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 How long do people with lung cancer live?
dad been diagnosed with lung cancer starting chemo and radio therapy 5 day treatment. on morphine 5ml 4 times a ...

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 My mothers doctors have told us that she has 4-6 weeks to live due to brain cancer, should we tell her or not?
she knows shes not 100% but dont know that nothing more can be done, shes talking about things she is goin to do when she get out of hospital ...

 A friend of ours has cancer given 1yr to 18months to live boy what do i say to him ?

 Why isn't cigarette smoking illegal?
I understand A LOT of people smoke cigarettes....but that isn't my question...why don't they make it illegal with all the health hazards it causes to the smoker, and those around the smoker....

 I have asked a question about cancer. My next question is; is there life after death?

 I am 14 and i am a chain smoker any advice on how to cut down?
i have smoked for 2 years started when i got into alot of trouble and i dont want to quit all together i jus wanna slow dwn if dat makes ani sence 2 ya i tried lines and da nhs trust fings dnt ceem 2 ...

 Can men get breast Cancer?
Can men get breast cancer? my honey has a right swollen nipple that is very tender... Could it be a systs?
Im not j/k....

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 Have you or anyone u known had cancer?
hey... recently a family member has been told they have 6 months to live as she has jst discovered she has cancer in her stomach and its spread to the liver... the doctor says she has 6 months to ...

 Does having a LOW white cell count mean you COULD possibly have leukemia?

 I will be starting my first cycle of chemo next monday?
i have stage 2 ovarian cancer i have to do 6 cycles of chemo (or more it depends) and i will taking Bleomycin, etoposide, and cisplatin. All meds have hair loss as their side effects. I have ...

 Bowel cancer? can it cure itself?
I have a Christain friend who has bowel cancer, he's not going to go for an operation as he said that he is going to pray to God to cure him, and that God will answer his prays,,, I think that ...

 Grieving the loss of my Mom?
My Mom lost her battle to Ovarian Cancer a month ago today. Right after she past I did cry, and felt that I missed her, but part of me couldn't fully let go and release my emotions. I still ...

 My dad and his father before him they had colone cancer, i'm 30 years old what should i do?
my dad and his father before him they had colone cancer, i'm 30 years old what should i do?...

 I'm 14 and I think I may have/be at risk for colon cancer??
Well my dad's dad died of Colon Cancer in March. He had a tumor the size of a soccer ball. MY dad probably has it because he's always constipated and he bleeds while on the toilet. Maybe ...

 I have cancer and im scared?
i just found out i have ca of the uterus and cervix, and im still shocked by the news. have to see a ca dr next week to see about surgery. i am so depressed about it, all i do is cry. my husband ...

 Why should I be concerned about lung cancer?

 Help!!! I need anwers!!?
I'm 14 yrs old and i worry about getting different kinds of cancer! I dont know how you know when you got cancer? and what cancer feels like. I need help because i worry about it nonstop and it ...

Is it ok to smoke at age 14?

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NO!!!! its not good tosoke at any age!!!!

Kili's Lover
it's not OK to smoke at all.
there's nothing cool in smoking. you are going to get dark teeth and bad breath. you are going to affect your health.

No. Please don't get into the habit. My parents smoke and the habit is devastating. You will have a HORRIBLE time quitting once you start and once you get older your children won't look up to you. You wont be a role model. You'll make it seem like it's okay to smoke and you'll enhance the epidemic. Too many people die and your going to dissapoint your family. Also ask yourself this... even if you do quit when you grow up and your children ask you if you've ever tried drugs do you want to have to say yes? do you want to have to lie and say no?

Yeah it's cool. Enjoy it while you can. The "Death" cigarettes are especially cool. You are young, so you can take it without problems.

no and your grounded if i even catch you doing that!!

Jeusie Bobbi
Yeah sure! As long as you can handle the whole lung disease/ cancer, tooth rot, ulcers, tar buildup in the body and premature death thing. Hell, you might even need a lung transplant! Won't that be GREAT??? (In case you didn't notice, this is my sarcasm. Idiot.)

Amy P
Without giving a lecture, as a cardiologist, I don't think it is ever okay to smoke.

Ebony Princess
is it ever ok to smoke?

Big fella
only if you want to die painfully of cancer in 10 years time

No, smokings bad, mkay?

No, would you want to kill yourself if you were 14?

No for all the reasons above AND because it is a proven fact that the earlier you start smoking, the harder it is to quit. And believe me, it is HARD to quit. Why would you even want to start smoking at 14? You think your parents won't find out? I guarantee you they will. Don't you notice how bad people that smoke smell? People that smoke can no longer smell it on themselves because the smoke has ruined their smell receptors, so they don't even know how bad they reek. Trust me, you will get busted the first time you come home after smoking. A promise.

nope it is not ok

It's okay if you don't mind shortening your life about twenty years.

dont smoke at all

I dont think its ok to smoke at any age

candi k
loser punx? yeh go with the flow, they want you to smoke.there is no room for too many educated folk.

When I was in Germany I saw 14 year olds smoking; so iguess it is okay, but, remember, dying from cancer is not fun.

It is not ok to smoke at age 14, it is not good to smoke it at all and besides (depending on where you are located) you are underaged to smoke and even buy cigarettes, so how are you going to get them if you were to choose to smoke early? But think about your life, if you were to smoke and got cancer and were to get married and have kids, then it would be a good chance you could give your child some kind of sickness as hereditery, thought about it that way have you? I guess not!!

~ Roxbaby ~
I don't think it's wise to smoke no matter what age you are. There's just too much bad that can come out of it. Don't smoke!!!

kids who smoke at very young ages are trying to look older but they don't realize how dumb they actually look.

Nothing says stupid more surely than volunteering to give a tobacco company 5 dollars or more a day for every day of the rest of your life for something that will make you all wrinkly with bad skin and a cough, assuming you luck off and don't get cancer.

NO! It's never ok to smoke, I'm 14, it's illegal too!


Slick Rick
No, it is not okay to smoke, regardless of your age. A lot of people have a hard time quitting the habit once they start.

Please don't even think about it. The younger you are when you start the harder it is to quit latter and the most smokers really want to quit.

There is no way that the rush you may get from smoking can ever be worth the expense and hassle; of being addicted to the obnoxious habit.

It's a sad irony that a lot of young people start smoking because they think it will impress their friends when in reality it makes you look weak and S T U P I D !!!!

If your friends are trying to get you to start you need to tell them it's none of their business whether you smoke or not.


Tanvi gurl
it is not okay to even smoke

Quit now before you have a hard to kick habit that puts your health at risk.

Absolutely not, it's not okay to smoke at any age.

it is never ever ever ok to smoke you will die if you smoke. simple enough.

no...and who would want to? It's just gonna cause health problems such as cancer. Besides 7 minutes of your life are taken away every time u smoke a cigarette.

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