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Additional Details
by the way im 19 years of ...

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hi i am 19 years of age.i spend a lot of time on the pc the pc with the light of at night and for a bit in the day i also used to talk on the house fone alot my symtoms are


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Ages ago, my friend went to the doctors because she fainted heaps of times in one day for no apparent reason.
The doctor said that she might have a type of cancer.
He did tests, and it ...

 How serious is stomach cancer??
i really really need to know....

Does any one know any symptoms of colon/rectal cancer?
Are there any sure signs that something is wrong?

change in bowel habits ,dark tarry stools ,cramps or vomiting can be any or all of the above

Some warning signs....abdominal/rectal pain, bleeding, persistent diarrhea or constipation, unexplained weight loss. The most definitive test though would be to have a colonoscopy and biopsy taken.

Hi, my mum had colon cancer, and her first symptoms was rectal bleeding and abdominal pain,she went to the doctors and had a barium and a colonoscopy done, and that is when they found the tumour. She went to the doctors really soon when having these symptoms but she had already secondaries in the liver. So I would recommend if you feel that something is not right go to the doctor's. My mum sadly passed away 7 months ago but this does not mean that every body dies of colon cancer, every person is diferent.

b r
An abnormal CSA result.

Get a blood test for colon specific antigen.

I had Rectal Cancer I was diagnosed in 04. I had my cancer for 3 yrs before my colonoscopy, my symptoms were lots of diarrhea, I started to always feel tired and ran down and would sleep a lot, my stomach would have a burning feeling and my upper thighs had pains. and first blood can make the stool look like coffee grounds .and also real blood starts to happen in the stools. and I started to feel like I could pass out sometimes.

my dad is in remission.most common is bleeding out of the rectum

Old Hippie
Blood in the stool and constipation.

emandn's mom
Rectal Bleeding, changes in bowel movements.VERY loose stools are eating every meal. My uncle had it.

From what I understand there are no symptoms to colon cancer that is why it is so bad. However, if you have any bleeding out of your butt you need to go to the doctor. There could be cancer or other serious conditions.

The bowel movements of someone with colon cancer are very thin. This is caused by a tumor (cancerous or not) in the rectum.

Blood in the stool would be one. It could mean a lot of different things so the best thing to do is see your doctor for a check up and why wait for the symptom? If you are of age get your colon checked. It is pain less and well worth it.

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