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J. P
Is it appropriate to give a get well card to someone who is near death?

Hmmmmmm, I don't think I would. How about a card that simply lets the person know that you are thinking of them and are praying for them? May God bless you with the wisdom to compose the appropriate verbage that will bless your friend.

şιlvэя άпđ ĉðłď♥
Bad idea... just pray for them if they can't get better.

no, just send a THINKING OF YOU CARD!

The intention is understandable but if it is certain that they will not get better, it may be like adding insult to injury. I would just show your support by paying them a little visit.

Heather S
It might be more appropriate to send them a card telling them that they are in your thoughts and prayers. So they know who's thinking of them and can be touched in their final days.

i wouldnt , i would give a thinking of you card

I wouldn't if I were you. And don't get a I'll miss you or goodbye card either. Buy some flowers and a teddy bear and give him / her warm hugs. Try to cheer him / her up.

No. There are plenty of thinking of you cards that cover this type of situation.

Big B
Yes. No wait....no!

Ya, But I would go with a Thinking of you and wishing the best kind of card,Good Luck,Hollywood!

it depends if they have any chance of 'getting well' otherwise theres no point in the 'get well' part of the get well card, is there?

BUT, if this person has a sense of humor, and is very tense, then i think it could be approprioate to lighten the overall atmosphere by giving them the card as an intentional joke.

this is very shakey ground, you have to be positive that the person will take it humorously, or youll look like a bit of an a' hole in front of ppl that may have very delicate feelings for this person.

it all depends on the person and the atmosphere, but i wouldnt advise it in general

Get a card that is blank inside and send your friend a handwritten note letting them know that they are in your thoughts and prayers.

Personally, I wouldn't send a get well card if you (and they) know they are not going to get well. There are other kinds of cards you can send to let the person know that you are thinking of them.

I think it would always be worthwhile to let someone know you are thinking of them and wish them well, even if you know they will not get well.
I doubt someone in that sad position whould be petty enough to think poorly of you for wishing them well.

Absolutely not!! Find a card that shows them you care and that you're thinking of them. Giving them a get well card when they know it's not going to happen is cruel and insensitive.


Wite Out
No it is not appropriate.
Would you like someone to give you a card.

If you are certain they are dying, then, no .. I would try to just spend time with them .. and send a "thinking of you " card. Good Luck ! :)

Well yes and no. No because.. you truly want them to get better.. because you love them of course and no one wants to see anyone get sicker. More appropriate though would just be a "Thinking of you" or "I love you" card with bright colors. It would lift their spirits knowing that you are thinking of them and love them more than seeing the words get well when they know they are only getting worse.

Thinking of you is more appropriate

bobbie e
I wouldn't. -

definitely go with a thinking of you card.

Maybe you could get a "Thinking of you" card instead. Or just write a nice note on a blank card to let them know that they haven't been forgotten.

Yukon Sally
Get a pretty "Thinking of You" card that is blank inside. Write a caring note inside telling them that you are thinking about them and praying ( or hoping) that will get better soon. If they are bedridden, then they may enjoy a few lines of news about your life too.

It depends what the card is saying, and if the patients knows about his/her status. Some flowers and a "Thinking of you" card would be nice.

i had cancer, and from personal experience, i think a "thinking of you" card might be better.

Probably not. "Thinking of You" or "Keeping You In My Prayers" type sentiments may be better.

I believe a "thinking of you card" would be better. It would still allow you to send a card, but without the worries of anyone getting upset...

Night Wind
I would send a "Thinking of you card" and add your own personnel note to it.

One L MicheLe
No, Give them a cute card that will bring a smile to their face.

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