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 Does anyone no of a good hangover cure?

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 The Cure for a hangover...?
A friend and I were talking today (and no, I am not hung over today- but thanks) and her and I were talking about how we have heard different theories for hang-over cures?
Do you know of any?

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 What's a good cure for a hangover?
And one that won't make me barf.......

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 What is the best anti-depresant medicine out there?

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...and are they brain altering? Iv'e recently heard that they can change your brain chemistry is this true?...

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 I get bit by mosquitoes alot what can I do to not attract them?

 WEED OR ALCOHOL that is the question?

What is the alternative way to cure or even heal/help depression illness apart from prescription drugs?
Depression is just not feeling sad apparently it's due to mental & physical exhaustion. You can have panic attacks, mental stress etc....
Additional Details
this is caused by having a hectic lifestyle & demanding family.

Keep yourself busy.

pets, job, friends, school, diet, exercise i dont have the answer for you maybe you should quit drinking if you are. just get some help somewhere

I've tried several herbs, vitamin/mineral formulations for depression, and vs. conventional medicines, they do tend to work faster and safer. What works for one person, however, may or may not work for someone else, it depends on the root cause of the depression eg. deficiency, hormones, etc. I personally recommend Chinese herbs, from personal experience they worked immediately and effectively. The only downside is, as soon as they are discontinued, the depression/anxiety returns quickly. Some alternative/holistic approaches to depression must be used with caution as they can have serious side effects, which is why Tryptophan was removed from the market.

I feel like I am a good person to answer this question because of my own recent experience.

I have suffered with depression for over twenty-five years. I have been to doctors numerous times about it but they just keep writing out prescriptions for anti-depressants. I never followed through with the anti-depressants because I was worried about becoming addicted.

In September 2007, I started to eat a high percentage of organic raw vegan foods. I had many positive health benefits from this, including curing my depression.

The difference is so noticeable and pronounced, it is just unbelievable.

If I am being slack and have a couple of days of eating cooked foods (including vegan, processed, cheese or meat products) I feel sad, blue, weepy, depressed, tired, stressed, out of sorts, irritable, sleep badly and have panic attacks.

As soon as I start consuming a high percentage of organic raw vegan foods, blends and juices (fruit, vegetables, nuts & seeds), I feel happy, centred, well-balanced, calm, contented, sleep well and have energy.

Apparently it is a well-known phenomenon and reported by many in the raw vegan community.

Victoria Boutenko in her book “Green for Life” describes how having a deficiency in certain nutrients found in green vegetables can lead to depression. I don’t know if that is the answer but eating raw vegan has certainly worked 1000% for me personally.

If you type the words “raw vegan depression” into Google, there is loads of info on it.

Given you have to eat anyway, this is a good way to naturally cure depression and improve any other health issues that you may have.

If you go raw vegan for the first few weeks you may feel “off”, as your body goes into detox mode but this will pass and you will soon start to feel fantastic and naturally high with happiness.

Good luck.


hmmmm try reading or going on vacation ... do somthing that makes you happy that doesnt involve taking drugs

ooo try going to therapy i hear it works somtimes

love lost

get some friends!

I am a firm believer in hypnosis. It doesnt work for everyone but most people wont go the several times it takes. This is what Im in the process of doing for myself now and its helping!

try this


You need to try meditation and biofeedback I bet it would help. Your mind is not being able to rest it's self...if it is going all the time.

MUSTARD! is the remedy for deep gloom and depression that descends for no apparent reason out of a clear blue sky.
The remedy helps to dispel the clouds so that the person can once again find joy and peace in life.

it works to when I start to feel down the mustard bottle goes pretty quick and I use it weekly just so I don't feel schmucky!!!

aromatherapy, some essential oils can boost your mood like that just by smelling them, like you would a candle!!

Any of these oils are great for depression: frankincense, geranium, grapefruit, jasmine, Juniper, Lavender, Lemongrass, lime, mandarin, Lemon Balm, Myrrh, myrtle, patchouli, rose, Rosemary, rosewood, Sandalwood, and pine.

Take an empty medicine bottle or container, get a q-tip dip it in any of those oils of choice and put the q-tip in the bottle. Smell it throughout the day.

Both the mustard and oil work instantaneously

Feel Great -Toni

Yoga and meditation, for more details check this site http://about-astro.blogspot.com/

[email protected]
Whilst agreeing with 'Merciala', weed isn't always the right thing. I use something called S-adenosyl Methionine (SaME) from the health food shop or online. I started taking it for liver problems but found it's reputed anti-depressive effects to be really beneficial. It doesn't do anything really noticeable to your head (& elsewhere!) like Prozac, you just feel less depressed, less worried and therefore more able to cope. I don't take it regularly anymore - but i pop one as soon as stress starts taking me down.

Go and see a registered Homeopath.
Homeopathy can treat depression brilliantly with no side effects !

Dr Frank
There are 2 types of depression, endogenous, meaning from within, and exogenous, from outside.

Endogenous is a biochemical illness, there is usually no external precipitating event and the disease is linked to brain amine upset. This is generally low levels of serotonin. Hence the response to drugs like Seroxat and Prozac, which are SSRIs ( selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors.)

The more common type is exogenous depression, this is triggered by life events. It is better managed with therapy, the most effective being CBT. Unfortunately this is very labour intensive, par for the course is 6 or more one hour therapy sessions. The waiting list for this sort of treatment in UK is in some areas very long. Thus doctors tend to prescribe as a stop gap, rather than doing nothing. The response to medication in this case is much more limited. I suspect this is the explanation for the recent metanalysis results.

self medication... not really. try doing a firewalk. I did one last year and I still feel pretty good!! contact Corky Cayton somehow or look up firewalking. I walked over a 14 foot bed of coals 4 times then continued to dance on them after it was done. I felt like i was king of my domain......

EXERCISE,healthy diet
and a GOOD shrink!!!!

a healthy relationship with God wouldnt hurt either..

One, if you are taking any medicines for depression, talk to your doctor before taking any herbal remedies as they may interact with your meds in ways that you really don't want.

St. John's Wort is nearly as effective as most serotonin inhibitors. In fact, it acts much like Prozac.

Chamomile is also a good general tonic and relaxant.

Make sure to get plenty of vitamin B. All types. You wouldn't believe what it's good for. (Pretty much everything.) Good foods for vitamin Bs are whole grains, fish, eggs, poultry, dairy products, leafy greens, beans and peas, and red meat.

And only drink alcohol in moderation. Vitamin B deficiency often occurs in alcoholics.

And get plenty of sunshine. That helps the body produce Vitamin D, which is essential in making serotonin.

travisr f
go to any herb shop,witchcraft store,or even bong shop and buy 100% Peppermint essential oil(it should be around 10 to 15 dollars),then put a couple drops on a tissue and put in your room to inhale,this works!

the hills have eyes
exercise and lots of activity. get a new hobby or find soemthing that you really enjoy doing. then share your new hobby with someone. depression cured

Paul S
Depression can be caused by a large number of underlying factors, like the ones you mention in your question. I believe the answer is to face up to these factors, deterrmine what they are and deal with them accordingly. You should sit down with a pen and paper and list one by one all the problems that are causing you (if it is you) these problems. Opposite the problem, write what you think may be the possible solution. I would like to see the paper when it is written. Hope I have helped and good luck.

Arobic exercise might help. They say that when you exercise, it raises the endorfin levels. These are the hormones that make you feel happy and in control. Also get plenty of sleep. Find a close friend to talk to about your problems. Take time to be alone and reflect on life. Join a nice church of your faith. Believe in God and trust Him to see to through this. Wish you the best!

The Yoga Pranayam (breathing exercises) will help you relax and also help with the depression.Do it to supplement any medication(if any) and over longer term you will be able to stop taking medicine. You will notice benefits in weeks.
Build up your timing gradually. If you feel tired or dizzy, stop and resume after 1 minute.

Bhastrika - Take a long deep breath into the lungs(chest not tummy) via the nose and then completely breathe out through the nose. Duration upto 5 minutes.

Anulom Vilom –
Close your right nostril with thumb and deep breath-in through left nostril
then – close left nostril with two fingers and breath-out through right nostril
then -keeping the left nostril closed deep breath-in through right nostril
then - close your right nostril with thumb and breath-out through left nostril.
This is one cycle of anulom vilom.
Age over 15 years -Repeat this cycle for 20 to 30 minutes twice a day(maximum 60 minutes in one day).
Age under 15 years -Repeat this cycle for 5 to 10 minutes twice a day(maximum 20 minutes in one day).
You can do this before breakfast/lunch/dinner or before bedtime or in bed.Remember to take deep long breaths into the lungs.You can do this while sitting on floor or chair or lying in bed.

Bhramri Pranayam -Close eyes. Close ears with thumb, index finger on forehead, and rest three fingers on base of nose touching eyes. Breathe in through nose. And now breathe out through nose while humming like a bee.
Duration : 5 to 12 times

Kapalbhati -(Do it before eating) Push air forcefully out through the nose about once per second. Stomach will itself go in(contract in). The breathing in(through the nose) will happen automatically. Establish a rhythm and hold your head steady. Not for pregnant women. Seriously ill people do it gently.
Age over 15 years -do this for 20 to 30 minutes twice a day(maximum 60 minutes in one day).
Age under 15 years -do this for 5 to 10 minutes twice a day(maximum 20 minutes in one day).

Once you are better, continue the pranayam once a day.
Be patient, as the benefits will show over a period of months.Only by doing you will benefit
and feel good because you are helping your body.Those who say I have tried everything....
will be amazed at the result of doing pranayam.

mild depression can be helped by physical exercise i would say because loads of people feel down but real depression i believe is a chemical imbalance.you need help with this.you cannot simply snapout of it because it stays with you 24/7.antidepressants help at first and then you need to move forewould yourself.when i suffered with depression i tried loads of stuff but in the end i needed medication.this is just my experience.

Meditation, solidarity, yoga, trips to the beach, dancing...
and support from those who care about you.

Mally Jayne
Healthy eating habits, exercise

Misplaced Falcon
Jog 30 minutes a day. Its a proven fact that jogging 30 minutes a day has more effect on your brain than the most powerfull anti-depresent drugs.

The Un-Cola
Exercise has been shown to be as effective as medication. Spend 40 minutes a day doing some sort of physical exercise.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can also be helpful (its a more structured form of counselling)... but different things work for different people, some people are helped by the prescription drugs, some aren't.

exercise--it increases the endorphins which are the feel good chemicals, in the brain

Simplify your life. Learn to say "no". Eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise. Most importantly, take a few minutes every day to count your blessings. People who are depressed tend to focus on the negative too much. If you make a point of being thankful and grateful for all the GOOD things in your life, the depression will lift.

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