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Marijuana and cigarettes
Dear Yahoo, my uncle say marijuana is far worser than cigarettes but i told him it is not worser than marijuana and i told him u can of lung cancer by smokin cigarettes and told marijuana cant cause i told him doctor describe marijuana to sick people so which is more deadly marijuana or cigarettes......THANK YOU

Cigarette has more immediate health hazards whereas marijuana has disastrous behavioral consequences.

Smoke weed everyday

Daniel A
When doctor prescribe marijuana they only give the patient the most harmless part of marijuana. When you buy it off the street it can be as dangerous or more dangerous than cigarettes. They are bad terrible and there are better things to do then to smoke them. How about playing a sport?

Bad Kitty
Cigarettes is... Marijuana isn't as bad. although remember if u smoke it from a pipe. just how u see the pipe ur lungs look just alike clogged and with residue. cleanse you body aleast 2x a year. to avoid build -up. its not a drug unless u make it. dont smoke it just because have a reason too. Mine is Stress.....

Ciggarettes have been scientifically proven to cause lung cancer. Marijuana has been scientifically proven not to cause lung cancer. In fact, THC was found to actually kill cancer cells.

“We know that there are as many or more carcinogens and co-carcinogens in marijuana smoke as in cigarettes,” researcher Donald Tashkin, MD, of UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine tells WebMD. “But we did not find any evidence for an increase in cancer risk for even heavy marijuana smoking.” Carcinogens are substances that cause cancer.

The heaviest marijuana users in the study had smoked more than 22,000 joints, while moderately heavy smokers had smoked between 11,000 and 22,000 joints.
While two-pack-a-day or more cigarette smokers were found to have a 20-fold increase in lung cancer risk, no elevation in risk was seen for even the very heaviest marijuana smokers.

Cellular studies and even some studies in animal models suggest that THC has antitumor properties, either by encouraging the death of genetically damaged cells that can become cancerous or by restricting the development of the blood supply that feeds tumors, Tashkin tells WebMD.

In a review of the research published last fall, University of Colorado molecular biologist Robert Melamede, PhD, concluded that the THC in Cannabis seems to lessen the tumor-promoting properties of marijuana smoke.

ive heard that weed is more likely to cause cancer when you're older, but that's if u smoke as much weed as cigarettes

either way i think weed is healthier because cigarettes especially Menthol ones like newports (even tho they are the best!) have all these chemicals and stuff, weed is all natural!

it causes more than lung cancer

"worser" hahaha actually marijuana is worse than cigarettes, BOTH can cause lung cancer because you are still inhaling carbon monoxide and smoke, marijuana is a light form of acid which slowly and permanently destroys your brain, there are only a FEW times when doctors prescribe it to patients DYING of cancer so they can FEEL better

Dear California_Outlawz, Yahoo Here, I got your message.

My doctor described marijuana to me also. He said it was sort of like inhaling smoke from a campfire and it made him feel like everything slowed down and got tickly. I didn't really know what he meant, so I tried it for myself. Well...low and behold I got lung cancer!
Now, I'm not sure if it was the marijuana, the cigarettes, the years I worked in the coal mine, or my asbestos floor tiles...but I went and got it. Luckily, my doctor also described "cancer-b-gone" so I think I'm good.

The bottom line is that they are both bad for you and you shouldn't do either one you silly goose!

I hope you find the answers you are looking for.

both marijuana and cigarettes are extrmely deadly.

Cigarettes are far more harmful due to their addictive qualities that make it necessary for some people to smoke four packs a day- that much marijuana and I would probably pass out. I had a friend once who got a collapsed lung while he was making love to his girlfriend he was a light smoker of cigs but a rather heavy herb user. By virtue of the sheer volume of smoke inhaled though I have to say that cigarettes are the worst. Hmmm, the sheer volume of responses would seem to indicate a considerable level of expertise out there.


Jackie Retardo
i think your marijuana is laced.

James N
How old are you? you have the grammar of a 6 year-old. And doctors cannot legally prescribe people with marijuana. At least not in Canada... i don't think in the U.S...

Doctors prescribe chemotherapy to

Anne W
one joint = 10 cigs

even though doctors prescribe patients medical marijuana(the good stuff) it still can cause emphysema

Smoking one joint is about equal to a pack of cigarettes.

Thankyou for that lovely rant, I'll get back to answering actual questions now.

If we legalized marijuana, we'd find out that marijuana would cause proportionally more fire deaths than cigarettes. I mean, do you really want stoned people playing with fire?

In any case, if you're smoking cigarettes, you're stupid. If you're using marijuana without a prescription, you're stupid. Arguing with your uncle about which is the more stupid of two stupidities is... stupid.

It depends how you look at the question.

Marijuana contains 8-10x more carconoginic chemicals that tobacco. Which makes it 8-10x more likely to cause cancer.

That however is based on equal consumption. In otherwords, 1 joint is 8-10x more cancerous than 1 cigarette.

Here in lies the debate..... The typical marijuana smoker only has a few joints a year... However the typical cigarette smoker will smoke a pack (20) a day. Someone who smokes a pack a day will be about 7182 x's more likely to develop lung cancers than someone who smokes a joint once a month.

Is a joint more dangerous than a cigarette??? Yes, without a doubt
Does cigarette smoking cause more cancer than pot??? Yes, without a doubt

Dj Conquest
marijuana is "worser" than cigarettes. Marijuana can cause you to have many more problems both mental and physical. For example, you can get psychosis. MJ also has far more tar than cigarettes. Also, MJ is often sprayed down with pesticides and other chemicals which are unsafe and can cause more damage to your insides- just to get you more high and as an attempt to make it heavier so dealers can make more money.

There is PLENTY of evidence on google that will support the claim that MJ is more dangerous the Cigarettes.

YOU'RE WELCOME. Now go crack open a book on punctuation. PLEASE.

please learn english better. your sentences don't make sense. and i think they are both bad.

Pot, obvioulsy, melts your brain. Both cause cancer, and they leverage the risk of cancer with the stomach calming effects for Chemo patients.

Myspace Gangster
Both of them are bad for you, although the pot users tend to smoke less, its still inhaling smoldering plant material which is not what our bodies are intended to do.

However, there are studies showing that marijuana acts as an expectorant, and many doctors believe this is what's keeping cigarette smokers alive.

And there is also the fact that no one ever got lung cancer from smoking just pot.

Your spelling and grammar prove the unfortunate side effects of marijuana use.

Any form of smoke is bad for the lungs, just ask a local firefighter! :D

you can get lung cancer from both. also, your grammar is terrible.

Will D
I'm just amazed you spelled marijuana correctly.

Both are bad with regards to the cancer but the difference is tobacco has Nicotine in it.The Nicotine make cigarettes addictive while marijuana isn't.You can't become addicted to pot.

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