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My dad and his father before him they had colone cancer, i'm 30 years old what should i do?
my dad and his father before him they had colone cancer, i'm 30 years old what should i do?

First, make sure you eat a high fiber diet, drink plenty of water every day, and eat plenty of vegetables and salads.

Next, look into adding some pro-biotics to your diet, like acidopholus. This is a heathly bacteria that lives in your colon, and helps in your digestion and elimination. This gets killed off whenever you take anti-biotics, so you need to replace them.

Finally, check at your health food store or online for a local clinic that does colonics. A few colonics will clean you out & make sure you are eliminating properly. Proper elimination will go a long way towards preventing many diseases, especially colon cancer.

You can learn a lot more by picking up a book on colon health at the health food store, but these suggestions will do a world of good for you. Good luck!

First you should get a primary care physician (if you don't have one), the doctor should refer you to a specialists for a colon cancer screening test...called colonoscopy. Nowadays it is an easy procedure and you won't feel any pain, nothing. they will apply local anesthesia. If the test comes out clean then you need to do nothing else, however if they find something there ...you might need to be immediately treated thru surgery to kill the cancer. At 30 you should start doing a colon cancer screening at least every five years or so and the older you get, the frequency changes to about every two years or every other year...given the history of colon cancer in your family. The test was done by a female doctor lol...
Don't waste time...this is a matter of life or death. I had it recently done... thanks heavens the test came out clean.

What I think is typically recommended is a colonoscopy every few years starting at age 40. That's what my husband is doing.

Make sure you are getting enough fiber, that means lots of fruits and veggies. Eating alot of meat is also one factor in colon cancer, vegetarians actually have much lower rates of colon cancer than most people. That doesn't mean you have to be vegetarian, but if you eat lots of veggies and not much meat, you will improve your chances of not getting cancer. And make sure you get tested regularly since it runs in your family.

You should get regular screenings to make sure you if you do get it you catch it early and hopefully you can have treatment to take care of it. Next time you see your doctor inform them so they can be sure to know you are at a higher risk of getting colon cancer.

Mad piper
when you see your doctor tell him of your family history, You will probably go through a check for this type of cancer every 5 years till you 50 then may be every 3 years if you stay healthy. Ask about eating foods that can help against this sort of thing like high fiber and lower fat intake.

It kinda depends on how old they were when they died. there are genetic disorders like familial adenopolyposis which are defects in your genes that causes your colon to be able to develop multiple polyps..that predispose you to cancer. If this is the case you usually want to get a colonoscopy either by age 50 or ten years prior to the age of the death of your dad and grand dad. (if they were 50 you go get one when you are 40, etcetc)

Talk to your doctor about getting an early colonscopy ( usually done at age 50 ).
Eat a high fiber and low fat diet.
Limit alcohol and tobacco exposure.
Reduce stress and get daily exercise.
Evaluate any causing factors that could have been present in your relatives that you can change.
Good Luck.

See if you can get a colonoscopy and see how often you can get one. They cut out the polyps that can become cancer when they do this.

Xtra goodies

i highly highly highly recommend the colon cleanse.. it makes you feel rejuventated!!! God Bless

You'll want to talk to your doctor about your family history to being getting screened earlier. You will want to start getting a colonoscopy 10 years before the age of the earliest family member who had colon cancer and you should get them every 2-5 years. The good news is that by getting a colonoscopy based on your doctor's screening reccomendations, doctors can remove any polyps long before they become cancerous, thus preventing colon cancer. The other good news is that most people with a family history of cancer never get cancer themselves. About 70% of colon cancer cases are sporadic, meaning that there is no family history, but to help mitigate your risk you should avoid smoking, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight, avoid red meat, and eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Agree with the advice about seeing your doctor. The ages at which you father and grandfather were first diagnosed will probably determine at what age you should be screened.

Talk with your doctor to see when you should get your first colonoscopy.

Robert R
Go to the doctor to get it checked out, see where you stand and he can tell you what you need to do.

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