may want to talk about death and while it will be devasting she may need to talk about it. God be with you. Leesa

I'm a nurse. There are no words I can say to express my concern for your family. I'm also a Christian and I'll be praying for you and your family. It's realyy hard to say how long she has. I have seen many people who I thought would die and lived, and vise versa. I would spend as much time as you can with her. Cherish every moment you possibly can. My mom is dying too and I share your pain. Watch this and find peace through this time in your life. www.mayyoubeblessedmovie.com Take care and anything is possible with God.

Erin G
i am so sorry!!! that is sooo sad!! but i suppose you are tired of hearing that

im sorry hang in there.
my dads dieing of cancer too.
doctors say 3 years.

LOOK i have seen MIRACLES. IF the Good Lord dont do something she will be gone soon.I HAVE watched the LORD G-d heal many people. IF you need prayers please email me or pm me. HUGS + kisses. star

i don't know, but i am so sorry.

god i feel for you couple of people in my family have it i still have not come to terms they have its been 4 yrs just try and help her all you can get her flowers occasionally spoil her good luck to you xx x

I am so sorry for you and your mother. I suggest you speak with her doctors, check into hospice and insist that they make her as comfortable as possible through pain management (adequate drugs).

Take care. I will pray for her and you.

I am so sorry. There is probably weeks left. Have you enlisted Hospice services? They will help w/ pain management, end of life care, and bereavement services. Do you have a support system? Usually you can determine how much time is left by the shutting down of body systems. She will probably start sleeping more(18hrs a day) stop eating, stop stooling, decrease urinary output, become nonresponsive and then the lungs will fill w/ fluid. I encourage you to tell her now how much you love her. Take care.

i'm so sorry - although i could never guess how long she has...having worked with palliative patients in the past i do know that it's "normal" for people to make significant decline after the holidays - it's like they're subconsciously holding on...i hope you (and am sure you are) charishing the memories and time you're spending with er now - and you and your mom are in my prayers...stay strong...

There is no way to tell how long she is going to live. All I can say is do whatever you can with her now. My dad died of cancer and when I found out he was terminally ill five months before he died, I was travelling back and forth every month or two to see my dad so I could spend as much time with him as I could.

sorry to hear this. e-mail if you like-i'm a social worker/counselor.

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