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What the best ways to stop smoking weed?

Additional Details
Im 21 and ive been smoking weed since 16. in those days i never really smoked good weed. in the last two years, i started smokin kush and its so strong that it makes me too lazy. its gettin in the way of daily routine. i really need to quit this. any tips regarding the withdrawal symptoms would be much appreciated. Thanks

a girlfriend
Best way of stopping to do everything that is bad for you is to know as much as possible HOW bad it is for you. You have to know in as much detail as possible about how smoking weed kills your brain cells (you need to visualize it!), and every other health hazard done by smoking weed you have to visualize! You perhaps would benefit from visualizing yourself being totally destroyed, having no memory, not being able to function, to be independent, etc. That will help - I promise! You just have to think of it EVERY TIME you smoke weed, and you will be surprised how it works. Good luck. I got rid of all my bad habits just this way.

The easiest way to give up something is to replace it with something else. To fill that acquired habit of doing something during that time. Replace it with drinking decaf Green Tea or something GOOD for you like maybe another herb like Ginseng. This one is good for stamina, concentration, energy,relieves stress, and is overall very healthy thing to do. Start exercising if you want. Relieves anxiety and helps boost stamina, motivation, and brain power.

just stop doing it.....what's the problem ?

Legalize not Legal Lies
its all in ur head man. its psychological because pots not addictive. but if you really need to go to a rehab.

cold turkey........

Tim Br
Just say no. Find some new friends.

Drug facility or drug hot line.

Yes. Withdrawal symptoms (headache, cravings) will disappear in about a week or two. You must remember... this is all a mind game.

Cannibis is NOT physically addictive, but it IS MENTALLY ADDICTIVE. Code for: it's all in your head! That's good news! With enough determination and willpower, you can quit easily (and most likely won't miss it).

You might have a lot more time on your hands if you quit smoking, so try replacing it with something positive instead. Grab your ipod and go for a walk to the park, or call up a friend who doesn't smoke and play some football or video games. Surrounding yourself with people who don't smoke will make it easier for you to quit, because friends who do are likely to be a significant source of temptation for you.

There are no physical withdrawal symptoms, as marijana is not physically addictive. It can however be psychologically addictive. My advise....JUST STOP!! Move on with your life.

Find a purpose in your life. What do you want to do or accomplish to make a difference? Then give it the ole "howling charge over the ramparts" and dedicate yourself to accomplishing it. If you don't, you've just fallen victim to the modern cultural drumbeat of "be irresponsible", "nothing matters", "It's all the government's fault or somebody else's".
And all that's a lie. Ask yourself the question: "Why would someone want me to be irresponsible, unproductive and apathetic?" Well, that's the mainstream message being jammed down your throat. Just don't agree with it and do something with your life. Then weed will become a dim memory and you might start finding the joy of doing and accomplishing things great and small.

The most important thing is to change your circle of friends. If you keep hanging out with people who are smoking, you will keep slipping up. You have to turn the page on your life totally.

Pot is addictive. New studies show that it seems to not be because of its tendency to lie in fat storage, so it has a slow release rate. This means that when you quit your body releases small amounts of it for some time. This is also why it shows up in drug tests longer than most.
Among the more common reactions to quitting are irritability, nightmares, and anger. But, the positives outweigh the negatives.

Get a job or a real hobby that you can devote your time and effort on. Something legit, that requires planning, devotion and some real hard work.

Also, figure out why you can't stop. It's not physical. Treat that problem, and you'll have your answer to everything.

Cold turkey!

Throw away all your drug paraphernalia and stay away from anybody that is in drugs. Get new friends that can be supportive. Pick up a hobby. One that will keep your hands and mind busy. If you're a Christian, go to Church. Pray and ask the Lord for help and He will help you. Get out and walk and drink loads of water.

I smoked weed for a very long time and I actually felt physical symptoms when I stopped, but they weren't bad.

You will be in my prayers. Peace.

If you can, take a fun trip where you won't have access to it. You need something to take your mind off of it, so it's important to stay busy and not allow yourself to get bored. Best of luck.

Weed is only mentally addicting, what works for me is running. Try running a mile everyday for a whole week. Once you run a mile and you realise how screwed your lungs feel you won't want to do it and as the week goes on you'll be able to run the mile easier each time. One thing people don't know about excersise is that your body produces a chemical that makes you feel good, so you'll feel better each time you finish the mile. I ran cross country one year and experienced a natural high after running a 10k.

quit buying it...quit bumming it...quit rolling it...quit lighting it.....there, you're done. or, just wait until you're arrested and go to jail and quit while you're there.

Your Mom
Are you addicted? Weed isn't addictive in a chemical sense. You just have to control yourself.

The WingHunter
join a gym

talk to a doctor/counselor and they will help you quit soon.

Deborah W.
Find something else to do.

Pot is a dead plant by the time you buy it. It is not in control of you. You are control over it and your usage. My epiphany occurred one night when my contact of several years called me, (I always called, not the other way) and he asked me to pick some up over the next two days. I wasn't in need but I asked why the sudden urgency. He said he and his wife were putting a down payment down on their new home and he wanted to make the deposit as big as possible. I never bought or smoked pot again after that night. I wasn't ever going to buy someone else's new home or new car. True account.
Good luck

stop buying it.

There are no withdrawal symptoms from not smoking pot. Its more of a psyc thing. just stop buying it and find something else to do. dont be around it when people you know are smoking. try tea, meditation or something else that will calm you down.

ben t
Stop rolling joints and throw away your bong

Mr. Rourke
Just stop, it's not physically addictive, but you may be mentally addicted to it. Just stop, and try to change your routine.

The best way to stop smoking anything is to quit cold turkey. Only if you are serious about it. You can talk a good talk, but can you walk the walk???? You have to change everything you've done and who you've been hanging out with since you first began smoking. Are you ready to do that? If not, you can hang it up. Won't work.

You can't be around the stuff, can't be around other people who use the stuff. For crying out loud, you have to quit buying it too!!

Get busy with your life! You have too much time on your hands. Change your routine, take up jogging, or working out, or better yet, try adopting someone less fortunate than yourself and spend some of that money you spend on weed in helping them. Not only will you get a wonderful "rush", but you'll really make someone's day (or year). And you'll take your mind off yourself and onto some kid who could use a friend or a new basketball, or an old lady who needs her house painted, or her plumbing fixed. See the tear in someone's eye who is so grateful they are speechless because they know they can never repay you!!!!
Get on with it!!!!!!

Some side effects may be: tiredness, a GREAT desire to have "just a little" so you feel better...............DON'T. Just hang in there for about 3 days is all. Take lots of showers. It may be like quitting smoking....you will actually STINK as the stuff comes out of your system. So SHOWER, SHOWER, SHOWER. You may be nervous. You will want to think about it. So think about it and move on. You are either a weakling or you are strong. You get to choose.

But since you are more emotionally addicted than physically, you absolutely HAVE to change your routine and your friends.
I quit smoking cig. after 35 years. Cigs are physically addicting. I KNOW what I am talking about!! All this actually works!
Good luck.....pray daily!

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