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 Bowel cancer? can it cure itself?
I have a Christain friend who has bowel cancer, he's not going to go for an operation as he said that he is going to pray to God to cure him, and that God will answer his prays,,, I think that ...

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my dad and his father before him they had colone cancer, i'm 30 years old what should i do?...

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 I have cancer and im scared?
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 Help!!! I need anwers!!?
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 Can labtops cause cancer? and health problems?
Scary news i heard from my mom in the newspaper. They said that labtops can cause cancer.
Additional Details
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 Can you live through stage four lung cancer?
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 Does eating to much peanut butter increase your risk of cancer?

 What should I Do?
one of my close reletives is dying from cancer and I don't even know what to do. I keep thinking the phone is going to ring and say he passed awa. I have faith in my God but if we loose him I ...

 I have a metal plate in my leg, can I still be able to undergo a cat scan?

Cancer reliable CURE, remedy, relief ?

Sujay Kumar C

exiguous illumination



Many drugs hormonal, Quito, radiation, cobalt, but those are to control cancer,not to cure it. Just control like insulin for diabetes

Painful suffering patients die hard objective is Relief.
Please tell Yahoo- Answers if U see any other Remedy giving any Relief to Anyone.
I hope these websites may be referred as if now................
Treats the disease
Treats Restores Immunity

The company known as Mannatech is careful not to claim anything, however, they do have a product that may be beneficial. It goes by the name of Ambertose. I haven't heard any buzz about it other then from those associated with the company. However, I'm hoping that someone will take the initative to do some investigating. Anyway, I hope it helps!

Try an alkaline diet

I had the standard treatments I am still here. I have been reading different things that I think I would try. So I do not know if it works. wwwgerson.org. wwwthe49daycancercure. I figure it is worth a shot. Plus a positive attitude. Here to good health. love

Chuong Seng Ly
Cobalto therapy,removal of the affected area by surgical operation,antalgic pills.

Cure from within.

Incurable disease= "in" curable

Free yourself from stress, think the right thoughts, cleanse your body from the inside. Reach for hope, believe in hope.

Part of cleansing within is making sure you are not BITTER or harboring UNFORGIVENESS in your heart. Seriously, as weird as this sounds....it is true as I see it.
YOU MUST FORGIVE. Forgiving is a choice not a feeling. Choose to forgive repeatedly over and over whoever it is you need to forgive. You don't necessarily have to confront the person unless you feel like you need to. BUT- You do need to choose inside yourself to free your heart and soul and body from any root of bitterness and unforgiveness you may be harboring.

Get plenty of rest and drink room temperature water, not chilled and not hot.
Also, one other item would be to eat raw Garlic and onions. Check into a real good NUTRITION plan and go cold turkey on leaving all else behind and STRICTLY following the new plan you decide on.

Of course it helps to pray as well. :<)

Pacific Bluff
I was recently reading about a kind of algae called Chlorella that is a huge cancer preventative. I'm not sure about treating cancer when you actually have it, but this is something you can take that extremely detoxifies your system, as well as replenishes your body with essential vitimins, minerals, and amino and nucleic acids. I would reccomend to someone who has cancer that they should be eating very low amounts of meat and animal products, as these products carry many of the toxins and overall causes of cancer, and take something like Sun Chlorella, or Blue-Green Algae, or some combination of the two. I have a friend with cancer right now, and it seems to me that all the radiation treatment and modern medicines are just making him sicker and weaker. One of the things these treatments do is lower your immune system, and that is another thing that Sun Chlorella is known for boosting. If you take it and you don't have cancer or any illnesses, you will notice that you get sick less and cuts heal more easily. If you take it when you are already diseased or cancerous, it will help to boost white blood cell counts and platelets, which are vital to your body's cancer fighting ability.

Dr. chen
It’s no longer a secret the air in the United States is engulfed with sulfur gas, toxic mold, sewage pollution and hazardous waste resulting in the worlds worst health crisis. These air partials get into your house, car, office or anywhere you spend more then a half hour at a time. I'm sure You've heard this before;" the air you breath indoors is worst than the air outdoors". Well my friend its true, and it causes cancer.
The remedy is listed below.

Some will be cured after chemo. That isn't really cure though, it just kills the tumor [hopefully]. Pray often. Live life the best you can and to the fullest. Best wishes.

well all the ailments require all three but most important thing is love and lots of love for people suffering and there family's.

Medical and Business Information
As an ND we have 10 to 15 ways to cure you while conventional medicine only has 2 ways drugs and surgery. I would recommend seeing your Oncologist along with a good Alternative Medicine Doctor. Chemotherapy is the only way they have to cure cancer other than removing the tumor from the afflicted site. Look for a good Naturopathic Doctor in your area as well as a good Oncologist. Research your condition as well and find out what alternatives are out there for you as well. Good luck and I hope you get well soon.

The thing about cancer is catching it in time...when my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer, he was already stage 4..Chemo really didnt help. It was too far gone. Even though he had the whole left lung out, and chemo, and a experiemental drug, he still died 10 months after diagnosis.

yes, chemo, radation, drugs, and the right doctors

Depending on the type of cancer there are different medications that a doctor can put you on. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are also used to cure cancer. As for relief, I am not sure what you mean. Relief from pain? Relief from the cancer? If you are at a stage where you are having pain, a doctor may put you on pain medications.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a cancer, it would be best if you discuss these options with a doctor. They will be able to give you the best answers


Joe F
The answer to the problem of cancers is very much like the answer to other body conditions that take life rather than help to sustain life. The human brain is an extremely complex organ which is subjected to a very primitive physical and psychological environment. The answers lay in the area of avoidance and prevention rather than drugs and cure. The world we live in produces cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc.etc. In my estimation cancer is an appropriate reaction to physical and psychological abuse and is obviously produced in people when their immune system is far too weak to cope with the chemical and psychological toxins that they are subjected to in their diet and in the world that surrounds them. To challenge the food industry would be a losing battle just as it would be a losing battle to challenge the cultural values that Americans hold so dear to their character. We live in a petro-chemical world and a world filled with conflict, scarcity, the threat of scarcity, competition, and a great many values that are unattainable. Cancer in a world such as this is appropriate and needs constant attention paid to it's victims. But a cure is impossible given all of the negative characteristics of our society. IOWs cancer is produced by the very society is plagues.

Mad Roy
No reliable cure for all cancers - but read the following:
Cancer and Vitamin C - Linus Pauling
Beating Cancer with Nutrition - Pat Quillen
How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine - Murray

books can be found on Alibris.com
Good luck and God bless!

Michael R
Killing a poison with a poison is wrong. Chemo should not be used. Until the government releases the cure, we can only seek to prevent it.


It is incurable so far as my experience goes.

However the treatment greatly depends on various factors :- (a) type of cancer (b) the part of the body where it has affected/found (c) stage of the disease and (d) Grade of the disease - i.e. rate of spreading or multiplication of the affected cells.

Depending on the type of cancer there are different medications and treatments that an Oncologist can put you on. However the treatment methods are :- (a) Surgery at the affected place and removal of the organ (b) Chemotherapy - i.e. by chemicals and medicines and (c) radiation therapy - both external and internal. In all cases though the Oncologists claim the treatment is successful, the after-effects and side-effects are more painful than the disease itself and the patient mostly feels disgusted because of this and in some cases he even feels like ending the life for the pain of the disease or treatment effects. So (d) lastly, proper counseling by an expert Psycho-oncologist, is essentially done to refresh and give confidence for the patient as well the relatives of the patient.

There are several other types of treatment - Reiki, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Siddha, Unnani, herbal- are a few to name.

Advanced research studies at various levels have been conducted by American Cancer Society and many scientists and doctors all over the world, in addition to gigantic strides by Modern Medicine - but still Cancer remains -

“The Killer Disease" and belief is "Cancer is still an Enigma".

Any way best of luck for all Cancer patients all over the world

Christine M
I have survived lymphoma cancer twice and breast cancer. I did it all alternatively, for I didn't have insurance. (now I am very happy that I did not have it and had to rely on "me". There was no other option other than to educate myself.

I keep my blood "alkaline", and not acid. I try to stay around a pH level of 7.6 to 8.. I eat 70% raw food now.

I used essential oils (my story can be read at: www.younglivingoils.com--see the "lymphoma" button below the center of the page). The second lymphoma cancer truly took its toll on me, but I persevered. I had 14 major tumors (larger than 3 cm) plus about 6 tiny ones growing down my leg. I used essential oils: Lavender, lemon, tangerine, cistus, white fir, frankincense and Sandalwood internally.

Then I had breast cancer the size of a chicken egg. This time I was counseled by an MD who offered me glyconutrients in large amounts. I took 4 tablespoons of glyconutrients a day. In 4 months the tumor was gone. Again, I worked hard to eat correctly and stay alkaline. The main thing is to not panic and get "measure markers" along the way so you know if what you are doing, works!

I am so grateful that I did not go the chemotherapy route. I have had also 80 GRAMS of Vitamin C intravenously, 3 X a week (it took 6-7 hour drips) . When I did that, all the candida in my body seemed to have been overcome. I felt a new surge of life with that C drip.

Now I tell the world that there are alternatives! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to say "I am a survivor and a winner...I believe the real winners are the ones who face it alone because they have to! But we only hear about those who survive chemo. "as the heros".

~~ CANCER~ it just doesn't scare me anymore.

Chances are that the cure for cancer was eradicated years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if it grew naturally in an open field, that used to be a rainforest.

Eric Alexandrakis
Miami, FL

Dr Donna
There are effective remedies NOW. Many integrate the old ways i.e. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbology with the new - radiation oncology, ethnopharmacology, nutrigenetics, . There is just a whole lot more available than I can answer in one blog. Find out more at www.DrDonnaDouglas.com

Is there really a Answer?
The last few years it seems like cancer is becoming like a way of life last week a dear friend died of cancer the start of this year I had surgery and found out I had cancer. A year ago my cousin with breast cancer and year before that mother and co -worker It seems that every aspect of our life the is one form or another type of cancer out there and more being discovered and just not enough funding for cures the all the different types. It tears me up inside when I see the kids in the hospitals and wish I could lay healing hands on the Thu prayer. I have faith but it hard to keep it up all the time when I see all the kids One week they are there and the next time you go see them they are gone.

There appears to be promising work in the area of proteins which when altered can alter if not stop the spread of a cancer.
This particular focus of cancer research is on-going within the CDC.

i had cancer eight years ago. i had chemo. radation and now here i am telling other people there is hope

There are so many different types
of cancer and different ways to treat
each type. And even then, no two people
with the same type of cancer are always
treated the same.
I am assuming you are asking for yourself
or possibly family/friend. Anyway,
talk to your doctor about all the possible options
so you can make decisions and take an active
part in your treatment.
Look for a Cancer Society in your area. There
are Wellness Communities that are support for
cancer patients, families and friends. This is usually
a great network for information.

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