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Sarah W
Have you or anyone u known had cancer?
hey... recently a family member has been told they have 6 months to live as she has jst discovered she has cancer in her stomach and its spread to the liver... the doctor says she has 6 months to live or can take chemo and extend that to up to a year and a half,,,
wen the doctor says this is there really nothing more u can do? is there not specialists in the world u can find and have something done once and for all... money is no issue... need a little more help and advise... wat if we were to find someone trhat specialists in stomach cancer do u think we could change anything?

acupressure, tissue salt remedies, homoeopathy, herbal remedies may save her and u may kindly visit www.saioam.com fordetailed evaluation by experts in alternative medicine with treatment options.. in the mean while, she may try


IT IS A VEGETABLE NON-POISONOUS PLANT EXTRACT obtained from the forests of Johannesburg, South Africa. After 10 years research, it is found to be effective for the treatment of cancer, tumours, HIV and AIDS. It is found to be immune booster.

To be taken sublingual -- dosage – 10 drops t.d.s. not to eat anything 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after medication. However, water can be taken.


Yes I do. My friend's son was 14 and wasn't well so they took him to the Doctor who gave him some pills and this went on for a while until they took him somewhere else. They scanned him and found he had cancer of the femur head. They removed his leg and by then it was too late - it had spead to his lungs. He died about 2 years later when a tumour on his oxygen pipe burst and he drowned in his own blood. Very sad. I still think about him a lot. My friends live in Italy and he spent the last 2 years in NYC so there isn't much anyone can do once it spreads. I guess just be there for the person as much as you can.

It is sad but if this is the prognosis it is worse then having an accident. Pray, be there with unconditional love and if you want her to go on a healing list then contact me www.healers2006.co.uk

I have/had cancer.

No one can understand what you are going through right now, but I can tell you that I remember what it was like when I was at the time and the stage of knowing that you say you are in right now.

What I want to tell you is that people make a decision about how they are going to handle their health issues, one way or another.

Some people turn in faith to their doctor and trust the doctor to make the best choice available. For them, this is the best choice.

Some people get in there do research and make their own decisions. For them, this is the best choice.

Some people become completely overwhelmed and they turn to a trusted person and ask that they make the decisions. For them, this is the best choice.

The important thing I can tell you is that it is the person's attitude that they control. It is vitally important that a person with a life-threatening disease such as cancer find a way to have control in their life, because their body is completely out of their control.

I finally learned to say to myself, "If the bad news comes, I'm dead, and I will have nothing to worry about. and if it's good news, there was never anything to worry about in the first place."

★ ☆ ★ ☆..STAR..☆ ★ ☆ ★™
My Grandad had bowl cancer, but died from that super-bug in hospital.

Hi Sarah. I have leukemia. 8 1/2 years ago - they told me I had one to three years to live. I know it is terminal - but I have many reasons to keep on living and loving. I take chemo every day and I try my best to take good care. Frame of mind is so important. I have people that I love that love me. So I try my best. Doctor's don't know everything, and they always tell you the worst case. I don't know what area you live in to try to recommend anyone. You can call the American Cancer Society and they can direct you. Good luck to your family member, and to you. Take care.

Barbie V
my 1st husband died in July of this year with stomach cancer - he also was given 6 months and refused chemo - he did die peacefully with wonderful care from macmillan nurses - just be there for this family member and my prayers go with you

Yes, 3 uncles, 1 aunt, 2 grandmothers and my Mother.
What is it with all the TDs on this Q?.No one has given a bad A, simply shared personal experience. How shallow can a human be, especially on such an emotive subject?
Forget the money, once cancer symptoms are physically discernible to the individual, inasmuch as they seek medical advice, it is already too late.
My advice is, that when cancer is caught in it's very early stages, (which is quite rare in adults) it can be treated effectively, however most cases of adult cancer present as "secondary" symptoms. The underlying cause is usually overlooked whilst the presenting symptoms are treated. Ergo, by the time the disease has been effectively diagnosed treatment is at best too late.
Can you change anything?
The sad answer my friend is no, having been there etc, all I can say is that your family member will appreciate your honesty, do not bs them with platitudes, do not play the " when you are better" rubbish, be as open and honest as they really want to be with you. Accept that life is finite, talk to them, tell them how much they mean to you, how much they have contributed to your life. How loved and valued they are, then let them go. Life can be snubbed out in an instant, the only saving grace of this disease is that it gives one time to make ones peace, take full advantage of it.
Life, like death, is an unknown adventure that must be taken alone, but we keep our memories.
xx. .

My wife died two years ago from small bowel cancer from untreated Crohn's Disease. The cancer was agressive but responded well to chemotherapy. As soon as she stopped it came back all the quicker. After two courses of treatment and some shocking surgery and blows to her dignity she died from a bad chest infection which was a mercy.

It is not always the kindest thing to prolong life to the bitter end. Once it has spread to the liver it is a poor prognosis. Sorry, but all the experts in the world may not be able to do anything. I am not an expert but stomach cancer has a poor outcome anyway. I feel for you. Good luck

my step -mom had cancer( can't remeber where) about 4 yrs ago and sh e under went a lot of chemo and was in a lot of pain for a long time. well luckily ( and by the grace of God) she survived and is now living a happy healthy cancer free life.

My mother had stomach cancer and by the time she was diagnosed she was in Stage 4, which means that the tumor was in other organs and it had spread to a few lymph nodes. By the time she was diagnosed the disease was too far gone. She had major surgery to remove the tumor and most of her stomach, her gall bladder and part of her intestines, along with the lymph nodes. She did chemo and started radiation but her liver gave out. Stomach cancer is not very common and very hard to treat. Nobody told my mother how long she had to live but she did live 9 months, the last 2 were in the hospital. It was a very sad way to live and she was in horrible pain. I am telling you this, not to upset you but to help you better understand. I wish you and your family the best!

space monkey
I am very sorry to hear this. I lost my mother, and and Aunt to cancer.

I have a very very close YOUNG 26 year old man who is dying from metastasized colon cancer right now. They found cancer tumors all over his system- in his lungs, and on his organs. They tried some new chemotherapy that was pretty experimental for now- and it slowed down the growth of the tumors, but not really shrunk them away.

It IS VERY HARD to go thru this with someone. You just do not know what to say.

In my case, all of us are Christians, and we would comfort one another with reading the bible and saying how we will meet again.

Just be with them- a lot.

When the docs say there isn't anything they can do- I myself would try any alternative meds. They can't hurt.

I don't have much help. I am sorry you are going thru this now.

I'm sorry ot hear this. A family member of mine just died with the same condition, and was told the same thing.

She was only 50, and diagnosed with stomach cancer- they told her she only had 6 months to live, or could live up to 2 years if chemo worked out- it ends out chem didn't work out, and she died last week- three days before the day that she was diagnosed six months ago.

We took her to many different cancer/oncology specialists, but in the end, they all said the same thing- and its true, it moves on really quickly. Start saving up for funeral costs/arrangements, and start doing whatever the patient wishes to do. I can honestly say that cancer is one of the fastest death's you'll ever see through a sickness

I only wish you the best of luck, and MIRACLES do happen.

last year i was diagnosed with base tongue cancer.i was given chemotherapy and 35 sessions of radiotherapy i am now in remission.good luck to your friend.


Ask for referral to specialist. If money is no object ask for several opinions, after all she can't take the money with her!.

If they all give you the same type of answer you have a pretty good idea there is only one course of action.

It depends just how widespread and the type of cancer. Some are Gentle, some are vicious and uncurable.

Keep battling and don't give up. Yuo can quickly become an expert and understand the problems and possible cures. This can lead you to new specialists who may be even more specialist.

there is a possible way (doctors can usually go in and cut out the cancer)....the thing is that it has already spread so there is no telling where it all is located in the body.....and you cant go in and cut out bits and pieces here and there.....

i feel for you though....my dad was diagnosed with leukemia this june....its hard and all you want to do is just make it go away....sometimes you cant though....and that bites....

im sorry...i hope you get the help your lookin for! :)

if they told her she has 6 months that actually means she wont make it to thanksgiving I'm sorry for that but they said that about my brother-n-law and he lasted for a month in 1/2 so the best thing you can do for your friend is make her comfortable and ask her what is the one thing she would like to do and it hold her hand she will be mad,sad and just lost you could pull her together and hold her there are ways to make her comfortable find them out and it .
my prayers are with you

Angela M
My aunt had breast cancer and did not do anything about it as she was frightened. When she eventually was too ill to manage on her own, the medical buffs offered her some treatment. She declined and within a few weeks, she was gone. In a way, I agree with her decision, why should she endure many months of treatment which would only have given her an extra few months?? It was up to her to see out her life as she wished, not to try and please everybody around her. It was explained to her that even the best treatment available would not guarantee any results.She opted for the natural course of things and seemed happy with her decision. I'm sorry that I have no knowledge of stomach cancer, but you should realise that the main person to make any decision is the one with the cancer. If they do not want to go through the months/years of treatment, then you should respect that. Hope I have not put you in a negative frame of mind, I'm only going on my personal experience...

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