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Joseph S
I am 15 years of age and I made the mistake to try smoking. I have only smoked exactly 100 cigarettes.?
I know I am stupid for trying but I quit for the past three days and have no cravings. How big a damage have I done with my body. I just want to know and pelase don't give me stupid answers like you will get cancer because I feel bad enough already.

kiss me in the rain (:
you havent done a whole lot of damage... well you have done some damage. you have put tar in your lungs, and you will never breath right again. you may have trouble playing sports and could have a chance of asthma. god will help you through.

toe poe gee gee oh
Some people are more likely to get cancer than other people.. it depends on your general health. genetics and other exposures. Maybe you were exposed to second hand smoke as a baby. Maybe you live next to a busy highway. Maybe your diet is low in antioxidents. You have realized that your health is fragile and to strengthen your resolve ..not to smoke again...you need to be determined to maintain the best health possible for you by practicing good health measures to prevent any further damage.....

just don't do it again you will be fine ,your are very brave to have stopped

In 5 - 7 years it will be as if you never smoked at all - maybe less with your limited exposure.

You can improve on this thru pursuit of atheletic activities. Build up - don't tear down. Your choice. DWEEB!

your probably ok and your young so youll be ok.

you will be fine

Sounds kind of serious. True, their probably is some lung damage, but it's hard to be sure. Go see a doctor. Hope you are successful in quitting!

TyraRay {PRO YFA!}
awh , dont worry ! you wont do that much harm , just
dont do it again , you dont want to get hooked okay !

No, that won't hurt you if you quit right now. I mean, for the next week or so you might not be able to do a lot of exercising without feeling out of breath, but no real overall harm.

♥ 0mig0shh ♥
Well in health we did an experiment to see how much tar you got so basicly you got 100 cottonballs of tar in your lungs

all i can say is GROSS

James R
You HAVE damaged your body a bit. But since you're still young, your body will repair itself. Mostly your lungs are a little damaged. But if you exercise hard, eat right, and stay away from the cigarettes, they should have healed totally within about three years.

And one tiny bit of nagging advice, for your own good :) Don't start again...quit while you're still unaddicted! I'm only a little older, and I smoked for ten years. It was so hard to quit. It cost me so much dough, and my health is not nearly so reparable.

Honestly, I have that same question. Im 14 and I started a few months ago.... I dont know how my answer will be used to your advantage, but I guess I just wanted to say, ur not the only one..

ah i wouldn't be to worrie if i was you just don't keep doing it my sister smokes like 2packs a day Not very healthy.

Itz Murda
You'll be fine, Just don't Do it anymore,Try to actually take vitamins and eat fruit to beable to build your system back up, but if you stop now and don't start back up and do what i said, you'll be just fine..

probably not too bad.
its good that you quit. just don't go back.

but it doesn't really matter now-the damage is done.
just make sure to stay clean. :]

you probably did i really tiny bit of damage...but not much thought because think of people who smoke their whole lives, they go through thousands of cigarettes. just be sure you dont smoke anymore, and you will be fine.

You actually counted how many cigarettes you've smoked?? Oh me!!

You will be fine, just don't smoke anymore

probably you are going to look much older and more effects but its really good that you quit when you did and that you have no cravings . . . that's a great sign!

Pretty bad, but I doubt you'll get cancer if you stay off of it for the rest of your life. Get an x-ray check with your doctor who can give you a more accurate view of your insides.

la cancha
you probable have done damage to your lungs, but if you quit for good your lungs may heal.

ask ur doctor

not much, just stop now,
your body will repair the damage

Shahnaz B
since you stopped and hopefully never will smoke in again
the damage to your body is probably minimal
like some deadend cillia in you air pipe
affected lungs
however it is possible that you have a low chance of getting cancer

Smiler =)
don't worry.....if you quit for good, your body has the ability to repair itself from any damage caused by the smoking....you are young as well so your body is perfectly capable of repairing itself

well done on quitting, keep at it!!

Like a Virgin
u shouldnt have tried but to reduce your effects you're gonn have to wait for 1 year
i read in an article that every year u do without smoking if u were a smoker once reduces your chances of getting cancer

in five years you'd be completely freee of damage but PLEASE DONT RESUME SMOKING

u will be fine! u ddi the right thing of stopping! it prob did hurt u a bit but u should be ok. just dont go back to it! u sound very responsable!

whos that girl
Good job on quiting. Thats great. Chances are because your so young and you havn't smoked so much if theres any damage at all you'll recover from it so I wouldn't worry so much.

Here is a good website to check out: http://www.youngwomenshealth.org/smokeinfo.html

I have a question, why did you count the cigarettes you smoked, and stopped at exactly 100?

You still have a chance to be healthy if you quit now. Don't ever do it again or I'll whip you.

odds are you've done absolutely NO damage. Kudos for quitting.

Dude dont listen to all these other idiots... if its only 100 cigaretted your fine... You just dont have as much endurance as before.....Drink alot of water to flush your system out and your perfectly fine.....Smoking like that wouldnt have made a huge major life changing difference, as long as you dont get addicted. It's good you stopped and its amazing how easily u did it too ^^ Never give in to cravings.

Im 15 now too and I smoked weed and cigarettes almost everyday for about just over a year, i played sports alot too and realized my performance dropped majorly...So i stopped and started to run everyday and play tennis n soccer n now im great... I beat every1 lol XD.... Coulda effected me long term but at the healthy rate im going, im fine..... So dont feel bad about the cigaretted, your fine.. Good luck with everythin :D

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