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Serious question. Quick home remedy for constipation please?
Have friend visiting from overseas. All pharmacies closed, need a quick home remedy for constipation. She can't sleep

Janet C
You can buy adzuki or aduki beans (same thing different spelling) in any Whole Foods market. Make a tea with the beans. 1/2 cup beans to 3 cups of water. Bring to a boil and let simmer for 20 minutes. It has a pleasant taste. Add a couple of drops of Shoyu (natural Soy sauce) and drink hot. Throw the beans away.

If you can find Kombu (a dried sea vegetable) you can make a tea from this as well. One 5 inch strip of Kombu in 3 cups of water. Bring to a boil, turn down the heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Discard the Kombu (or eat it if you like it) and add a couple of drops of Shoyu. Drink 1 cup of the liquid tea.

Best of luck. This always works for my girlfriend. She uses the adzuki bean tea first and it works well. You can make the tea out of almost any small bean, black, Soy, etc., however adzuki beans work the best. I hope your friend feels better soon.

Magnesium is a great remedy. But not to much or you will regret it. The vitamin shoppe carries it in liquid form its usually a half teaspoon daily. I know its the quickest relief too!

Veronica Alicia
Suggest you phone NHS direct for advice
If your friend is in real discomfort due to not having had a bowel clearance for some time, she may need medical help. There are some fast acting medications used to prepare the bowel for X-ray, but you won't be able to buy them over the counter.

Victoria O
a bottle of tabsco sauce. i think vinagar and water too i was told it flushes ur sytem i dont know if thats pee or poo wise.

use anjeer fresh if available or dried if fresh is not available.Anjeer is an indian fruit easily available in all parts of country fesh or dry..and videly prescribed by doctors. I my self have used it many times and find it effective.

Deon D
If you have any dried fruit in your house such as prunes that will help or liquorice will also help and if you have any supermarkets open now you can buy laxitive chocolates from them

Order a hot Indian curry, that will sort her out, it always works very quickly on me!

A glass of warm prune juice......ask pregnant woman and the elderly. It works 80% of the time

1 quart apple juice. drink. wait awhile.

telboy everton forever
try weetabix and rhubarb

pineapples are good,sorry for late answer but prune juice is very good...

Porridge, prunes fruit esp.oranges.a teasp of bicarb. of soda in a cup of boiling water.

ogey 1
the best way without medication is weetabix with plenty of sugar and warm milk takes about 10 th15 mins to work

chilli will work wonders

shirley v
prunes prune juice

Healing Health
Read below to learn how to stop constipation.


buy epsom salts and have a bath with the epsom salts pured in.

walk walk walk then plenty of fruit prunes apples grapes in particular i find very good make a smoothie its easier to get a good amount into you, its a very uncomfortable feeling being constipation and i hope something works . .

prunes , orange juice

paula l
pure orange, prunes, Licorice, laxatives any super market should have them

paul rn
have you tried epson salt reading the directions on the back...

orange juice, prune juice, apple juice, laxatives


drink plenty water, eat bran and/or prunes for breakfast. Fruit during the day, and plenty of walks or other valuable exercises. When people go abroad their bowel habits change. It depends on the changes in the drinking water, and diet.

My mom can eat 1 prune and go like 4 times. Her friend has to eat about 6 of them to be able to go. I think prunes would be the fastest and safest way to get her to go. You can buy fibercon to take later on if it continues to be a problem while she's here. Travelling does that to a lot of people. Even though pharmacies are closed you should be able to find a walmart or a grocery store or even a gas station that should have something for her. Good luck!

Foods that have special recognition as laxatives include almonds, apricots (dried), avocados, Chicory, coconut, Dandelion (yes get out in your garden and eat those Dandelion leaves, so long as they have no chemicals on them!), dates, endive, figs, flaxseed, grapes, mango's, olive, papayas, Parsley, persimmons, pineapple, prunes, Rhubarb, soybeans, turnips, walnuts, watercress.

Include a combination of these in your diet as fresh salads, soups or snacks. Increase your intake of the above and if still constipated, increase again and lessen your intake of meat, dairy and high processed food.

Lack of water in your system is a large contributing factor to constipation. Water is essential to many bodily actions and elimination of waste is very high on the list. NOT tea, coffee or soft drink, but pure WATER. Add some lemon or fresh fruit juice for flavour if needed, but drink water!

Juicing is a fantastic way of getting essential foods in a fast acting and refreshing way. A variety of delicious juices can be made if you have a juicing machine, alternatively fresh juices can be purchased. Avoid those made from concentrate and try to always buy organic juices. Prune juice is top of the list as a laxative, but apple-pear, Asparagus and potato are also good.

psyllium husks, the tiny seeds of the Plantain, contain a fibre called mucilage. Mucilage absorbs a great deal of fluid in the gut, the seeds swell and add bulk to the stool. The bulk presses on the walls of the colon, inducing the muscles to contract and the stool is passed. It is very important to drink at least eight full glasses of water a day, or the digestive track will become blocked and uncomfortable. Psyllium also removes the sticky mucus and toxins from the bowel. They reduce acidity and increase urine flow.

Linseed also known as flax, is rich in fibre and essential fatty acids and can be used instead of psyllium husks. Again for the seeds to work effectively it is important for you to drink at least 1/4 pint (150 ml) of water per desert spoon of seeds.

senna known to Arabian physicians as early as the ninth century as a food and dietary supplement, is an effective and long-established remedy for constipation. Senna contains a powerful Natural Laxative called anthraquinone. It is best combined with such things as Ginger or cloves that will improve taste and prevent griping pains. Anthraquinone laxatives should not be taken over long periods of time as they are very strong, and you should not become dependent on them. Aloe Vera also falls within this category.

Rhubarb contains a Natural Laxative chemical. It is also high in fibre. Its laxative action can be pretty powerful. Liquorice in large doses can be a laxative. Olive oil has a mild laxative action and can lower blood cholesterol levels. Laxatives should never be abused. Use them for only as long as needed to let your body establish its own natural rhythm. Do not use constantly as you will become dependent on them and some may lose their potency as your body gets used to them. Always try to avoid harsh, artificial laxatives and use a natural one.

Prune juice, Laxatives, Loads of orange juice. I don't know about quick though they usually take some time to kick in.

Dr. Miguel A. Baret, PhD
When I was studying in Colombia to become a Medical Missionary Naturopathic Physician, one incredible remedy that the president of the school had us take for constipation was....

Take a 18 oz glass of water, and add 1 full tbsp of regular salt. She has to drink it ALL at once. It will send her to the toilet no matter what. It's powerful though simple. The principle behind is the osmothic reaction in the physiology of the intestine because of the salt.

Good luck! :)

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