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Laura W
I have asked a question about cancer. My next question is; is there life after death?

Answer to second question, since the first one isn't there.

Every religion thinks they have the truth, and christians will go on and on about what the bible promises. Frankly, when you die, you die. The cells rot, the bacterial changes return your chemicals to the ground. Life after death? Sure. Other plants and living things recycle your chemicals. Right now you have molecules in your body that Beethoven used --- guaranteed. (A little soon to get some from Elvis -- he hasn't been dead long enough) Life after death?? Absolutely and positively. That your consciousness continues, uuuuuuhhhhh, no.

That is a very interesting question since there's no one that knows the answer (so far). So the question should be rephrased to " do you think there is life after death?" I personally think there isn't life after death. Because our body is functioning and our thoguhts and emotions are all controlled by chemicals and cells in our body so once those are gone the so called "soul" of human beings should also be gone. When you die there's no evidence that the body release any sort of energy, undergo major changes, etc. I just think if the "soul" is to live on after death there should be some way of proving that the body undergo some sort of change, chemically or physically. Again, this is just what I think, who knows in the future someone might discover a way to prove life after death is true.

curious man..
Life is a percieved notion. If science advances enough to understand the brain fully, would this mean that our brains are nothing more than extremely complex bio computers?? Just because our brains are self aware so that we can deal with day-to-day problems, doesn't mean that we are any more or less alive than the PCs we are sitting in front of right now.

If you are questioning this go and read any book by Sylvia Brown, she gives you quite an insight about all of this.

yes there is but this is avery touchy matter!! hope anyone doesn't get offended!

i had cancer in 1998,,, yes there is life after death. heaven for those who accepted JESUS CHRIST as their personal SAVIOR. and hell for those who reject HIM. all you have to do is to ask JESUS to come into your heart. tell HIM you believe HE died on the cross to take your sins. say you believe HIM and you will be saved. read the BIBLE and ask the HOLY SPIRIT to help you understand what you are reading. start in the new testiment. i know a lot of people mock GOD on this site. that justs proves that GOD is real, otherwise HE wouldn't be hated by so many, but good news there is a lot of us who love HIM. JESUS said if you are ashamed of HIM , HE will not recognised you to the FATHER. it is your choice. choose today who you will serve. you never know when it will be your last day on earth.

It's not impossible, but so far there is no reasonable scientific evidence showing that it is the case. And no, recordings of 'screams from Hell' in russian oil mines aren't reasonable evidence. The truth is, most of us probably won't know for sure until we ourselves have died...or not, due to quantum immortality (which would of course disprove an afterlife).

Dan S
Do not know for sure
But are aware of Dr. William Coley's work on cancer? It is for real and is being re-investigated today, after being forgotten for 50 years. . If your immune system is in good shape. (i.e. you have not had chemotherapy for a few months, & it's recovered, it is worth a shot.) If you are interested put a note to this questionm and I'll paste the New Scientist ( a very reputable English Science magazine).article about the matter to this question.
Doc. Dan.
the article has been pasted to another Yahoo question "multiple myeloma life expectancy". get it there. Good luck..

not a clue as im still very much alive, so how would i know seriously

I do not believe in life after death.(just my opinion) I do however believe in life before death.

If you liken death to a state of non-existance - like a very deep sleep. There is no pain, no sorrow - theses are things that living people feel. The things that made a person unique and special are remembered by God.

If you have faith in the bible's teachings, it speaks of a resurrection in both the old & new testaments when "those that fall asleep in death will be ressurected" back to enjoy life on earth.

I have been saying this for the past 500 years ..YES!!!

I certainly believe so. There is just too may paranormal stories to not believe that there is something beyond. If all the religions in the world are right, then no one is going any place good because you have to be "that" religion and no other. I'm not putting my hope there. Try meditating and asking for reassurance from what ever force you are tapping into. I think you will get your answer from within.

the older we get the more we tend to believe that there is, some kind of insurance policy i guess. personaly i dont think so, but if you want to think there is, then its something to hope for a better life.

Yes there is without doubt life after death. Death is when you leave this earthly life and your body and spirit depart from one another and you move on to an eternal life, free from pain and suffering and are reunited with your loved ones who have gone before.

Do hope this answer will help. God Bless.

I beleive there is life after death, but everyone has different views on that.Some people has testemonies those who have been revived from coma that they are in somewhere different place.

MuslimRose~~RaMaDaN KaReM GuYs:)
yes yes there is , and there is a day for judgement,where god will judge every on for his beliefs , deeds and actions.
whatever happened in your life never lose your faith in god.

yes , there is a life after death , all nations and religions believe that..............but bible told us a sort of life deffer from that nation believe
,yes there is alife called eternal life our body will change to be suitable for this life ,I believe that thereis no marriage there is no eating, drinking and so on , just we pray , gloryGOD
believe it or not
that is the truth,not believe one's ears
not believe one's eye
woud you believe it? just you ask your guestion , that means there is a few faith GOD BLESS YOU

recka H1964
I believe in life after death, I've had dreams of family members who have passed from this life, guiding thru to the next those who are about to pass literally days before they do. (I consider myself to be a rational human being). When my mother was dying the room temperature dropped and I had the sensation of someone behind me wrapping there arms around me (even though I was the only person in the room and sitting near a wall) This happened the night before she died

technical difficulties

of course there's life after death.

and death can bring life also.

Wendy B
yes i truely believe there is

Doris D
i have always belived this to be true. i am still alive though and cant tell you yes or no.

We dont know honey thats our mortality stinking in the worst way possible!

Just before my father died, he was bodily in this world but his spirit was leaving...so many things he saw and said leads me to believe that yes there is life after death and none of us will ever have to be sick or cold or lonely again. Life is a beautiful thing however it gave me a lot of comfort for my father and for us all knowing for sure that there is a place after death.

what is your question about cancer ? yes , i believe there is a heaven and a h*ll , i also believe in angels . i know when my son dies , he will be going to heaven. he will never have to suffer again.....

♥ Bekka ♥
Oh Laura, honey, i read you're previous question, and yes i believe there is life after death, which one you wish to take, thats up to you.
Good luck.

I believe there is life after death. No doubt about it

Yes Laura, there is life after death! Go visit a spiritualist church!

Also. NewAgeStore forums. Ask your question on there!

i believe so

The Bible promises a Resurrection.

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