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A friend of ours has cancer given 1yr to 18months to live boy what do i say to him ?

im gonna treat u to a trip to disneyworld!!!

Just be there , treat him normally, create some great memories and dont be afraid to get upset or let him get upset , it **** mate im really sorry for you all.

just to live every day to its fullest

olayinka o
Look at him/her straight in the eyes and cuddle him/her very tightly for at least one minute. Then tell them you love them very very much and you will go through this with them come what may.
Thats the most comforting thing they expect to hear.
They need all their friends and family around them now.

Tell him that you sad that this has to happen, that if you could do anything to help him live longer you would, and that even if he only has one year left to live, you're gonna make it the best year of his life-

Nothing. Cancer doctors do not give time limits that long. He probably is wondering if that would be the amount of time it would take him to get into your pants.

it's very hard for someone to know what to say if i were you just be a good listener and mate find out how they really feel just be there to help the best that you can nobody can ask any more than that

Re-assure him... and the doctors are frequently wrong... he will live longer...... dont let him see you sad..... all the best to him..

Sorry some of the people who answered your question made a joke about it. And sorry about your situation.

I could answer better if I knew your friend's age, but the followiing should help for anyone.

Treat your friend normally. Let him know you're willing to listen to anything he wants to say. Try to answer any questions he has. If he needs help planning for things, be ready to pitch in.

I would tell him "I'm so sorry". Then, if he wants to talk about it he can, and if he doesn't want to, he can just say "Thanks" or whatever and change the subject. Try not to say anything like "It's God's will" or such.

You don't need to say anything, tell him once that you are there for him and that if he ever needs anything to just ask, but after that behave normally.

My partner died of liver cancer and in the last 6 months of his life shut out the people who behaved like he was going to die soon, that is the last thing they want to be reminded of.

You dont have to say anything. Just let him know you are there if needed. Just make sure you tell him anything you want him to know now.

Bena the bean
Oh wow, I am so sorry. What to say to him, I don't know other than - Don't look at the bad things look at all we have created together?!?

Antoine a
The best thing you can do for your friend (if still a child) is to contact the "Make-A-Wish Foundation" . This foundation can do a lot for your friend as his last wish may be granted!! Sorry to hear your friend has cancer!! Best wishes!

There's really nothing that you can say to make him feel any better, just remember that actions speak so much louder than words and Unfortunately, many people are going to stray further and further away from your Friend as he gets sicker, as a lot of people can't deal with watching someone die. What you need to do now is help make sure that your friend lives the rest of his life to the absolute fullest, always be there for him and his family, and most importantly when he needs to talk to someone about what he's feeling, emotionally and physically, just listen, the majority of the time cancer victims aren't looking for someones sympathy so don't "baby" him in any way or treat him much different than you had before.
Your friend will be in my prayers!

Just be there to listen.

Treat him normally. He does not want to discuss his disease and neither do you. He will value you more for this.

There's nothing special you can say to him. You can just be there for him and be a consistent and helpful friend. His days may be numbered now, but that won't change the way he sees and wants to do things very much until he's too weak to have much physical activity. Just be there for him in any way that's natural for you. Let him know you care about him. That's about all you can do.

be the way you have always been don't change at all

I am so sorry to hear that. i had 2 brothers and my mom who died from different types of cancer. the only thing you can do is be there to listen to them and try not to treat them any differently. Don't discuss it unless they want to. maybe they have a dream they would like to fulfill that you could help them with. please be there for this person any time of the day or night. good luck.

Say what you would say if he didn't have cancer...make sure he knows you dig him though, and as his friend you want to share more good times with him...it's okay to talk about the cancer or ask him questions...what tends to bother a lot of people with terminal illnesses is that people often avoid asking or discussing it with the ill person...it's like a huge elephant in the room that people pretend they don't see...

Tell him you're sorry he has cancer...offer to do or bring him things to help him feel better physically...and let him talk to you about it if he wants to...

Galactic Rogue
Try to just be there for him, be nice to him...ask if you can do chores and stuff. Keep things normal. He's probably feeling so bad right now...just be helpful and he'll appreciate it.

Don't be any different, just let him know if he needs to talk your there. He'll have enough people giving him the pity speeches

Odessa R
let him know your going to be there for him , friends don't fade when times are bad

dona s
treat him as you always have. be honest and tell him how you feel, but remember he is the one facing all this. make the best of what you have. live like you are dying. my husband also has cancer and limited in the time he has left.

good luck

Act normally and let your friend lead the way. Don‘t show
pity since this will make your friend feel helpless. If the
subject comes up naturally, show hope, love and faith.

Just be there for your friend,Keep things normal. And if you see something needing done or out of place just do it. help out . If they choose to talk just be yourself and listen and talk back as if things are normal..... that is what they want. just have someone there to just be around listen and talk with and too.....Just be yourself......

Everything you want to say before it is too late. I would do my best to keep him laughing so that neither of you are focusing on the latter. My uncle has ALS.

When I 1st saw my uncle after his diagnosis (lung cancer) i said I was sorry and would always be there if he needed someone to talk/shout/cry/laugh with. My uncle was like a 2nd dad to me. After that we always acted as normal. He was given 6mths to live but was with us for over 2 years. I will say this tho...they get quite bad towards the end (cancer is a horrible disease, it takes the person away from you well before they pass on, you will know what I mean). At this time we just spoke normally to him - no tears etc- and later on, when he couldnt talk, we just had normal everyday conversations around him. I really am sorry for you and your friend and his family. I hope they stay strong and I wish you all the best.

hey my dad also has cancer, and my mom passed away from it last year... a few years ago the doctors said to my dad that he only has a limited time left, but a month or two ago the doctors said that he will be fine and that the level has decreased....
my advice is don't treat this as if you're getting ready for him to die and you have to think of nice things to say. let nature take its course. let him live his life as normal. don't keep thinking about it. just be strong... or if you really want to say something, then why not say: wanna go watch a movie? or wanna go grab a cup of coffee?
doctors aren't always right, and if they are now. then you just have to accept that that's how life sometimes is. (p.s i am sorry for you, it is a hard thing to go through and just accept. good luck : ) )

Treat him normally. If he's only got that time left I'm sure he doesn't want to spend it in front of everyone crying or showering sympathy on him. Make the best of the time left.

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