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I think I have a serious problem. I've been having really REALLY bad bleeding when I poo. can it be cancer?
I think I have a serious problem. I've been having really REALLY bad bleeding when I poo. I have fresh red blood on the toilet paper when I wipe, there is blood on the stool, and blood in the toilet water. This blood is also accompanied by excruciating pain. I've had this over the last year (it comes and it goes) but lately it just seems to be here to stay (OUCH!!!!). CAN THIS BE CANCER?

go to a doctor for sure. could be hemorrhoids, but it is not for you & us to diagnose. better to be safe than sorry & always better to catch things early or get them treated. good luck! peace!

You need to go to doctors straight away and shouldn't have left it so long! It is very serious but might not be cancerous sometime hemorrhoids can cause problems like this BUT GO TO DOCTORS ASAP!

You need to see a doctor. NOW!!

[email protected]
To cure your problem eat more roughage and veg.You seem to have a bad case of hemorrhoids.Also get some pile ointment at the chemist. it is a lot to do with diet.

~suki~ ♥
As everyone has been saying, it's more than likely it's hemorrhoids because it's fresh blood, but as this has been going on for so long you really must see your doc. I know it's embarrassing but doctors see bottoms every day! You're also probably putting it off because you're scared - we all of us imagine the worst, but hey isn't it better to just pluck up the courage (take someone along with you for support) and get this investigated, rather than keep on worrying? It's probably something that is easily treatable, but the longer you leave it the more likely you are to become anaemic and any persistent bleeding should be checked out. So make an appointment ASAP to get to the bottom (pardon the pun!) of this and get it sorted once and for all to stop you worrying anymore.
Wish you well.

sounds like it could be a haemorrhoid BUT you must go to the hospital and and get checked out.

WHY leave it a year before getting things done?

And don't assume it something...get it confirmed what is going on.

Scott G
I agree with all other answers, I also sugest you examine your diet & drink plenty of water.

Do try to limit your consumption of fizzy drinks

Yes it could be cancer. It was for my late husband. However it could be piles. Please, please seek medical advice because something is far from normal. Do you realise how easy it is to get a serious infection on top of the original problem?

Any bleeding from the rear end needs checking out with the Doctor. It sounds as if you have piles, varicose type veins that can be situated inside or outside the rectum, it they are outside you can feel them and they sometimes burst causing the bleeding. They sometimes get worse when you have been constipated or have had diarrhoea. As the blood is on the outside of the stool rather than inside of the stool itself that's usually piles and you can get bad pain with it too. Buy suppositories from the chemist or off your Doctor, these work much better than cream as they work internally as well, try not to strain when you go to the loo and eat plenty of food that will keep your bowels regular. A colon problem can cause blood loss e.g. colitis, crohns etc but I wouldn't worry about this too much and if you go to the Doctor he will investigate fully. Normally if it is a stomach problem the blood will be very dark in colour unlike the normal bright red that blood is normally. Try something from over the counter first and if it doesn't help or it happens again then you must see the GP. Good luck!

It is probably haemorrhoid's but get it checked

lilian c
are the stools black? that's not so good a sign, i would go to the doctors anyway! as you will need whatever you do have treating. i think its past just going the pharmacy ,

dels replies
It might be but it it is more likely to be piles or veins bleeding in your anus.But you must get this checked out by your doctor.You say you have had this problem for a year.why on earth haven't you sought help before?I think that if it was cancer you would be dead by now.Get it checked out right away. Don't be shy or silly.

I experienced a similar problem years ago. The doctor did many tests but nothing serious showed-up. Finally, the diagnosis was that the bleeding was caused by fissures in the rectal tissue. This can be caused by straining during a bowel movement, and it's not uncommon. Please go to the doctor for your diagnosis. Any serious problems need to be ruled-out. More than likely it's not serious, but have it checked.

I would go to the Dr. I would not wait. This could be very serious and your Dr. needs to find out what it is before its to late.If it is cancer you need treatment ASAP... Or it may be something not so serious. Why worry. Just go have it checked out...It could be just a bad case of hemorrhoids..

skydiver 4
no you dont its a broke blood vesal it will go away just dont push when you poo

It may be colitis. With colitis you always feel that you need to go a bit more. The blood may also be accompanied with mucous.

Hi, it could be something else like the others suggested, but u need to go and get it checked by a dr....u see that this has been happening for over a year now...u need to go get it seen as soon as possible...next time something like that happens, go to the dr's and dont wait a year. Because if it is something serious, the earlier u go, it can be fixed sooner, but if u take forever to go...it might be to late to fix!! so go to the drs!!


barbara c
Its probably piles, go to the doctors and get checked out.

I agree with what everyone else is saying like go docs probably piles etc but just wanted to add that my boyfriend had been to the docs before and they said old blood was more of a problem than fresh bright red blood!
Also my grandma had bowel cancer and the only reason she knew was coz of the old blood and didn't get any pains as far as I'm aware!!

Just go to the doctor. They see ar*es all the time and it might be nothing to worry about anyway.
It's your choice - live in pain and risk that you have something more serious which could be treated in the early stages, with a lot less hassle or get it seen to straight away and be free of pain.

animal lover
Why have you not gone to the doctor for this problem?

That being said, I would have to say it sounds an awful lot like hemorroids. You probably have not been eating enough fiber, etc. I can't really tell you specifically what to do about it, but if it is that bad and has gone on that long, I would definitely go to the doctor. (And I am not one to just run to the doctor over every little thing!)

As far as cancer goes, I suppose it could be, but I really doubt it. It really sounds like a bad case of hemorroids and you just need to go get it checked out and look up some stuff on what you need to be eating and what to avoid eating to help your stools be more regular and not so hard to get out (this is usually what causes hemorroids). It may take a while for it to all go away, but you need to start now if you want to get any relief any time soon!!!

You should really go to the dr about that,try not to worry that its cancer,it could be a recurring virus that you get.GO get it checked out

It may be hemorrhoids, but you need to see a gastroenterologist for a colonoscopy to be safe.

It's likely hemmoroids. See a doc for treatment.

Faith S
Possibly, but it could be something as simple as hemorrhoids. I'd strongly recommend a doctor visit.

Firstly get to the Doctor...

It does not have to be cancer. My friend had this last year and was terrified, it turned out that she had internal hemmoriods (sorry about the spelling)...she was so relieved. She bled really badly and was in pain.

Please get this checked out to get anything nasty ruled out and to stop yourself from being in any pain and worrying.

This could be hemorrhoids but even if it is, you should be checked by a doctor. That much blood and that much pain is your body's way of telling you something isn't right, get it checked.

It could be any number of "bad" things with your digestive system, including cancer.

Get your bleeding butt to a doctor ASAP!

You really need to see your doctor. My brother had this - he had bowel problems - but not life threatening. I had this - i had the most terrible piles - and they were put right with help from my gp. Go and see your doctor and put your mind at rest. A year is a long time, even if it`s on and off. Don`t worry - i bet it`s piles.

Fresh, red blood means that there is a cut, tear, fissure, or ulcer close to the rectum. It can be very painful. You need to go see your doctor for treatment. (if the blood were dark red that is more serious as it means it is being digested) There is no way that anyone here can tell you what this is . . it could be a polyp which can be malignant . .it could be ulcerative sigmoid colitis, it could be hemmoroids, or just a cut or tear in the rectal or sigmoid tissue. It's part of your body and it hurts so you really should go take care of it. Don't be embarrassed, your doctor has seen all of these things before.

Good luck.

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