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What are the natural ways to treat arthritis?

hen d
Arthritis Treatment

How to Treat Arthritis

I wish I knew and I would use it myself, I have arthritis and osteoperosis and both are very painfull

mr. M
exercise every day..

Another possible slant on it: handle any allergies with dietary changes. There are foods that stir up acidic conditions in your body. One thing I find very helpful is to lay off sugar and junk foods (these create food reactions in the gut which effects soreness in the joints) and eat non-sweetened yogurt. Take additional supplements (there are various new products at the health food shop that specifically target arthritis) and go and educate yourself (library or Internet) about causes and effects in relation to nutrition. Knowledge equals control!
Good luck with your efforts

punky girl
Orlando bloom

Try bee venom. I saw a program where arthritis patients actually went to a lady whos specialized in this, Something about the venom lessens the joint stiffness. Don't do this if you are allergic though.

brandy c
My father and grandfather use rasians that have been soaked in a dry gin and take one teaspoon of the juice a day and they have not had any more arthritis. This is an old cowboy remedies and that say it works. so you might want to try it.

Michael E
Glyconutrients. I had arthritis. I don't now.

Naresh C
To being with, nutrition is important and can accomplish a major goal in the treatment of arthritis. If you have arthritis your diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables, which are rich sources of anti-oxidants that can protect against cellular and joint damage. Avoid all simple processed and concentrated carbohydrates, including sugar and fruit juices. Stress high fibre foods. Keep fats to a minimum. Flavonoid rich foods such as cherries, blueberries, and blackberries are beneficial in the treatment of arthritis because they prevent the destruction of the joint structure.

A substance in the nightshade family (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, and peppers) can inhibit normal collagen repair in the joints. Try a three-month diet free of foods from the nightshade family to see if this is a predisposing factor for your arthritis.

The elimination of food allergies can be an important step in reducing joint pain. If you have a wheat sensitivity, wheat products can often produce joint pain. Do have a test for food sensitivities because there may be other allergies involved.

A detox treatment can be very useful. A detox diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fish combined with a series of detox supplements can eliminate toxins and inflammatory byproducts from the blood, thereby decreasing the pain and inflammation of the joints.

There are several supplements that can be extremely beneficial. Anti-oxidants can help prevent damage to the cartilage of the bone. Vitamin E has the ability to inhibit the breakdown of cartilage as well as the ability to stimulate the manufacture of cartilage components. Vitamin C is necessary to the manufacture of collagen, the major support protein of cartilage. As we age, we tend to become more deficient in Vitamin C and this deficiency is known to produce poor collagen synthesis.

Certainly one of the most impressive supplements in the treatment of osteoarthritis in the last decade had been glucosamine Sulfate. Double blind studies have shown that glucosamine Sulfate produces better long term results than Aspirin type pills in reducing the inflammation and pain of osteoarthritis. It treats the root of the problem by promoting cartilage growth.

Some botanicals that are useful in the treatment of osteoarthritis include a native African plant called Devil's Claw. Devil's Claw can act as an anti-inflammatory and also has a pain killing effect on the sore joints. Boswella Serrapa can decrease inflammatory pathways, stop cartilage breakdown, and increase the blood supply to the joints.

Physical therapy can be very important in reestablishing joint integrity. Various physical therapy treatments like exercise, heat, cold, and diathermy can be beneficial in increasing joint mobility and decreasing pain. However, avoid physical activities that overly strain the joints.

Massage therapy, physiotherapy, and chiropractic can be utilized to decrease joint strain.

LaKota.It is actually a product for sale in Canada but it is an old Indian thing and people swear by it.

Nearly 30 years ago I was having a terrible time with arthritis pains in my hands. Before I went to a doctor I mentioned to one of my brothers that I was waking up screaming at night because my hands were like claws and I couldn't even open them up.

My brother told me that he had seen an interview on 60 MInutes with a doctor from our home town. The doctor had a very bad case of arthritis and had fasted to get everything out of his system. He reintroduced foods 1 at a time a noted the effects. Red meat caused him the most trouble.

When I heard about that I stopped eating red meat and it made an enormous difference in my life! I hope it will do so for you as well.

Susan S
Information on arthritis,home remedies and treatment is available at http://tinyurl.com/z5vx5

take hot baths and put the pain out of your head. mind over matter

i have a bad ankle and knee and i soak them in hot water and ice them if i do not want to take any pain killers..


heat , fish oils, and exercise also sharkfin

try 2 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in 8 oz of water, 3x a day. This will curb the pain for a while but if you stop taking it the symptoms will return. Another that is good is flaxseed Oil. . At best take a look at these interesting pages. Hope thishelps

Fitchurg Girl
I promise you that the spice "tumeric" will help you, and after about 2 weeks of taking it, you will notice a difference.
Health food stores usually carry this.
I have Tumeric Force, made by NewChapter, which i purchased for my husband. it is the one capsule he would not go without.
If you eat enough curry, you can get the benefits, but boy, will your house stink!

Diet and exercise. What kinds of foods trigger arthritis or make it worse, what kinds help it? The trick is really to take preventative measures.

There's very little emphasis on prevention in our society. We always want a cure, but we fail to look at the causes of our ailments.

bret f
Taking herbs on stress release, accupuncture, and tylenal medicine codine.

GLUCOSAMINE WITH CHONDROINTIN is the best way to go. I'm using it now and it works wonders. Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis CANNOT be cured. But both are treatable only.And there is no way to prevent either one. Both are hereditary.

I have had rheumatoid arthritis for over 20 years (with multiple hip replacements/revison surgeries and hand surgeries)and have tried many of the treatments over the years and the only thing I have found to help is to stay positive, happy and active within your own limits. As there are over 115 different types of arthritis, with the cause of each being as individual as the person dealing with arthritis, so are the treatments (natural or medical) that help that person.
My best advise is to do what feels best for you. Only you can tell others what helps and doesn't help.
I take prescription meds as I have not found a natural treatment that helps me beyond what I have said above.
I could go on for hours about what I have experienced but take all advise with a grain of salt and be careful as some of the treatments I have heard of over the years can actually be harmful or a waste of money. Chondroitin (sp?)for example is very good for osteoarthritis and has not been proven to help RA as the disease process is different as is the cause.
Stay healthy, active and be happy!!!

Regina D
99 Cloud, I just want to say I concur with all those other intelligent posters who gave invaluable information about the natural, God-given remedies for arth. Additionally, eat all the listed foods as pure and close to their natural state as possible, with fresh being the most ideal way. Cooking them takes away the vitamins and minerals potency. And, finally, please ignore BobbyD's answer, most likely he is a medical doctor of some type, or the spouse of one, and doesn't want the public informed on natural paths to health, because it might diminish the gratis (kickbacks, bribes) amounts he and his colleagues receive from the pharmaceutical reps for prescription-pushing their company's over-priced, under-effective, most times needless, side-effect causing, organ-debillitating, "medication". Yes, as the former posters recommended, inform your medical provider first, he is educated about your particular condition, and any other meds you may be on, but, remember, these are all natural, if God put them there, and they have been proven safe for consumption, then go for it and have a happy and healthy life! God bless!

My husband has Osteoarthritis pretty bad, had stomach & digestive problems with Anti-Inflammatories and we treat it solely naturally now.
1. Know your limitations - adapt your life to take repetitive strain off the problem areas. Physio therapists can help with strengthening exercises, doctors may suggest bracing if advanced.
2. Do Yoga or Tai Chi daily - seems to provide relief with flexibility, always more pain when he falls off his daily routine
3. Potatoes, peppers, eggplant, tobacco, known as the Nightshade family of vegetables have been proven to aggrivate arthritic joints in some people. May want to try to avoid them for a couple weeks, then reintroduce and see if any reaction the next day. If they bother you, you'll know it.
4. Purchase the book "Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type" Dr. P. D'Adamo. It was the single most important thing we did. Guides you through avoiding food aggrivants for each Blood Type and it does work. I have Osteoarthritis in my finger joints and the swelling and pain are compounded severly if I consume wheat or corn the day previous. He also has protocols for each Blood Type for supplementing with things like Glucosamine, fish oils etc. EVERYTHING is not for everyone so it is nice to have a guide from a medical professional. Don't want to be killed with the cure, if you know what I mean.
5. Mental aspect - Do not dwell and fret on the problem areas, keep telling your body that it is well and is healing. Positive thought is paramount. Try to envision healthy joints, no swelling, no pain...your healthy joints. We will become what we fear the most so we mustn't dwell on the negative. Be optimistic there is plenty you can do to help yourself. Cheers

The Doc

People believe rhumatoid arthritis disease is a fatal part of the aging process.

They don't know that osteoarthritis and rhumatoid arthritis are curable and preventable if correct nutrients are given to the body.

Learn more by visiting this website:


[email protected]
heat, hot pads or hot soaks, not cold cold is the worst for arthritis, Vitiam E is suppose to be very good for the body with art, Plus there are quite a few OTC treatments for it now days to. Heating pads you can put on and wear for the day work really good depending on where you need it. The arthritis assosiation on the web has a news letter they send out totally free that usually list natural ways to deal with art. And they will keep you updated on anything new that comes out.

MSN with glucosmine....MSN is a plant extract and glucosmine comes from the sternum of chickens. My mother swears by it. Another alternative is Copper bracelets if it's in your hands/wrists. I've heard some people get relief that way. You can also try magnet therapy. I don't know much about that one...haven't met anybody who's actually tried it.

Eating foods that are anti-inflammatory and may help prevent arthritis, like Cod, Strawberries, Parsley, Garlic, apples, bananas, spinach, Broccoli, onions, and green beans.

chondroitin plus Glucosamine
Does not work for everybody but for some its a relief.

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