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Whats the best way to cure a sore throat?
Mine hurts when a swallow..

Sharon M
Salt water gargle. not too hot not too much salt. it does work. every couple of hours. Get Well Soon.

Darjeeling Snow
Have a really good steak or a burger and some icy cold beer, if you feel up to it, OK? go to bed early and stay warm


Try not to swallow.

Curious Dave
one tablespoon of honey

Depends, if it's just a sore throat, then try to stay hydrated (tea or water might work), I know it hurts to swallow, but it really helps with soothing the throat, also gargling some salt water works REALLY well. If it's strep throat, which it may be, then you'd need to see a doctor and get a prescription.

Feel Better!

I use Tyenol medicine. It cured it in like 3 or 4 days.
You can buy it at alot of Medicine Places.
Also drink warm broth.

Common remedy! ICE CREAM! eat lots and lots of ice cream ;D it's cold and good on your throat! works everytime for me! good luck and feel better!

Ginger tea (bring fresh sliced Ginger and water to a boil and simmer for as long as needed to achieve the desired potency) works well. You can keep adding water to the Ginger slices as you drink it.

Gargling warm salt water is good, if you can stand the aftertaste.

Personally, I'd go with the Ginger tea

goggle your mouth out with salt and water

drink water or tea . eat lollipops and also some cough drops .. Halls are good =]

Hot tea with lemon and honey

Beer, Enough Beer cures anything

Well if it is an infection, you can take antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. But, coming from someone who gets sore throats quite often- I have not yet found a cure. I eat alot of ice cream, which makes my throat feel better only WHILE eating it, and hot soup also helps but also only WHILE drinking it. When I am done, it hurts again.. so as a result, I constantly eat, and probably gain weight when I am sick.

My dad insists that gargling with salt water helps, but I don't know how much it helps. I guess it depends on the kind of sore throat you have.

Good luck!

Justin U
liquid hydrocodone

Hot tea with honey and lemon.

Boil grapefruit with honey, lemon and whiskey. Just treat it like tea. It's really good. I'm serious.

Or try gargling lime or lemon with salt.

Kenneth T
Gargle some salt water. That's basic. But drinking any sort of tea throughout the day always helps.

gargle salt water! it always works for me!

Islode L
gargle with slightly salty water. The salt kills the germs that cause a sore throat and stop any infection, but dont use too much salt or it will hurt your throat.

b.johne k
gargle with warm salt water and when brushing your teeth gargle w / listerine hope you feel better soon

try taking hallS warm water goargle then u will feel better in any time

Vicks sore throat spray.

something that allways makes mine stop hurting quick is gargle in warm salt water a couple times a day it will be gone in no time

gargling water with salt (sea salt)

Pattie M
gargyle water with table salt in it. works every time

Whethers original candy it really works or halls

Betrayed and Insane
Hot tea with lemon, gargle with warm salt water, cough drops.

Mary B
-gargle warm salt water
-chloraseptic lozenges or spray
-a toddy of whiskey, honey, and lemon may help

Definetely try to talk as little as possible. Drinking fluids helps. My friend said that when he had a sore throat he drank tea with honey in it and it made him feel better. Get some of those cough drop things that say that they soothe sore throats. Also take Aspirin or some kind of painkiller, especially a half an hour before you go to sleep so that you can sleep better. Salty foods like crackers and pretzels also help. And for lunch eat warm soup. Make sure you get plenty of rest and sometimes when I have a sore throat I like to take a long hot bath. I feel the warm vapors of the water help soothe my throat. I hope you feel better soon and I hope my advice helps.

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