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Gareth A
Whats the best cure for a hangover?any thoughts?
i dont generally mind hanovers if i have a day off but if your workin the next day it can be a pian.whats best??

before sleeping drink as much as water you can, again morning drink as much as water you can, it will help you not to get hangovers.

Incase of hangover, take half or one crocin (Paracetamol) tablet.

Just shower with warm water, take some fruits or milk. You can also use anagesic like Paracetamol before you go to bed.

A Bloody Mary with breakfast

another drink of high alcohol anything.


My Evil Twin
Exercise some control over how much you drink. Everybody has to know their limits.

A friend of mine swears on drinking a pint of water before bed and taking an Aspirin, he says it always stops the hangover before it starts.

If I wake with a hangover I tend to drink tomato juice, it lines the stomach and helps with the dehydration which is what gives you the banging headache.

Another beer. Hair of the dog!

Mr Know-Nowt
Lager, lager, lager!

What makes you bad, makes you better!

Way hay!!

lots of water and innocent fruit smoothies

Drink hot tea when you feel as if you are having a hangover. The best cure for a hangover is not to have drunk the previous evening. Simple and easy!

Greasy food does it for me.

Lucozade and a bacon sandwich - the sugar for energy and the grease to soak up the acid in the stomach.

Works every time.

Don't drink. but if you HAVE TO- drink a lot of liquids. My Dad drink milk before going to bed, a lot of liquids the next day and a screw driver in middle of the morning- a hot soup for lunch and----walla! Done.

it is the only time you should eat a filet of fish, fries and coke from mc donalds.
i don't know why but it works.

A massive fry and up and plenty of lucozade

Nurofen tablets... Take one before you go to sleep after the night out. Really works!

know your limits

Paracetamol and a can of coke. Followed by a fruit smoothie an hour later.

Stephen F
MORE DRINK, nothing beats it

beef curry or a prairie oyster (1 egg yolk with worchester sauce).

Gatorade no doubt. Most hangover symptoms are a result of dehydration.

the usual is fry up, plenty of water, coffee etc but recenlty ive been told that a bag of skittles and a red bull really helps, because of the amount of e numbers in skittles it gives u a major energy boost, unfortunatly it doesnt last all day so every couple of hours you'd have to top up, hope it helps you, it worked for me

An effective way to more quickly and less uncomfortably recover from too much alcohol is to increase your blood oxygen saturation. Short of a convenient nasal cannula and 2-4 liters/minute of concentrated oxygen that one might have around, try deep breathing, especially during waves of nausea. Deliberately, methodically deep breathe about every hour for two minutes. That shortens the recovery process. Open a window and breathe some fresh air. To combat the severe dehydration and headache that follows alcohol, mix ice, a glass of water and a 30 cc grape juice or apple juice. Down it and one every other hour during the first eight hours. Then, eat carbs like cereal, rice, bread. Must eat something. Don't forget to do the deep breathing every hour.

drink two pints of water before going to bed and eat a piece of dry bread!!- works every time!!

Stefanie C
When you find out let me know.

Alka seltzer
works like a TREAT!

Al Inshearah
stay drunk

best is a pint of water before you got to sleep but 2 late for that so eat a banana that works

dairylea dunkers jumbo munch flavour

Lots of liquids, esp. water and fruit juice. Alcohol dehydrates you, which is why the hangover. If you drink 2 glasses of water for each glass of alcohol during the drinking session, you won't have so much of a hangover.

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