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Heidi P
Females only, please (pretty darn embarrassing)?
In my typical paranoid fashion, I've been doing a few checks of my -chest area- every couple weeks. I've noticed a solid area in both breasts, and since I'm getting pretty concerned, I've checked them a lot. The solid... area... spans both breasts in something of a circle in each with nothing in the centre of the breasts themselves. There seems to be a little more of it in my left. I've checked around everywhere near my chest area and there's nothing else unusual. Feeling this "mass" is not painful, and I can literally push down on it without pain. Apart from this, there's nothing particularly wrong with me, but I'm seriously scared it is exactly what I think it might be - cancer. I'm not even 14 yet, so there may well be a lower likelihood of this being cancer, but... y'know. I'm just really concerned. Am I just being paranoid now, too, or is there a real risk of the worst? Serious answers, please, it's embarrassing enough to ask. ><;

Go get it checked! ASAP! seriously. you wont regret it. Before its too late, get it checked out. It prob is nothing. just be sure. and check it

Dont worry, your right it is very unusual. I know it is really akward but tell your mom, she can take you to the doctor. That is definetaly your best bet. Please, go to the doctor.

How are you examining yourself? If your standing up than you are doing it wrong, it is best to lay flat on your back raise your arm (whichever breat you check first) over your head and check for lumps. Do you know if there is a history of breast cancer in your family, if not I wouldnt worry. If when you check properly you feel the lump still, talk with your mother and tell her your concerns.. Best of Luck to You!

If it is the same in both breasts the likelihood that it is cancer is 0. As your breasts develop there is a lump that expands to fill them out - it is completely normal. But if you are worried see a Doctor anyway. But I don't think you have cancer so please relax, take a few deep breaths and if you are worried don't be embarrassed to tell a doc.

this isn't embarrassing.
you think it is but it isn't.
i'm telling you. your nototototo.
just tell a friend, call the docter, feed the dog..
walk the baby.. you name it.

ask your parents first, before asking anyone here. They will be the ones that can help you how embarassing or not, don't rely on information from here. If not them someone else you can trust that is an adult, maybe the nurse at school.

The best thing to do would be to talk to you mom. She can check you and the two of you can go from there. If it is serious its best to get it taken care of sooner rather than later.

~ Far From Perfect ~
im glad i found ur question cuz i was wondering the same thing lol =p

JC's girl
HEy Girlie,

It's just growth

!My Youtube: 'TheOneTheOnlyE
I had that same kinda problem when I was like 12??...and it was gone within the next year...and I'm 14 now...and so yea..it should just go away...I was really scared too?? But i think its nothing..so don't worry!! :)

Ummm... I don't really know what that is either... I mean, I'm pretty much your age, a little older though, and that happened to me like 2 years ago. I didn't know what it was and it just went away eventually. I think it's just a natural thing...

No more then likely it's not cancer because your way to young for that but my guess since your starting to devolop and go through puberty and stuff it's just that

Don't worry too much about it. It may just be your breasts growing since you are still young. Cancer tumors are not perfectly round and will keep growing. If the lumps are mishaped or grow abnormally large or fast you should probably check it out with a doctor. I am young too and have worried about that. But when you have your annual check-ups the doctor will check to see if everything is all right. I reccomend maybe checking out some websites on cancer too if you are still not sure.

That's normal when growing. Tissue.

Look up fibrocystic breasts. Its common to have lumps during hormonal changes like your monthly cycle. I wouldn't freak out about it too much but if it progressively gets worse, go see a doctor-its nothing to be embarrassed about. :)

Thats nothing to be embarrassed about, but it is a serious concern...You really should talk to your mom and make an appointment with a Dr.

Around the time i get my cycle, my breasts always get tender and few abnormalities show up. But it turns out they are normal. MAYBE its the same for you?

It's not likely you have cancer. Your growing and this seems to be a result of that. For your own peace of mind, get it checked out. You will feel much better and your too young to have such a burdening question on your shoulders.

well it is really hard to tell every ones "chest area" as you called it developes differently. When it comes to something as serious as cancer and you are really concerned the best advice i or anyone can tell you is to tell your mum and maybe go see a doctor. I'm sure that's what most people will say but if your really that concerned you should get it checked out at least when you do you can stop worrying. lets hope for the best and think positive getting it checked out isn't going to making it any worse so its worth a try!!
i hope iv helped!!

♥Mystery♥ ♥Girℓ♥
Don't be embarrassed honey, this is a serious thing there for not embarrassing. Get an appointment with your doctor through your mother, tell her about this not us. Good luck!

I too had this scare when I was around 16.

What it turned out to be for me, was that I had very large milk ducks. Basically my Dr. told me that when I was ready to have kids, that I was going to be able to produce enough milk to feed all the kids on the block. And he was right!

However, just to be safe - you should talk to your Mom or guardian about maybe taking you in for an exam. It's always best to be safe than sorry when it comes to your health.

katy k
Every woman has glands under the nipples that create milk. They are definately noticable when performing exams, but they are supposed to be there. Why are you so scared about finding something at such a young age? I think that paranoia and OCD would be more to worry about than cancer....

I doubt you have cancer because you're so young. If you're really worried talk to your mom and see what she says.

You're still very young and probably still developing. I'm not an expert, so I can't really tell you what it is. Talk to a woman in your family and have them check it for you. If you're still very worried, have them schedule a doctor appointment for you and have them look at it. Good luck.

Have you progressed through puberty already? What I am asking is do you already have breasts? You think it might be possible that these are "breast buds"? Breast buds is much like it sounds, the beginning of the formation of mammary tissue. At age 13 this is what my professional opinion of what these "solid areas" are. By the way did you know that both males and females have breasts. However, males do not have mammary glands

why do you want to know my name?
i'd talk to your mom and have her check it out (awkward yeah but necessary) and if it's anything go to the doctor to have it checked out. better be safe than sorry.

and i don't think it would be breast cancer but i'd get it checked out anyways.

Thε Girl Nεxt Door♥
i'm 14, and I feel hard things too. lol. it might just be you developing. I feel that too and I was concerned it was breast cancer. talk to your mom about it, and tell her that you want to see a doctor. I didn't but I think its from developing still. Just consult a doctor.

You need to see a Doctor.

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