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Can men get breast Cancer?
Can men get breast cancer? my honey has a right swollen nipple that is very tender... Could it be a systs?
Im not j/k.

it is rare but they can

It is possible for men to have breast cancer but to a lesser degree compared with women. Also, the symptoms of breast cancer in its early stage is that of a painless lump in the breast which is not usually painful.

Pain is usually a sign of inflammation. Mastitis is a more probable diagnosis for your honey

yes, they can because of abnormal overgrowth in the Male's breast tissue during adolescence which is called gynecomastia. but if ur "honey's" nipple is swollen i don't think it is because of cancer.

Yes, I've read that men can get breast cancer.
Have your "honey" see his doctor to check it out.
It's probably nothing, but then you'll know!

yes,i saw it on dateline or some news show.tell him to get it checked out even though it might not be anything wrong.good luck!

sanji j
ya. It is possible. Men can get breast cancer. You must visit this site you can get answer. For more details

dUh iiTs PiiNk~*~*
1. Information on male breast cancer was located in areas that normally would relate to much older guys eg. Aged 60 years and older.

2. Due to diagnosis being 'less' rather than 'more' in males (1%) it appeared that very little time or money had been put into giving the same support to guys, if any at all!

The emotional aspect of guys getting breast cancer did not appear to be covered anywhere, and if at a later date we are provided with support from a 'professional' area , as we have found most guys feel uncomfortable even talking about this disease due to it always being perceived to be a 'female

Ok here are a few symptoms if u want to know some are kind of gross but its the FACTS and THERE TRUE!!

These are some of the things to look, for but don’t necessarily mean that you do have breast cancer. If you find any of the symptoms below, get it checked out immediately by your local doctor and if you are still uncertain then seek another doctors’ or specialist’s advice.

Changes to the breast behind the nipple:
- Normally lumps that can be felt
- A firm mass directly underneath the nipple
Nipples turning inwards
Discharge from the nipple, which can be bloody
Pain and itchy nipple
Skin ulceration
Lump under the arm
Redness of the skin.


yes they can get breast cancer just like woman can.

i dont about your honey get him checked out but men have breast tissue and they can get breast cancer thought it is rare for a man

shadez b
Actually i read somewhere that they could get cancer. But its very rare.

yes, men can get breast cancer

yes men can get breast cancer.
you should get it checked out
by a doctor asap just to be safe.

Barry auh2o
It is uncommon, but yes, men can((and do)) get breast cancer.
It is no joke. Tell him to call his doc for an appt.

Yes, they can and do and have to go through radiation and all the other treatment women do and it can spread--unfortunately. Don't ask us or guess why his nipple is acting up, send him to the doc whether he wants to go or not.


Yes men can get breast cancer.

But if theirs pain its not *usually breast cancer.
I'd say he just has a blockage of dirt and oil and it a bit infected.
First treatment put some peroxide on it to pull the dirt and oil out then wash with warm water and Antibacterial soap.
From then on:
Try Cleaning it with warm water and Antibacterial soap once a day and do not apply band-aid (that will hold moisture and bacteria).
If it doesn't show improvement in 7 days see a doctor.
(I don't recommend any gels or creams because they may collect dirt and oil and not allow healing.)

yes men can get breast cancer...it may be some form of cyst...im not sure what all the fact are but i would recommend talking to a docter if there is a lump and it begins to redden...their could be a blocked lymph gland or a infection of some sort, try putting ice on for about 10 min at a time too.

I would think it is possible, I would definetly have your honey go to the dr just to make sure, it could be nothing but its better to be safe than sorry :)

yes but not common - did youknow that half all breast cancer in women comes form their DADS? Its true!

Yes, it is possible for a man to get breast cancer

yes unfortunately is not limited to females...its best checked out asap...though rarer..it can happen...on a lighter note..its most likely not cancer...

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