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Help!!! I need anwers!!?
I'm 14 yrs old and i worry about getting different kinds of cancer! I dont know how you know when you got cancer? and what cancer feels like. I need help because i worry about it nonstop and it is making me feel really stressed!! i have had a red blood count but i am still worrying about getting tumors in my head! I have a weird shaped head is what everyone says they also say its all in my head about me havin cancer! does anyone know what cancer feels like or can anyone help me out because it is really scaring me. I get these pains all the time and it is making things worse! i have constant headaches and i am just a worrier!! i dont know what to do!!! HELP!1

you need to stop thinking about cancer and think instead about your obvious OCD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. You need to see a psychiatrist for treatment, and soon.

You poor thing. Where and when did you learn about cancer? Okay, you are not going to get cancer just yet. Most people don't get it until they are much older than you . At first you don't feel it, not until the end, OK? You are probably giving yourself headaches by worrying so much. So calm down. Worry about homework and boys and what outfit to wear tomorrow. If you look at statistics, I am sure that 14 year old girls don't get that much cancer of the head either... And I don't think the shape of the head has that much to do with the likliness of getting cancer. Don't worry. You are young and healthy.

do u need a hug???
ill give u one
i feel bad for you
wen i feel bad for sumone, i give them hugs
so do u need one????
reply in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BOOM!!
jk haha
ok, well
maybe ppl r makin fun of u and don worry bout cancer, the nxt doctor visit u can figure out if u have cancer or a tumor
don worry, u'll be okay!

Did you know stress can cause cancer? You need not to worry about it, get regular check ups by your doctor. Eat foods that is a high in antioxidants, take care of yourself and quit STRESSING OUT!

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to become thoroughly educated about cancer. Find books and check online. Read as much as you can about it. The symptoms that you describe do not sound like cancer. My son is just a few years older than you are and he had NO outward symptoms. He was uncomfortable, but felt no pain. He is still pretty much asymptomatic. The only time you would know he has cancer is when he is on chemotherapy.

As for your situation right now. You should talk to your parents about any specific concerns. If they don't want to listen to you, than go to the school nurse. You need someone who will listen to you and talk this out with you. The most important thing to do though is make sure that you do not have any suspicious lumps or bumps anywhere. Have a complete physical to make sure that you are healthy. Than once that is established you may need to talk further with an adult to find out why you have such unnecessary fear.

Be strong. Face your fear.

Good luck.

No need to worry, get more information from the internet. e.g. webmd.com, medlineplus.com Educate yourself! If you have cancer you will know, you will get sick, thin, sometimes some bumps extrude the skin and sometimes non stop bleeding. Blood work will show VERY high white blood cell count. Check with your GP whenever you feel unwell because some of the cancer cell will hide well inside body. Should get yearly body check if concern too much. Live happy, eat well, sleep enough and RELAX!!!!

You need to talk to your parents about seeing a doctor.....a psychologist.
All this worrying is just stressing you out and it will eventually make you physically ill. You need to discuss your problems with a professional so that you can get the help you need.

Dude, you need to calm down. You get headaches due to your worrying, not cancer. Too much worrying can help to lower your immune system and that is why you kind of feel sick. You need to enjoy being 14 and stop with the worrying. You need to go and speak to a professional for some help with your problem. They have exercises to help ease your pains. Trust me, go now.

Actually, it sounds like you should see a psychologist and get medication for anxiety. You have an anxiety disorder. Medication will help you stay calm and not worry so much about things you have no control over.

#1 you can't get cancer like a cold or flu. #2 try talking to your parents about your concerns. #3 at this point in your life there are better things to do than worry about the what "if's". Try enjoying your youth a little more. Like being with your friends/family, school, just having fun in life. However if this is something that you are obsessing about you may need professional help. Talk to someone you trust (an adult) about your concerns. And just for the record the shape of your head in no way determines weather or not you will get cancer. Try not to worry. Good Luck!!!! Oh yeah don't smoke cigarettes, or anything else for that matter

Your pain is coming from stress! You can create actual problems from stressing to much. So stop worrying about things you can't control and use that energy to solve problems in your life you can control. If you just can't let your fear of getting cancer go, your best defense is avoiding things that cause cancer like smoking, to much sun exposure, unhealthy junk foods etc. Try getting alot of antioxidants in your diet like grape seeds, blueberries, cranberries, and take vitamins. Get enough sleep and take time to relax.

Seems like you are very afraid to have cancer, and maybe the pain that you experience is just a product of your mind. You could be a hypochondriac: someone who imagines all kinds of diseases. But, if you are really afraid, go to your doctor and explain your fears and physical complaints,and he/she might be able to reassure you. Don't worry too much...don't let fear take over your life, you are still young and try to see life from a more positive side.

I had the SAME problem when I was about 13. Headaches and everything! And...it probably is in your head. The most common cause of headaches is poor vision, aka you need glasses. If you had cancer you would have blurry vision, pass out for no reason, have trouble with balance, and spit up blood. If you don't have any of these problems, try not to worry! If the docs said that you are ok, you probably are. When I had this anxiety I went into the hospital and actually had an MRI done...nothing. Try not to worry, and talk about your fears with other people - that can help. Good luck.

P.S. My doc told me that it's normal to worry at this age - not an anxiety disorder or anything. Jeesh, you guys are going to GIVE this kid a complex!

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