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Poornima V
What are the instant home remedies to cure sore throat??

ganesh n
chew tulsi mixed with good Ginger.

I'm sure you have heard of gargling with warm salt water, but if you add an equal amount of Hydrogen Peroxide to the gargle, it works even better by breaking down any infectious drainage/mucus and speeds up the healing of damaged tissue in the throat. By the way, if you have problems getting past the taste, add a little mouth wash to the mixture to make it more palatable.

Gummy wurm
I always gargle with a lot of salt water 2-3 times a day. put enough in the cup where you can gargle maybe ten times, and put a lot of salt, make it very salty (you're not going to swallow it though). this always helps my throat feel better.

Alcohol. drink a bottle of whisky. this will sort you right out. if it doesn't, you'll have still had a great time trying to cure it.
whisky can cure anything. Hangovers, Flu, Losing your hands in a hilarious snow plough accident (they grow right back, I'm sure).

Mix some table salt with warm water and gargle.

Rum and coke

swamp elf
gargle with salt water. go to a doctor.

Gargling with warm salt water really does help.

ginger drink-boil hot water with some Ginger its great!!!!1

I like using chloreseptic, cough drops, peppermints and hotchocolate or chicken soup. Something warm to soothe the throat or something minty to ease the pain. ( i like the minty stuff better )

Chicken Soup or cough drops.

The Doc
half a glass of warm lemonade ( not hot just warm ) and add a tea spoon of honey.

Kurt Sullivan
I think hot lemon juice helps.

Drink lemon and orange juice with a bit of honey. It's good for you, and I always drink this when I had sore throat and it worked. I take Acidophilus capsule every morning on empty stomach it helps me to keep away from any sickness like sore throat and other infection diseases. Hope you get well soon.

Jennifer S
My mother always had me gargle with warm salt water too.

Eater of Crayons
Peppermint tea. Lay off the cigars. (the tea really works)

jus meeee :)
Hot tea with lemon.

mash a fresh Garlic Clove,take a teaspoon of something sweet like applesauce and add smashed Garlic,swallow quickly,chew parsly or gum to get rid of the odor. Used this on my son since he was 1. He swears by this and he is now 19.

Sister Ann
Honey and lemon or lime. It works for me and my family.
You make it by squeezing the lime or lemon into a container then add honey. hake it up really good. then use it. store it in a cool place. Shake it first before you use it each time.

Joe C
Throat Coat tea, available in health food stores. By Traditional Medicinals.

Jack P
Gargle warm salt water.

Also, HALLS make a pretty good sore throat medicine.

But the warm salt water will do.

try drinking some hot tea with honey and lemon or gargle warm salt water

You'll be amazed at how quickly your throat will heal itself with just salt water. Put warm water in a glass, add enough salt that it tastes REALLY salty. Salt is the key. Mix it up and gargle it a few times, spitting it out each time. Do this as often as you can. The more you do it, the sooner it works. Talk as little as possible and by tomorrow, you'll be amazingly much better.

raj k
A natural method which I use would be lemon juice and orange mixed with some honey warm ... simple and will clear your sore throat hopefully.
Plenty of fruit juice (natural) with Vitamin C

apparently gargling warm salt water! eeew but believe me its gross, ive tried it and i was nearly sick

gargle with warm salt water

green wheat
1. Gargle with warm salt water 2.Mix Vicks Vaporub or Amritanjan or Turmeric in boiling water ,Sit near the water cover your head with a blanket and inhale the vapours. This should be done twice a day, especially in the evening so that you'll have a cough-free sleep.
i 2.Add half a teaspoon of Turmeric to hot milk and drink before going to bed.


I put warm water in a glass and mix salt in it. Then I gargle it around in my throat for a little while.

Gargle with warm very salty water. It's not instant, but if you do it about 5-7 times in a day your throat is usally better by the end of the day.

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