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Dear Yahoo, my uncle say marijuana is far worser than cigarettes but i told him it is not worser than marijuana and i told him u can of lung cancer by smokin cigarettes and told marijuana cant cause ...

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For my best friend Shasta Paige! She's got Cancer in her Lynph Node(neck) & A Tumor in her brain.She is a wonderfull Mother & my Beautiful friend. Hang in there Shasta... We love you!

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she went in to have glablatter removed they found lung cancer and liver cancer both in stage 4 and now she has brain cancer does anyone know how long it will be , knowing all this and the pain she is ...

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10 pts. for first GOOD answer!...

 I lost the love of my life ,to cancer about 1 month ago,could anyone tell me when the hurt stops?

 I think i have cancer?
well im loosing a lot of hair like mabye this much IIIIIIIIIIIIII in acucil size what do i do
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i am only 12...

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sometimes my friend and i slap eachother in the chest just playing around. Can you get cancer from that?...

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My mum gets the results of her biopsy today please could you all pray that everthing is ok
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I will let you all know ...

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My mum is 64. She has breast cancer. May have had it for several months but believed she was dealing with it very well without the help of modern doctors (and without informing any family member ...

 If we all lived underground away from the sun, would we still get cancer?

 What doesn't cause cancer?
is there anything left? i am dreading the day they tell us that air causes cancer and we have to stop breathing....

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 Should smokers be treated for lung cancer?

 Females only, please (pretty darn embarrassing)?
In my typical paranoid fashion, I've been doing a few checks of my -chest area- every couple weeks. I've noticed a solid area in both breasts, and since I'm getting pretty concerned, I&...

 Can you die from prostate cancer?

 If smoking is bad for our health, then why don't they just stop making cigarettes?

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I would't dare stop you from smoking to death; that is your choice. I won't even try to convince all the ...

Can you get lung cancer without smoking?

j H
You bet... second hand smoke is a big killer.

yes. from second hand smoke. and im sure other causes 2



Yes, no question about it.
You can get almost any type of cancer from second hand smoking.
Brooke <3

yes, no it is not rare. all you have to do is breathe in any other kind of smoke meaning fire smoke, cigarette smoke, etc. and you have a chance and every time you breathe in smoke it increases your chances. plus, it is hereditary.

yes you can

yes andy kaughmen had it

Yes,you can

ashley l

razzle dazzle
yeah cancer can be caused from hereditary traits or from enviromental factors. working in a factory full of pollutants can increase your likely hood.

★G Atkins ☆
yes, people get it all the time. it is caused from pollution and unfiltered second hand smoke :(

Ever hear of second hand smoke? Also my dad who died of cancer was a smoker and a viet nam vet. He got a letter from the doctor that stated they could not prove the cancer was not caused by agent orange.

Sarah Townen
check out the link i provided, pretty good info

Absolutely! Some people get lung cancer from exposure to toxic substances. Some people get it and never understand exactly why.

yeah you can

yes. second-hand smoking.

Yes you can get lung cancer with out smoking
how? by inhaling dangerous toxins and by living with some one who always smoke's around the clock people who don't
smoke are in more danger than the person who do smoke.

Yes, my husband's grandmother never smoked, yet she died of lung cancer.

Yes through second hand smoke, it actually can be worse than first hand for people who don't smoke or not used to the gases caused from the Nicotine. For more information -


Hope that helps :)

walter c
#1 Hereditary.(aka genitic)
#2 your exposed to properties that cause cancer.
These are the ones I know of!!

Ava's Mami
yes! You don not have to be a smoker to get lung cancer! it's horrible but they say second hand smoke is worse. I would google that question.

Second hand smoke can give you lung cancer. Check out the link below.

Yes by second hand smoke you can

Yes, it is still cancer.


Yes. Through passive smoking. In 1994 a British entertainer called Roy Castle died from lung cancer due to passive smoking. He had worked in smoky clubs for over 30 years. It was one of the first times that it really came into the headlines.

Ann W

yes, and its not /that/ rare.

And even if you never expose yourself to any other smokers you can get it.
The persons above me are stupid :)

Yes and contrary to popular opinion, it is not rare and second hand smoke is not the only way you can get it. A lot of people get lung cancer every day who are not exposed to second hand smoke. There are a number of things that can cause lung cancer. Many job related such as working in asbestos removal, certain chemicals, and yes even in the air we breathe.

Brandon C
yes you can
and allso all this polution can help, some

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