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Cancer chemo effects?

hair loss

hair loss and feeling sick for a couple of days!!=*(

Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea

Hair loss

Fatigue and anemia


Mouth sores

Taste and smell changes

Menopause and fertility

Memory loss

Problems with hands and feet (neuropathy)

Rex B
Look here:


green eyes
i really depends on the type of cancer and the type of chemo you or your loved one is taking.

nowadays they prescribe medication for nausea.. so that isn't really a side effect anymore.
my brother in law is taking temador (that is chemo is a form of a pill) but before taking that, he takes antinausea pill 1 hour before the chemo. he has been handling it really good.

and they told him he would only lose his hair in the small area of where they are doing the radiation. He has glioblastoma mutiforme (brain cancer).
cancer medication has come a long way.. no cure yet (hopefully they will find one SOON). but they are much better than before now because they are continuously studying it.

It really depends on the type of treatment the patient is receiving. The term "chemotherapy" is a blanket term for a myriad of drugs used to treat patients from all walks of life with all different types of cancer.

My mom had multiple myeloma and received Vincristine/adriamcyin infusion for five months and only experienced mild nausea and severe weakness. But when she was going to have her stem cell transplant and received Melphalan for one week she lost all of her hair, was severely weak, had mucositis from her mouth to her stomach, and was hospitalized for two months. It completely wiped her out when other patients on the same floor were out in a few weeks.

It was a pretty scary time but the cancer is currently in remission and she is doing great! My point is this one depending on the protocol being administered, the type of cancer being treated, the progression of the cancer and the physiology of the patient the symptoms vary. The three best things to do would be to write down all concerns, talk to the oncologist designing the treatment protocol, and establish a strong network of support from family, friends and others with the same illness.

Colleen G
There are many types of cancer, therefore there are many types of treatment and dosages. They usually give you the highest dosage possible to see how you react and then reduce it if necessary, I speak from experience. I was extremely nauseous, very tired, had hair loss and mouth sores. Once they reduced the dosage the side effects were greatly reduced. I was also given medication for the nausea.

My mother went through cancer treatments and did not lose all of her hair it just thinned but I completely lost all of my hair when I went through it.

I wish whoever will be going through treatment the very best and a speedy recovery.

Bobby S
It can depend on the person and the location of the cancer, but effects include:
-Hair loss
-Frequent exhaustion
-Nausea and vomiting
-Difficulty eating solid foods

Katharine M
The side effects depend on what medications you're getting, and how much of them. Hair loss, nausea, fatigue, and anemia are side effects of several commonly used drugs but not all. Some people complain about "chemo-brain" or mental fuzziness.

Many of the side-effects can be managed--anti-nausea medications are hugely helpful, Neurontin helps against nerve pain (a side effect of Taxol). I found exercise very helpful in keeping my energy level and mood up.

it depends on the chemotherapy drug that person receives. they all have different side effects which can include hair loss, fatigue, nausea and vomiting.

the above website has a list of chemotherapy drugs and explains the possible side effects

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