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Help me i think i'm dying.?
ok so starting about a year ago i strated getting headaches all the time it stoppd for about 6 months and then it started agaian but along with the headaches i got extremely dizzy, i started to have speech problems and i did'nt feel as smart as i was before in the last couple months i have extreme problems sleeping my vision fades like one day i'll need glasses and the next day i don't , my skin on my face and hands is starting to peel off for no reason, and all my joints are dislocating , i went to my doctor and he told me i was crazy and sent me all over the place to all kinds of specialists and they are puzzled please help by the way i'm only 16.
Additional Details
no i'm not on drugs

it does ot sound like cancer. but i would start asking questions and ask the parents also they probably know and you should talk to them beause you are thinkin g of the worst and it maybe not quite as bad as you think and that can put extra stress on you where its not needed it could be nerves also check itout.

uuhhm, did your doctor do any tests on you?

go to a different doctor. omg you need treatment. your not dying but it maybe an allergy and you don't know. I had allergies with lotions and foods and also get extreme headaches. Take Excedrin Migraine for your headaches. You might want to find out if your skin peeling is not sun burn or stress.

You may have a disease. Go to the doctors!!

Sorry to hear that.

wow i feel really bad for you.

Please dont take this the wrong way but maybe you should see a psych doctor. Sometimes when someone worries too much about something whether it be physical or something emotionally traumatic it will snowball your health. Have you ever heard of a psychological pregnancy? Its the same concept. Your mind convinces your body to react a certain way because of your intense worry about your health.

I do not have my medical degree yet (im working on it) BUT if i had to guess i would say it sounds like a vascular problem to me, that would make sense due to your headache, blurred vision, dizziness and skin problems, go see another PCP and get a second opinion.

LoV3 WaSnT lOv3 tIlL i MeT u
well tell someone like your mom or go to a different doctor that doctor u went to has no prove ur crazy! maybe its just that u r thinking to much about it relax i noe u might say how could this person tell me to relax when i think im dying... seriously go to a doctor even though they say ur crazy keep on going until they tell u something reasonable

good luk
hope its not bad

You need to get a second opinion I don't think any one here can help you. make an appointment at the Mayo Clinic. Good luck.

lolz im 13 and i got the same stuff exept the joints and the face but other than that were the same :) good luck

Have you had any blood test taken. There is something (I dont remember what its called) but it reduces the oxygen to the brain and can cause some really wierd stuff to happen. To treat it you simply have to have some type of shots (I think b12) every once in a while.

♥Cali4nia Gal♥
Keep going to different doctors until someone intelligent enough finds what's the matter. Dont give up.

wow that sounds bad! go to the doctor and get help!
dont let it get worse!

i think you have MS [multiple sclerosis] sadly my dad has it
the progressive one. thats the worst one. but hopefully you dont have it.
you need to go to the doctor to get referred to a neurologist, and get an MRI of your brain.

go to the doctor

you need to see a doc. right away!!!! i dont think you are dying my know means.. tell someone you trust and go see a doc!!!! i have been getting headaches latley cause when the seasons chaneg my head kills!!!!!! best of luck.........=]

You should see a neurologist immediately to make sure you don't have a brain tumor. I have a friend whose 16 year-old son had a sore jaw and doctors said he had a wisdom tooth causing it and the pain would go away. The lymph gland in his neck was swollen and they said it was caused from the wisdom tooth. Five months later he started having symptoms that you describe except his skin wasn't peeling and his joints were fine. He had cat-scans and they discovered a tumor behind his right eye that was the size of a lemon. He had non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and had been misdiagnosed as having a wisdom tooth. He went through all the chemotherapy and crap and, miraculously, has now fully recovered.

A credible doctor won't tell a person they are crazy, ever. He can be reported for that. My brother was told that he was crazy also and sent from doctor to doctor. He had latent effects of a brain injury he received years before, that were exacerbated when doctors gave him overdoses of antibiotics for viral pneumonia. He was allergic to the antibiotics and it did permanent damage to every system in his body. He is now in Heaven. Most people don't complain unless there is something physically wrong with them. Your parents need to step up and have a serious talk with your doctor and get whatever type of help you need.

You are being sent to Specialist in order to find out what is causing you problems. It is difficult for you to have patience when you are having all kinds of symptoms, that are frightening to you. Where are your Parents, or family? You need their support now , and their help
You are not crazy, you are frightened by the symptoms. Are you on any Medicines? Get in touch with your Mom and Dad they should be going with you to the Doctors, that will help, more then any help you can get here.

wow that's really creepy....im sorry that's a really scary situation i really dont no what any of those signs mean but i hope you get better

wow . umm . maybe a brain hemorrhage or a brain tumor ?

Ghost Mutt
Go to a different doctor, get a second opinion. If they did blood tests or biopsies and they came back negative then you should have them done again. Another possibility is that you may be depressed, it can alter your sense of reality so that you feel like you cant think as clear or well as you used to be able to. Your skin may be peeling simply because it needs moisturiser, so try that. Your joints dislocating is certainly puzzling, go and see a bone doctor for that, like callie from Grey's Anatomy, I forgot what they are called

Holy **** dude....

Thats pretty messed but docs have a habit of saying that when something is truly wrong. I mean after all they are paid to keep you in the system, not make you better right?

My remedy search your problems on the internet... find the natural/common remedies and work on it your self.

Meanwhile you should continue searching with the doctors to find out if there is anything they have yet to find.

Cheers dude, and good luck.

Cancer probably. Go to a doctor, please. Maybe they can help you. good luck

~Linda~ <3 BMX FTW!<3
You're only 16. You're pretty young for the chances of a serious disease. If it stopped for 6 months, I honestly don't think it's cancer or something really bad. Trust me, this disease goes on everyday. The symptons won't just stop and than come back.

If you're a very active person, that might make up the reason for your joints locating. If your outside a lot, that's probably why. And since your only 16, you're still growing. You're not near fully grown yet. And the thing about you not being smart is all in your head. That's something I've never herd before.

Just stay strong. You'll be okay.

(by the way, since this happened more than a year ago, if it was cancer it would've spread and killed you already, but you're not dead, so it's not cancer!)

ask a doctor for every test that they have. They'll probably find whats wrong. Or go to the best specialist and see if they can find out whats wrong

you have sturge-weber syndrome and im about 95% sure.

SW syndrome causes glaucoma (explains ur vision problems), slight mental retardation (explains ur speech problems), angioma (explains ur skin peeling), and severe joint pain.

some symptoms that u may come across later are muscle fatigue and swelling of ur eyeballs.

I hope i could help

Wierd...your body seems to be deteriorating

are you doing drugs?
seriously, that could be it

oh my gosh. sorry to hear this! dont know what to do... cant believe the doctor said that and he should be fired! go to a different doctor!!!!!!

just wonderin
relax, after you are born, eveyone is dying!!!!!

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