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 If we all lived underground away from the sun, would we still get cancer?

 What doesn't cause cancer?
is there anything left? i am dreading the day they tell us that air causes cancer and we have to stop breathing....

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My mother had cancer and although surgery extended her life her quality of life was poor....

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In my typical paranoid fashion, I've been doing a few checks of my -chest area- every couple weeks. I've noticed a solid area in both breasts, and since I'm getting pretty concerned, I&...

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 If smoking is bad for our health, then why don't they just stop making cigarettes?

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I would't dare stop you from smoking to death; that is your choice. I won't even try to convince all the ...

 I've found a lump in my breast...?
It's just n the middle of my cleavage,and it hurts when you put pressure on it. could it be cancer? I'm 20 years old, but theres no history of it in my family.


 Help me i think i'm dying.?
ok so starting about a year ago i strated getting headaches all the time it stoppd for about 6 months and then it started agaian but along with the headaches i got extremely dizzy, i started to have ...

 My brother has cancer only 2 months left im finding it hard to cope?
im just devastated
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thanks olivia its ...

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 Have you noticed that a few hours prior to death, the patient will suddenly experience an improvement?
and then, after about 12-24 hours deceases?
What could be the cause?

I have witnessed this in neonates, adults, and even animals.
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 My Dad has cancer? I have problems?
I found out my dad has cancer last week and he started chemo.
And I don't feel bad, as a matter of fact I don't feel any feelings?
What is wrong with me?...

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 My best friend just died?
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If there was a God why would he be so cruel to so many people and torture them with cancer,disability?

Julia H
I heard somewhere, we are currently under 7000years of devil rule for being sinners, but nearly out of it. But this is where, being an agnostic, I almost become atheist.

Dr Bunsen Honeydew
U have answered your own question .. "If there was a God" ... guess we only find out when we die ..

carmen v
God created the world and all that exists. She gave us free will and we create our own reality individually and collectively.

Additionally, I will say I have watched as friends and family die of cancer and other conditions. I have had cancer (melanoma) which could return and I believe this came about from an episode of depression. I also have a misability that I will use to learn to be a better person, not feel negative toward someone outside myself.

Let me tell you there is a God. 2nd. God gave us alternative herbs that when those 4 herbs are put together They cure! Cancer, Aids, Herpes......All cured with Essiac. I take an essiac capsule every single day. Yes theres a lot of needless suffering, but millions of people do suffer because the drug companies won't let anyone know there is a CURE. My mother died of colon cancer, my father and brother died the same year of bone and lung cancers. Then my oldest brother died of bone cancer. So you see my family has suffered because they didn't know about Essiac. The rest of my family are fretting because they are getting to that age where they will get cancer. I'm not worried at all.

Yote......I'm not a full blown Christain but I'm with God. Now, How come you say "Adams Sin"? The Bible says it was "Eve" that ate the fruit of the forbidden tree of Knowledge. It was "Eve's sin that she pulled Adam into the sin.

God didnt . God's plan was for us to be eternally in the garden of Eden, but Adams sin passed on us, when he ate of the tree giving him the knowledge of good &evil. Since Adam sinned , sin passed upon all of us, & death by sin. But God still provided a way for us, sending His own Son to take the sin rap for us.

"In that while we were sinners Christ died for us''.

God didnt want it this way.


my thought exactly,when i saw my beautiful mother in bad pain with cancer recently,was with her until she took her last breath she was 54,all the time i was thinking if there was a god this would never be happening so yeah i totaly agree with what you say....

hi my mother has not long to live we found out this time last year she has cancer of the bone morrow. and i felt like you and then a friend told my about a book (embraced by the light) what happends when you die, and my feelings about god changed you should read it .. best of luck x

Have you ever heard of the devil?

He's an old sadist . He gets a big belly laugh out of seeing people suffer .

yes there is a god its the devil who brings all the ills and bad things

I am a Christian. I have diabetes. I can not blame God for that. Maybe my family, because diabetes runs in families, but I don't. Also, I could blame myself for not eating healthy foods, not getting enough exercise, I do. God gets blamed for all the bad things that happens to people, but most of the time when He does something good; the credit is given to someone else. I don't think that is quite fair!

God loves us. He proved His love for us when He sent His Son to die for our sins so we could be saved. He also gave us a free will to make choices for our own lives. Sometimes we make good choices, sometimes we make bad choices, such as smoking cigarettes, taking illegal drugs, drinking alcohol, or just eating the wrong kind of food. All these can harm ones health. If someone came down with cancer after years of smoking cigarettes, would that be God's fault? The answer is absolutely not! We can not blame God for our unwise conduct. We human are to blame!

We do not know, or have all the answers. Only God does. If I one day I come down with cancer, I certainly will not blame my creator. He gave me life. One day He will want me to come to live with Him. What ever way I go I will leave that in His very wise hands.

It is evident that you must not know the Lord, because your question started with, if there was a God. I'm sorry if you or someone you love has cancer. Cancer is a terrible disease. My husband had cancer, but thank God the doctor found it in time to save his life! His brother was not so lucky. He died of lung cancer. He accepted the Lord's forgiveness six months before he die. He did not blame God, because he dranked alcohol for many years. He fell in love with our wonderful Savior. He now is with Jesus in Heaven!

The Lord loves you very much! He and He alone can give you peace and forgiveness. He is waiting! Think about it. Instead of blaming, He can help you accept, and face any problem you may face. I hope you will accept His free gift of forgiveness.

I agree with you and often wondered exactly the same thing.

Suffering is part of life.. most of us can take an asprin and make the pain go away. What our task here in this life is deigned by God, whether its sorrow or suffering, never getting anything we can't solve happen to us... or whatever.. its part of life. We deal.. the answers are on the another ethereal plane.

I, like a few others who have answered your question, lost my Dad to cancer, a loving, kind, considerate, hard working, man, who lost his fight against that wicked wicked illness. I too from the day he was diagnosed to have lung cancer, to the present day and probably forever, think exactly the same as you. There is no God in my eyes, he took away my Dad, who was and still is my hero, from my life too early, he has robbed four Grandchildren, four children and a loving wife (my Mum), of the most wonderful Man ever.
If others want to believe in God and the bible, up to you, but if and when you go through a loss of a loved one,family member, or a friend then I hope your prayers help you through. Because when I needed someone to turn to it was my Dad, now he's gone and nobody, no God, could ever replace that in my life.
Wow, that got a few things of my chest!

god did NOT create these things, but he will help you if you become a christian. you have a choice. you also have an enemy. you need to do a bit of research as this belief is based on ignorance about god, but i can assure you it's a fallen world and these things are a result of that fall, a result of separation from god.

jac the hat
I guess because there are limitations to all living things and on the way that we co exist on this planet that we share with other life forms which are competing with us.

If there were no complications we wouldn't learn or struggle, we would stagnate to a point that would be worse than having no awareness.

Other species like the viruses have the drive and adaptation to live too we are only another animal it isn't personal so therefore it isn't cruel - it is only us that suggests this - maybe the gift of life is worth any price.

I don't know much about gods I have never owned one but I do know quite a bit about disability and I like my life regardless -

It is us people who are cruel to each other and make having a difference or disability a cruel and painful thing; not gods who might only create our living conditions.

I have no belief whatsoever after i had to watch my dad turn form a 16st well built healthy guy into a skelenton and die infront of my eyes. He was the nicest guy you could ever wish to meet, and my best friend!

sara i am
God created the world and all that exists. She gave us free will and we create our own reality individually and collectively.

The bible explains this during the great flood. He told Noah, after his sons broke the rules that God would not intervene in Mankind again.

i often think that as i am a mum to a Little girl who is severely disabled, but the way i look at it as god chose us to look after one of his angels he couldn't say how long for but the child would bring our family closer and our girl would give us so much love. that is my believe.

I believe in God as I'm a Roman Catholic and I believe that God is ALWAYS there and if you reach out to him, he'll come into your hearts and ease your suffering and pain.

If God cured all of the problems in the world, we would have no agency. We also would not grow. We would be stagnant slaves who would not be able to choose our own way, because when we choose unwisely, someone else usually gets hurt. Some of the hardest times for me ( the death of my son, death of my father, my own battles with health, etc etc etc), have been the times I grew into the person I wanted to be. It only seems cruel if we allow ourselves to not see the bigger picture. He always rewards us if we let him, and I KNOW he cries with us when we cry. I can't protect my own children from everything without hurting them far worse than the thing I tried protecting them from. I can love them through it and God does too.

Norman D
I have secondary cancer and have been told it is incurable, but I don't blame God, it is just part of life. I am not a Christian, but I believe in God, my belief is that there is only one God with many names, it is like I always say, "I don't care what you call me so long as it is not late for dinner".

Think of it as a parent.

Your 4 yr old won't listen to you, so you ground them (take away all they own say through a twister). But they still stomp around and say no to you.

So then you take away dinner in attempts to break this child (farm fields dry up, lack of food, food is tainted w/ chemicals). And this still doesn't break the child.

So then you go even farther, you make the child go without breakfast, maybe even lunch the next day (cancer, diabetes, etc). Yet the child STILL won't mind you, the parent.

So what is left? A good old fashioned butt beating (wars and any other wrath G_D has)

G_D is our Father, we are His children. Just like any parent, we are disciplined for our actions and rewarded as well.

edit: to show some reward and discipline.

Look at when America added " in God we trust " to the dollar. America as a whole started to boom, grow, people got rich, life became easier, more advanced, etc. Sure we were growing before but we started a sharper increase once we said our system was on God.

But today, most have gotten away from God, they don't care, they don't say Hi to him daily, nothing. And in return look at what we have. Kids killing others in schools, abortions at an all time high, identify theft going rampid, government out of control and not listening to its people and the list can go on.

Dr Frank
Sorry to say there isn't one.

Purple triangle
Its not Gods fault that man pollutes the earth, people smoke and our food is so contaminated by chemicals. Thats a lot to do with why cancer is going rampant these days. Its completely alien to what God purposed the earth to be.

No offence and i understand that you are honestly asking this, but cancer is not caused by God, its caused by stress, chemicals, bad diets, medication, etc....why are you blaming God for something he has not done?

You know something, i often think of the very same thing, i am a nurse and i see some horrid things, but i still kept my faith, i dont know how or why but i have!

The same reason that I'll let my son fall and scrape his knee. It hurts, he cries, but it's necessary for growth, learning, and understanding.

When you don't see the big picture, cancer seems like a terrible thing.

Like I've said before on here, it's simple:

either god is a cruel observer of people's suffering, who could prevent or stop it if he chose but doesn't choose to


he doesn't exist

Can't have it both ways.

EDIT**any of these nice compassionate believers here who think cancer's a punishment we bring on ourselves ever had cancer? Or watched a child go through it? Thought not.

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