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paula w
What is the best cure for a hangover because so far i have found none.?

Loads of water during your session, during the night and in the morning. Then get on it again! I find alcohol is the best cure.

Pat R
A top magazine did a test a couple of years ago for the best cure for a hangover.

Alka Seltzer got 10/10 off everyone.

marlaina l

the best cure for a hangover is sleep all you need to do is sleep and stay at home in a safer place that being somewhere else

Fried egg on toast, the reason, there are enzymes in the egg that somehow help, tried and tested.

how about a decapitation?

Unfortunately the only cure for a hangover is time.

After your last drink right before you go to bed take 2 Tylenol, Advil, or whatever, and go straight to bed.

ALways worked for me.

What a guy!!
Not drinking the night before.

Here's a great hangover cure:


Well the best thing I've found is to eat something really spicy hot. I always eat this spicy shrimp noodle soup. Always makes me feel better. Or even a can or two of coca cola does the trick for me if I don't have the noodles at home. Do not drink coffee, it will make you feel even sicker. If you have tomato juice and tobasco sauce this is great too. Just add the tobasco sauce, (the spicier the better)to the tomato juice.

Casey S
My ritual is burnt toast, a multi-vitamin and lots of water before bed.

Here's why:

- The carbon from the burnt outside acts as a filter to help sweep away toxins. (They use the same idea for victims of alcohol poisoning in the emergency room, except those people get a much more potent carbon mixture pumped into their stomachs.) The bread also helps absorb some of the alcohol.

- The multi-vitamin helps replenish vitamins A, B6, C, Potassium, and others which are lost during alcohol metabolism.

- The large quantity of water, necessary to down the vitamin and get the burnt taste out of your mouth anyway, helps with the dehydration.

You actually fight the three major causes of a hangover with this: acetaldehyde (the toxic by-product of alcohol metabolism), dehydration and nutrient depletion.


Try in the mourning puting a little amount of acholic bev. in your mourning drink what ever it is!! That should work out great for you!

Krystal L
Im telling you SLEEP is THE only thing to help.I know cause ive tried everything under the sun.SLEEP is the only think to help you feel better.

Drink your alcohol from the other end. Your head won't hurt and your butt will be sterilized.

♥ nisa ♥
I've never drunk that much even way back when I did drink

But the only thing I've ever heard is menudo soup....try that, what have you got to lose...hehehe, besides the hangover!!!

Irn bru, and a very very large fried breakfast

eat a banana before you start drinking and then when you come in eat another with a glass of milk!

stay drunk

There have ben many ideas shared about hangover cures- you just have to find one that agrees with you. The number one cure is 1) DON'T DRINK TO ACCESS! If you know you are prone to heavy drinking, don't even start But if you do: 2) drink plenty of water prior to the consumption of alcohol. You need fluid in your system and alcohol will dehydrate you. Some people say coffee will sober you up; tomato juice with egg blended in. Personallly I'd go with the don't drink to access policy. Sober is best.

I C Gay People
Drink lots of water and stay in bed.


In my really bad drinking days,I would always eat a couple of cookies right after I had taken my last drink-it always worked I don't know why.Now these days I only drink untill I feel my top lip start to tingle( I know sounds stupid) but it works I haven't had a hangover in 15 years or so.Hey maybe it's because I don't drink every night like I did in my younger days(18-25),good luck to you and be careful!

flower power
a couple of bottles of lucozade will do the trick..put back some glucose and give you a lift...other than that Resolve..from the chemists is also quite good and will re-Hydrate you..thats what you need.

A glass of water as your last drink.

The old favorite, don't stop drinking....

Paul P
Don't drink in the first place. The only known true cure for a hangover is time for your body to metabolize and eliminate the alcohol.

I stopped drinking 35 years ago because it finally got to me that the morning after was never worth the night before.

Don't get so drunk that you go into a hangover.

Army mom
The obvious answer is don't drink so much. LOL.
The reason you get a hangover is because alcohol dehydrates you. So, Drink lots of water, beforehand, during your drinking time and before you go to bed.
For the morning after, you need to drink lots of water, or OJ, eat something with fat and protein, like eggs and bacon or a Taco (yes a taco). Even if it sounds like the last thing you'd want to do, it will help you feel better.

Not drinking

Believe it or Not!

the homepathic med- Nux vomica

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