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Remedies for flying?
I have an important flight this week, so there is no possible way to escape it. Lately I've been having off and on periods of panic attacks. I don't want to medicate myself. Sure I'll be alleviating myself but I don't want to patch up my problem. They say the mind and nature are powerful things. How can I naturally help myself? I really don't want to be gasping for air or trembling on the flight.
I have been on planes without any care or worries, until I hit 20....nerve issues.
Does Valerian work? (I've got liquid valerian droplets you can add to drinks)
Last time I tried it, I felt very sleepy...not exactly calm, but sleepy.
Any suggestions? Advice? Techniques?
Please I can't go nuts on a 2 hr flight.

Freedom Fighter

Get hypnotized to not be afraid of riding an airplane or you could learn all the safety procedures off by heart and look at how far you'll have to ride on the plane. You could alos just make sure that you know just what to do if somthing bad happens.

personally i just sleep

I experience flying anxiety as well... not a pleasant feeling, that's for sure. Seriously, I have panic attacks but it's all mind over matter.
Once I realise that, I take deep breaths, calm myself, keep thinking positive it'll be over before you know it.
Having "comfort" items i.e. your favorite music, books, magazines, etc helps also.

Udit D
non other than keep your religious holy book with u & do meditation during yor flight . go to websites of YOGA &PRANAYAM to know right procedure of meditation.

Sit next to a whiney two-year-old.

That'll make you forget you're fear of flying.

I take medication for acute panic attacks and depression.
gen-Temazepam 15mg
gen-Alprazolam .5mg

or the best is Morpheine
(good for take off's and cruises 8 hrs+)

Take some Nyquil. I hate flying and I had a job where I had to fly alot. I would take Nyquil before I boarded - Slept of the flight No Jet lag - Felt refreshed and didn't get the flu in a new place....

triple win

I would probably go with the Back Remedies called rescue remedies. It is the best stuff in the world i use it every day.

Peter D
I used to be afraid to fly as well. My friend was obtaining his private pilot's license. I rode with him in a small plane, basically against my will. Once I studied aerodynamics and got some hands-on experience with flying I really started to understand what makes an airplane fly and what keeps it in the air. I was no longer in the dark. Flying ceased to be some mystery that I was subject to when I took control and responsibility of understanding it. Enlightened with knowledge of the subject sort of scared the fear away.

Whatever you do, please disregard the previous homeopathic "remedy". Homeopathy is Pseudo-scientific quackery and, beyond the placebo effect, not a viable treatment for any ailment.

Seems like you already have a ton of advice, but I will add in my two cents. I have panic attacks on planes, sometimes even with my lovely prescription of Xanax. What helped me the most was to imagine that the plane was floating on the air like a boat floats on the water. I had a pilot explain it like that to me once, and that image works for me. So even when we hit turbulence, I just think of it like waves on a lake. Of course, the pilot put it all in technical mumbo jumbo that I can't recall, but the image works.

I'm also big time into distraction. I do crossword puzzles, read or listen to my iPod. If the plane has a speaker jack for in flight music I listen to that, or tv, that is even better. Its hard to be anxious when you are watching Flip This House on TLC!

Good luck with your flight!

I am another white-knuckle flyer. For me, the physical sensations of takeoff are the worst part of it. Once the plane is up in the air and reasonably leveled off, I feel fine. I don't like to medicate, legal or otherwise, in any way. So I do breathing exercises and meditate and pray. If you're flying with someone, hold their hand. :-) Remind yourself that flying in an airplane is much safer than being in a car. Maybe bring along a camera and take some pictures while you're up in the air .... those are some beautiful views you won't get down on the ground!

J J Ryan
Well , I , a 14 year old, suffer from a lot of panic/anxiety problems. I do take some medication that helps for 80 percent of it, and when its not working, i do breathing techniques my doctor taught me. Also, somthing i found funny is that if you dont wanna be nervous, take an Antihistimine, or a Benadryl. they will make you fall alseep quickly

i hoped that sorta helped but good luck with that. I know how anxiety feels and i hope you can cope with it.

George M
1. take a book along with you .
2. tell your self it is all right i'm going to beat this .
3. get a window seat .
4. chew some gum .
5. pray to God for guidence and he will help you .

Tito v
good ole Xanax. used for anxiety

BillyBob Joe boy
remember that it is still the safest method of travel and i would recommend taking somthing to keep you busy


teddi p
you should look at L-theanine(sun theanine) .try your local supplement shop.reduces stress and calms your body.

Focus on your breathing. Sit up straight, close your eyes and inhale deeply for four counts, pause four counts, exhale slowly four counts, pause four counts. Do this over and over until you feel relaxed. Don't think about anything else. I find that, for me, it also helps to repeat the process to myself:

Inhale - 2 - 3 - 4 - Pause 2 - 3 - 4 - Exhale - 2 - 3 - 4 - Pause - 2 - 3 - 4, etc.

Good luck. Be well.

If this helps, take it into consideration. Nothing will go wrong. Every 5 seconds a boeing 737 takes off, and there are thousands of other aircraft out there, so we can probably say that there is constantly an airplane taking off somewhere around the world. You don't hear of that many air disasters. Commercial aircraft are equipped with millions of dollars worth of safety instruments and pilots are highly trained and tested every year on their abilities. The chances that something will go wrong are very slim, and if something does go wrong, the chances of it being fatal are even slimmer.

Air travel is safer than any other means of transportation, even walking in relation to how many deaths occur in each category per year.

Immortal ninja
To relieve yourself, flying a plane is actually quite safe. There are little/no crashes on a plane, compared to car accidents. Just simply think of something else, breathe, and clear out your mind via meditation.

here's advice from your neighborhood friendly Immortal ninja!

Vladimir Putin
Well, whatever meds it takes for this flight.

But really, you've got a phobia goin there and you're way too young to live your life with fear. Go see a pro and get it fixed.

Mr. & Mrs. Davis
Embrace... Foll yourself and pretend you are really excited.... Just look at the shear number of people who fly everyday... Take a chance and feel free!

Just remember the following facts:

Airline staff are extremly well trained in every situation, they know exactly what to do and can help you.

Air travel is the proven safest way to travel, you are in much more danger in a car than in an airplane.

There are thousands of flights every day, and only very, very occasionally a flight has any incident at all.

Before you fly, there are tons of checks and inspections done on the plane to make sure it is in the best condition.

What helps me is chewing gum. It helps you with the pressure in your ears and it's a distraction.
Bring an iPod to listen to relaxing, calming music, and it will help your nerves.

If you are starting to feel scared, take a couple deep breaths, and go to the lavatory to splash some water on your face. Then come back and listen to some music and close your eyes.

There are also special ion bracelets you can buy that I think are supposed to help.

I hope you have a great flight!

I'm the same way, it's normal. That's the first thing to understand I think. Then figure out why you are so scared, could it be that you are not in control of the plane, the pilot is, and this could be scaring you, not knowing who is flying this plane? I think the first thing to understand is that planes undergo a very good inspection. Majority of pilots are very intelliegent people who have either flown in the airforce (way more difficult!), or have had extensive training, this includes all emergency training too. Like someone has said, you are much "safer" flying than driving in a car for 2 days, or even 2 hours! Stats proove this. This is always a good thing to think about before taking off.

Don't drink, it can dehydrate you and make you feel like ----

Just think of all the things that can happen in your life, the odds of something happening on a plane are very, very, very small. You're more likely to break your leg today than die on a plane!

r u nervous because you are afraid the flight may have problems and crash?
I am a nervous flyer too and each time I need to fly and reluctant to do so, I remind myself that death is inevitable and there is no escape. I make the following prayer which calms me down a lot:

"Bism Allah Al lathy la yaduru ma'a ismihi shay'an ma fil ardy wa ma fi al sama'a wa huwa al sami'u al aleem " 3 times,
which means:
In the name of God who does not hurt with his name a living being whether in the earth or in the sky, and he is all knower all hearer.
There are also the du'aas in this weblink:
I finally also make the following du'aa in case it is my time:
" Allahuma anta raby la illaha illa ant, khalaqtany, wa na abduka, wa ana ala ahdika wa wa'adika ma stata'at, a outhu
bika min shary ma sana' et, wa a outhu bithanby fa' eghfir lee
fa inahu la yaghfiru al thunub illa ant"
which means:
"Oh God, you are my Lord, there is no God but you, you have created me and I am your servant, and I will follow your command to the best of my ability. I seek refuge in you from the evil that I have done, and I confess my sins so forgive me,
because none forgives all sins except you"

This is the highest form of repentence you can say.
I hope that helps.

Prayer. I used to be terrified of flying, the a family priest said to pray for God to take away my fear of flying. He also said to ask for a blessing of the plane when you board. It worked for me and now I fly all the time with no problems.

Also - it helped me to educate myself on what happens before and during the flight, what the noises mean (landing gear, dings engine noises), bumps, etc. I had to take my grandmother on a flight and to say she was a nervous wreck was an understatement. Holding her hand and explaining everything to her helped her out a lot, and me as well. Once I got her to say her Rosary, she was much better.

Personally, I take a Valium if I need to fly. But I truly have a flying phobia to the point I'll freak out completely if Im not 'sedated'. It's short acting and a life saver. But if it's more of a nerves thing for you, have a drink or two on the plane, and what works great for me is any sort of distraction techniques-i.e., bring lots of magazines, your ipod, crosswords etc.etc.

Whiskey. My mom used to be terrified of flying but got hypnotized and it was very successful for her. Here is what I would suggest, everytime you start to panic, remind yourself that more people die each year from interacting with donkeys than die on plane crashes.

♥Shortstuff ♥
I can relate to what you're feeling, believe me. I have panic attacks only when I fly. My fear of height & feeling closed in, cause me to have panic attacks. I flew south sixteen months ago & knowing I had to fly, I came to terms with myself about the upcoming flight. I kept talking to myself, some days before the flight. I kept telling myself that I would be just fine & once I made the flight, I'd be proud of myself. Believe it or not, it does work, you know, the power of positive thinking. Once I got on the plane, I made sure the air was on directly over my head, to keep me cool. If I get really warm, it makes matters worse, so I keep myself cool as I can. I do not read on a plane but I do listen to CD's, while I doodle in a small notebook I keep in my carry on bag. The music & the doodling, keep my mind occcupied. I can not sleep on a plane, & I do not take Dramamine or sedatives to keep me calm. I am a determined/head strong gal & I want to do it all on my own. The secret is not to focus on your flight, just focus on telling yourself, that you can do it, & that you'll be just fine. It works for me & when I get to my destination, I feel proud of myself for having conquered my fears of flying, once again. You'll be just fine. I hope I have been of some help to you.

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