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Pixxie S
I am 14 and i am a chain smoker any advice on how to cut down?
i have smoked for 2 years started when i got into alot of trouble and i dont want to quit all together i jus wanna slow dwn if dat makes ani sence 2 ya i tried lines and da nhs trust fings dnt ceem 2 wurk doe. any other sugestions dat my mum or dad wudnt find out about wile im duin it as iv hid the fact of smokin frm dem 4 da 2 yers?

Arthur A
Hard ball candy in your mouth sometimes takes away the though of smoking.Also try chewing gum it might help.Another way to cut down is to try and smoke in intervals instead of lighting up as offen as you do.

i know a lot of ppl that smoke that r ur age and dont want to change it. its good that you want to slow down and maybe one day ull relize u should stop all together. im no expert but first u should start keeping track of how much u smoke a day and then every few weeks forcing yourself to smoke one less a day than you did before.

Icy Sweetheart
I honestly didn't understand much of what you said.......
Please work on your grammar.
I think you should tell your parents.. you might get into a lot of trouble but it's worth it, it might just save your life.
If you really want don't want to let them find out....... try nicotine Gum.
Just gradually quit smoking and you will get your life back :]
and wow, I can't believe you started at 12.. that's my age !

i am 14 and i have been through maybe so much more crap than you and maybe i am being cruel but what in the world were you thinking? i never turned to smoking or drinking. i must admit i have done it but i never found it as a solution or done it continuosly because in the end you are not solving your problems you are adding on to them. thats why i practice abstinence meaning i dont smoke or drink and i am not planning on it. instead i try to maintain my 3.2 gpa and get my *** into college.

by some chewing gum anytime you want a cigarette get a stick of gum

Why would you let anything like tobacco control your life? You think you are choosing to smoke, but if you are a chain smoker and cannot cut down . . than tobacco is controlling you. If it is not than you would not have this problem at all. Quit cold turkey. It can be done and than let nothing control your life . . but you.

Are you sure you are a chain smoker? A chain smoker smokes one cigarette after another all day, with no break between cigarettes. You would be smoking at least 3 packs per day, and chainsmoking is impossible to hide, because you do it all the time.
If you are really chainsmoking and want to cut down, spend more time with your parents and take breaks between cigarettes.

dont stop smoking rite away it wont work, u hav to slowy cut down.

set certain amount of days.

also try using cikiten or da patches

cutie1000=cutie always
There aint no stuff that can help you "slow down"You should chew some of that gum that is meant to make you stop smoking.And you got it twisted,you dont need to slow down you DO need to stop smokin all together. Do you not know what ciggerettes have in them and wat they do to your body? I suppose not since you started. But your parents would think that you are chewing BUBBLE gum. oh, here are some links that you need to see:

honestly.. u need to stop. lines.. come on. ure 14. why dont u eat chocolate like normal people. seriously. ure going to find an early grave at this rate. u dont need to SLOW u need to STOP.

Desert Wolf
Well, a guy who is 40 now who started smoking about your age and have been trying to quit for the longest time, I would recommend GIVE IT UP NOW before it gets any worse......

Also, please ditch the text-message mumbo jumbo....You will be glad you did when you get older while searching for a job...

Peace at you...

I used big red gum and those hot fireball candies instead of smoking---the hot fireballs work the best

ill pray for u

Mike V
What happened to spell check?

You ask for advice yet you don't have the courtesy to use even a CLOSE dialect of the English most of us speak.

Cut down - use a patch.

"if dat makes ani sence 2 ya"

No, not at all.

Flower Child
I'm not really sure what you are saying as some of your rant is written in some kind of foreign language.

I think you want to cut down on your smoking. Allow yourself 1 per hour to start, that will at least cut down on the chain smoking part. Then when you can, quit while you are still young.

I'm not sure what the rest of your question says.

Bandmember '08
heres a few sites that can help:





there are thousands of websites you can visit, just yahoo search 'quit smoking'
also, please learn how to spell

The Phantom Lord
Go to the doctor and he/she can prescribe an anti-smoking drug like Chantix. Do not turn to chewing tobacco or other drugs. They can harm you just as much. Also, Pfizer has a website called My Time To Quit. URL: http://www.mytimetoquit.com

first learn to spell, grammer is another thing but learn to spell.then count how many you have on an average day (over maybe a week count how many per day then average it out) then take that number and try to have one less for 1 week then keep doing it till you quit, maybe 2 or 3 less as time goes on maybe even more than 2 or 3 doing it gradually is the way to get off easy

I doubt since you can barely string a sentence together you have successfully hidden it from your parents, they probably just pretend they don't know. The best way to cut down is STOP BUYING CIGARETTES. Or, tell us where you buy them and we can send the police round to the shop to fine the shopkeeper for not checking age ID properly.

If you don't want to die (and no, I'm not kidding) stop cold turkey. Otherwise, it's your funeral.

Clare TTC#3
i am sorry, but your age you will be dead by 40 if you carry on, i dont want to sound funny, but i am an ex smoker, i am 29 just came out of hospital, i have tonsalitus, need to have them out in an op, due to smokeing, also it ages your face, kills your heart and waists money,also can stop you from having babies.or causes misscarage.
just quit, go cold turkey, eat gum, it will save your life.
so live your life

Sexy McGee
Stop giving money to your supplier.

All i can say is that i hope your ashamed of yourself

I smell bull poop. You can't chain smoke at 14 without your parents finding out.

1. They would see you or notice their cigs gone.

2. They would smell it on you

2. Who the heck would pump you full of cigs?

ctsq o
man, kids are stupid these days

britt :)
youre 14 what are you doing smoking!!!!!

Wow, quit before your grammar/spelling gets worse.

I can barely understand the question.Good Luck

Lil Man 187
Dude ur 14 just put it down u numb-nuts!!

Okay 1. If you are going to post a question on hear don't use text talk. Spell out your words and use correct grammar so people trying to answer your question can actually understand.
2. This is like all the other answers you don't want but this one is coming to you from someone you age: Instead of just trying to "slow down" STOP completely. I am 14 too and smoking is the last thing you should be thinking about right now. Smoking is not something to be involved with now or ever just hold off on smoking at least till you can legally buy it. If you can do that you can probably stop completely.

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