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Help me PLEASE!! do i have cancer.?
I am so nervous i think i have throat/tongue cancer, my throat has been a little soar, my nose is a little congested and every time i brush the back of my tongue and spit there is blood in it, could it be something else like a cold, i looked up throat cancer symptoms and nasal congestion, sore throat, and bleeding are some possible symptoms, btw i am only 17 yrs old, never smoked or drank

well if you brush your teeth and there's blood then you could be brushing too hard or you could use a softer toothbrush OR you have plaque in your mouth which can be treated with extra brushing with special toothpaste and a trip to your dentist. for your sore throat you could have a cold but if the pain is really bad you tonsils could be inflamed so you should go to the doctor and get checked out. If you have any sort of tonsillitis then the doctor will have them removed. it's not that bad having them removed. I had them done myself. And by the way, if you never smoked or anything, it's a very small chance you have cancer. Even if you only smoked once that wouldn't be enough to to give you cancer. Don't sweat it to much. Just do what I say and you should be alright. Besides, you're only 17.

The Godfather
Go to a Doctor. Its very unlikely that you have cancer. But it's a smart thing to do, to go see a doc.

it's highly unlikely you have cancer, but no good that there's blood in your spit...you may have some sort of infection.

That's the problems with people reading the internet for symptoms of diseases/illnesses - it's always best to see your doctor, in person, first.

Hope it's not serious and you get well soon

Nunaya Bidnit
I can say with a high degree of certainty based on this information, that you don't have throat cancer. go to the doctor at your next earliest convenience.

Don't freak out..you probably just have post-nasal drip. I had it, and my throat was so sore, I could hardly even swallow at times...and my nose is always stuffed. You need to visit an Ear Nose and Throat doctor (ENT). The blood that you see may be because you're brushing your tongue too hard.

I think you just have an infection in there. Listerine kills germs and makes a great gargle solution, and so does salt water.

Wow. Calm down. You have the beginnings of a cold, the flu, or you have allergies.

its probally just an minor infection of some sort, see a doctor if your really worried. in the future STOP DIAGNOSING YOURSELF ONLINE your not a medical proffesional

Im no doctor, but that sounds like it could be serious. I think you defiantely need to go to the doctor! No one on here can tell you as they arent with you in person, good luck!! x

Yahoo Answers should not be used as a substitution for a medical professional.

A sentence of words...not enough to say you are dying of cancer. At 17, you probably have strep or some kind of infection...like everyone lately. See a freekin doctor.

Lisa A
Relax go to the doctor.. no one can diagnose you on the computer. It is okay to be self aware but relax also. probably have bronchitis or something along those lines. It should be fine, but do go to the doc and get checked to ease your mind.

I most likely is allergies but blood is nothing to sneeze at. Call your doctor. If it is allergies there are wonderful medications and remedies out there. We here on this site are not doctors and only an MD can correctly diagnose and treat you. Do not try unproven home remedies. They can be dangerous. Good luck

Go to the doctor. No one can diagnose cancer over the internet.

Skip _ MTS
Contact your local doctor.

If you are in Canada, it's free, just go to a walk-in clinic.

Elsewhere, I don't know.

quick! get some Vitamin D!go in the sun and take Vitamin D pills or whatever.i just saw today that Vitamin D can prevent and reduce cancer by 50%!

The only person who can really determine this is your doctor/pediatrician. If you have never smoked, it is not likely that it is throat cancer, it could be a virus or another disease/illness. Go immediately to your doctor if the symptoms get worse. Hope you get well.

Look kid, If you think you might have cancer, You dont need to be on Yahoo asking for help. We are not Dr. and even if we where. we are not there too examine you.
Get your mom or Dad to take you to the ER or somthing and get a Dr too look at you

Never know, go to the doctor. You have nothing to hide you neither smoke nor drink, so go to the doctor, don't trust us. We are only Anonymous on the internet.

tharedhead ((debajo del ombĂş))
we can't make this determination. go to a doctor. they can help determine whether you need a biopsy and need to see an oncologist.

best wishes.

you probably dont have it. cancer is so rare for people your age. its more likely just strep throat or a really bad cold or something. But it would probably be a good idea to see your doctor just in case.

Your Face
you might have positive TB. see a doctor and get a skin test. If so, then you'll be on med for a lil while.

carl j
the best thang for u to do is to go to the doctor and go from their

welll you can have some kind of strep trought thts irritaded you never noe i would tlk to yer parents aobut it and maybe they can take you to the dr. to find out

then no you dont.it might be a cold sore in the back of your throat.
these are the symptoms.=Trouble breathing
Difficulty speaking
Pain in the ears and frequent headaches
Blocked sinuses that will not clear
Bleeding through the nose
Pain in the upper teeth
Swelling in the eyes
Chronic sinus infections that do not go away when treated with antibiotics.
you dont have any of those.you probly have non=chronic bronchitis.i have that too.and it goes away.

This is a classic example of ' A Little Knowledge Is A dangerous Thing'!
The chances of you having cancer is very very doubtful.
Stop reading med books, relax, if you are still worried go see a doctor, most of us here are not qualifed to answer such questions

go to the doctor.
or a free clinic.
when it comes to your mouth/throat, don't let it go unchecked.

Live life with a sense of humor.
you've got a cold...

you probably dont have cancer.

but if ur that worried, go see your doctor.

You probably just have a cold and you're just brushing your tongue too vigorously...relax!!

You have a cold.

A sore throat that doesn't go away. not a throat that's been a little sore, would be a POSSIBLE symptom.

'Throat cancer' is not a precise medical term, and doctors generally don't use it. Many different types of cancer can develop in the throat.

Read these links for proper information on throat and tongue cancers


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