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so is this true?...

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Will I have CHEMOBRAIN???...

 Are you afraid of getting cancer?
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Do you fear getting cancer and the long battle and ...

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 What could a small knot or lump on the lower right side(middle) of my neck be?
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 What kind of gift to get someone with Breast Cancer?
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 If I eat a chicken with cancer is it possilble to catch cancer from eating it?

 Can you get cancer from being on the computer too much?
someone posted something about people getting cancer when you are on the computer too much? and if this is true then why doesn't Bill Gates or people that do this for a living get it?

 Could this be lung cancer. coughing worse.worse at night,little pains in chest some wheezing and sneezing?

Additional Details
by the way im 19 years of ...

I'm 14 and I think I may have/be at risk for colon cancer??
Well my dad's dad died of Colon Cancer in March. He had a tumor the size of a soccer ball. MY dad probably has it because he's always constipated and he bleeds while on the toilet. Maybe too much information, but I poop once a week. My dad and I are taking fiber pills to see if that works. Any suggestions? Comments? Is there a chance I have colon cancer too? Like as of now or in a few years?
Additional Details
My dad got his hemroids removed about 2 years ago...

Disney G
SEE A DOCTOR! you might have cancer i am sorry about your dad i hope hes in heaven

there is always a possibility. Cancer seems to have a genetic link, meaning if your parents have it you are more likely to get it, but then again you may be in the clear.
If your worried about it, get a yearly checkup with your doctor.

guys are wayyy more likely for colon cancer than females. your dad should be getting colonscopies done every 6 months, or a year if doctor doesn't see any polyps. his chance increases with age. You shouldn't be concerned for quite some time until your older. the doctor can tell you when you should start going to for colonoscopies

Red blood usually origins from last part of colon. If something is deeper located blood is usually darker.

I think you have constipation problem, go to doc, or visit this site for more info on colon cancer

visit here maybe it found:

Colon cancer occurs in almost the same numbers in men versus women. It is rare in children (3 in 15 million), but they're not immune to it! Since you have a high risk because of your family history and obviously have another factor (constipation), you need to watch for bleeding and other symptoms (thin stool, blood, weight loss, pain, nauseau).

Children with colon cancer are also diagnosed much later than adults (and younger people have worse outcomes with all cancers!), get checked regularly. Inform yourself as much as possible and stay on top of it!

Soon, there will be a newer and less invasive method to check the colon (virtual colonoscopy) and once the insurances comply to pay these screenings, it should be 'history' in less than a few generations (hopefully!).

colon cancer is usually a disease in old ppl, let your mom know of your concerns and her or a doctor can explain some things to look for

Tony H
U might have it but females usually inherit most traits from their mother.Go see a doctor, if u do have it don't give in to it, fight it. Live your life.....

I don't know your chances but if you are only eliminating once a week, you need to go to the doctor.

Jimi F
You are too young to have colon cancer. Drink more water, eat more veges and whole grains and stay away from fast foods. Your health should improve.

soo bored
Bleeding on the toilet could just be hemerrroids, unless it's in the stool. It might be your diet that makes you poop once a week, like red meat is hard to digest, things like that. My sister in law had that problem, the doctor told her to watch what she eats and keep a journal. Go talk to a doctor.

Cara M
I think it's very unlikely you have cancer at 14. I was convinced at your age that I had breast cancer until it just consumed my all my thoughts. My mother finally took me to the doctor because of my worries. He examined me and assured me I didn't, and told me my fears were probably because I had become aware of it. Bleeding in the toilet can be caused by hemorroids or hard bowel movements. Your dad probably should be checked out. Try eating more fiber rich foods, fruits and vegetables and high fiber cereal. If you are really worried, see a doctor and talk about your worries.

I have had two colon surgies and it is so important that you are aware of what is going on with your body. Constipation can cause major problems with your colon. There are foods that will help and you might have IBS which would cause you to be constipated. Talk to your doctor because there are some great meds that help naturally with contipation because fiber does not always work for everyone. Keep in touch with your doctor and let him know what is going on with you and stay on top of it. You are very smart to be concerned about colon cancer--and you are only 14.

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