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 How come Men don't get breast cancer? ...Is it hormone related?

 Marijuana and cigarettes
Dear Yahoo, my uncle say marijuana is far worser than cigarettes but i told him it is not worser than marijuana and i told him u can of lung cancer by smokin cigarettes and told marijuana cant cause ...

 If there was a God why would he be so cruel to so many people and torture them with cancer,disability?

 Help me PLEASE!! do i have cancer.?
I am so nervous i think i have throat/tongue cancer, my throat has been a little soar, my nose is a little congested and every time i brush the back of my tongue and spit there is blood in it, could ...

 Prayer Request...?
For my best friend Shasta Paige! She's got Cancer in her Lynph Node(neck) & A Tumor in her brain.She is a wonderfull Mother & my Beautiful friend. Hang in there Shasta... We love you!

 My mother is dieing of cancer?
she went in to have glablatter removed they found lung cancer and liver cancer both in stage 4 and now she has brain cancer does anyone know how long it will be , knowing all this and the pain she is ...

 Why do people start smoking?
10 pts. for first GOOD answer!...

 I lost the love of my life ,to cancer about 1 month ago,could anyone tell me when the hurt stops?

 I think i have cancer?
well im loosing a lot of hair like mabye this much IIIIIIIIIIIIII in acucil size what do i do
Additional Details
i am only 12...

 I think I have a serious problem. I've been having really REALLY bad bleeding when I poo. can it be cancer?
I think I have a serious problem. I've been having really REALLY bad bleeding when I poo. I have fresh red blood on the toilet paper when I wipe, there is blood on the stool, and blood in the ...

 Can you get breast cancer if you slap a friend in the breast?
sometimes my friend and i slap eachother in the chest just playing around. Can you get cancer from that?...

 Please could my mum have your prayers this afternoon?
My mum gets the results of her biopsy today please could you all pray that everthing is ok
Additional Details
I will let you all know ...

 Do you tell a mature adult that she is going to die soon?
My mum is 64. She has breast cancer. May have had it for several months but believed she was dealing with it very well without the help of modern doctors (and without informing any family member ...

 If we all lived underground away from the sun, would we still get cancer?

 What doesn't cause cancer?
is there anything left? i am dreading the day they tell us that air causes cancer and we have to stop breathing....

 My son told me I needed to buy him regular pop because diet pop causes cancer.?
Has anyone heard of this or is he trying to pull a fast one on me? My response to him was "doesn't everything cause cancer?"...

 Can I refuse cancer treatment and let it run its course with painkillers from my GP.?
My mother had cancer and although surgery extended her life her quality of life was poor....

 Should smokers be treated for lung cancer?

 Females only, please (pretty darn embarrassing)?
In my typical paranoid fashion, I've been doing a few checks of my -chest area- every couple weeks. I've noticed a solid area in both breasts, and since I'm getting pretty concerned, I&...

 Can you die from prostate cancer?

Are you a smoker or non smoker?
i myself am a smoker yeah yeah i know its disgusting... has anyone succesfully given up? ive tried but its really hard xx

I'm a nonsmoker but I work at a pharmacy and there is a new drug called Chantix that is supposed to work really well. The only issue is that some insurances do not cover it, and it is prescription only.

Jay A
<Cough> I'm a <splutter> <cough> <splutter> <cough> smoker! Lol! We have to stop smoking in pubs on my Birthday though (1st July) so working towards quitting for my bday!

I am now a non-smoker. I smoked for many years. I gave it up when the Emergency room doctor said I could either quit and raise my child or keep smoking and die young. Easy Choice! I quit cold turkey. And let me tell you it was PAINFUL and DIFFICULT! But soooooooo worth it. It's been 14 years now.

Pink n Wise
I am a non-smoker and have always been so.
However, two years ago I was diagnosed with a moth cancer and now have secondaries in the lungs. Am on chemo. as we speak.
I say to you, if you really enjoy something, do it! As long as you don't inflict it on other people. Life is just too short to deny yourself things you enjoy.
(PS. I wouldn't have said this two years ago!)

I am a smoker I have tried to give up twice once for two months and once for five months. Both times I felt great and have no idea why I started again.

The last time I gave up I just drank heaps of water I was really surprised at how much money I saved.
Good luck I am planning on setting a date soon as well to give up ....for good!

Miss Confused...
i'm a smoker and i find it really hard 2 quit, ive tried loads of times.

I'm a smoker and know it's bad etc... but I will need a heck of a lot of willpower to give.

Ali Ahmed A
go to the doctors and ask for some advice and they will tell you what to do then tell me if it worked. bye

yeh i stopped 3 weeks ago really hard but will power will get u there

Well i used to be a smoker for like three years and i quit succesfully!!! It was really hard it took 4 times before the last to actually quit. And on top of that i quit cold turkey, so it was even crazier. IT takes a very good support system!!! I mean my boyfriend really helped me..."Babe come on no Smoking, it's ok you'll get over your cravings!!"I ate a lot of sunflower seeds when i would have cravings...i always drank lots of water, and tried to keep myself busy. Come online and answer questions..Lol.But they do say it takes up to 7 times to actually quit smoking..so don't get too hard on yourself...Just keep trying and have people around you that don't smoke. Good luck

Non smoker.It is not disgusting, it is an addiction to Nicotine. What I would like to warn you with, is that it will be much harder to face the consequences of continuing to smoke. Once you decide to quit, stay with it, if necessary seek support, and you will say, along with the rest of us :" it is the best thing I have done for myself and my loved ones." God bless you and give you strength.

Roachy 2,
Used to smoke 30 a day, not had a cig for 6 years now,

Stopped over 3 years ago.

If someone says you either stop smoking or will definitely have either a heart attack or stroke in the next 5 years - what would your choice be?

Non, stopped over 25 year ago

Nope. not a smoker. I prefer to keep my lungs squeaky clean, thank you!

my husband was told to give up when he was diagnosed last year, he has managed to cut down during the day - none at work & then will have a couple in the evening, i'm really proud of him i'm a smoker & have cut down with him but nowhere near him.
Good luck

im a non smoker , partner is a smoker.

diffucult to give up i understand , most local gp s surgeries and pharmacies offer a cessation service ask they may be able to help


a smoker

keep saying i will give up but have not tried yet anyone got any tips

Cold Bird
Gave up 15 years ago and I still need to fight the urge sometimes!

I haven't smoked for 8 months but still not classed as a non smoker.
I would never lecture anyone on smoking as I know how much I enjoyed it and how hard it is to give up.

I'm on 3 days......or 36 hours......or 2160 minutes.........or 129600 seconds.....take your pick as to which sounds the longest, but at the moment I am a non-smoker. Gave up last Friday when I couldn't speak with the nasty cold/sore throat bug that's doing the rounds!!!!!

My mum gave up. It was when I was younger and she always seemed not to have any help.. she's a pretty strong lady and I personally think it was will power. But I did find Nicotine chewing gum about once. I'm sure this was no help. Good luck x

gave up as soon as discovered wife was pregnant, its easy if you have will power and a goal.

never look back. cant beleive how better taste and smell is since quitting.

good luck giving up!

im a smoker and decided 2 weeks ago to try to give up !!!! i have so far cut down by half , so i know i will get there !!!

Lady Claire of Current Events
I smoked over 20 a day for a few years and then gave up on 10th december 2005. I didnt decide to give up until I was on my last ciggarette of my packet. I did it cold turkey and it was really hard to begin with but it got easier and I felt better and better.

I still get the odd craving but I just think about something else instead - Im now one of those reformed smokers that gets really annoyed by people crowding round the doors in places smoking as I have got to walk through a cloud of smoke and end up stinking of it - disgusting.

Hope you end up giving up. Remember people dont stop a diet just because they have one cake so you dont need to give up giving up just because you have one ciggarette.

Angelic Julie
non smoker, and i never have been. why buy ciggies when at the end of the month you can have a new pair of shoes with all the money you save :o)

good luck with your giving up

I am an ex smoker. I smoked from the age of 8 to 45, and one day decided to give it up , went on the patch and never smoked another cig. Anyone can quit if they truly want to quit.

I'm an EX-smoker, I stopped smoking in november last year, and that was without the help of over expensive quit smoking patches. I done it as they say COLD TURKEY. And I did not find it that hard to do, so don't believe all what the adverts say.

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