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Natural remedies and solutions for stress...?
I am rather stressed out at the moment with mood swings and negativity. It is short term things that will be sorted in time but any suggestions to make stress easier untill then would be great.


canabis is a herbal remedy

When I was in charge for curing my anemia, my omeopathist gave me Bardana pills and Fish oil to reduce the stress due to an intense period of study.
Bardana lowers stress and anxiety, and increases concentration. I remember the pills were quite big with a wonderful taste.
Fish oil is for increasing memory, it had a strange taste I have never liked.

venus quality
St Johns Wort, breathing exercises, reflexology, aerobic exercise like kick boxing

Valerian is an over the counter herb that is calming. As far as I know it has no side effects and isn't habit forming.

Kava Kava is another herb out there but I wouldn't recommend that one. It's been banned in Germany and several other countries as causing possible liver damage.

Be just a little bit selfish and set aside time for yourself to do something enjoyable every day.

Get a pet. They say having a cat or dog helps relieve stress.

claire d
St.johns wort will help as a short term fix for mood swings and general negativity. You can buy it from any chemist and super market. Hope this helps and the mood lifts soon-chin up xxx

Yoga is brilliant... teaches you breathing techniques that help you to relax and concentrate. Obviously exercise also helps. Tried St Johns Wort? (inteferes with contraceptive pill mind)

Or you could do what i do and drink lots of wine.... (!!!)

Bryony A Weir
The best stress relievers are St.Johns Wort, and kalms sleeping tablets... Though I do suggest you consult a doctor before taking St'Johns Wort if there is any chance you may be pregnant.
Also if you need to wind down at night time, I suggest you do some exercise prefferably at night so you use up all your energy to help you sleep better. When you do feel like winding down, have a hot bubble bath with candles with a book or shower radio to relax. Once you are ready for bed use some scented oils like Lavender which is excellent for sleep, and dab 2 drops onto your pillow.
If you are stressed cut out caffeine in your diet, as it makes you more alert (which can make you anxious).
2 hours before bed, write down and compartmentalise all your worries from the day then leave it for the night......In the morning read it again and throw it away or burn it as a symbol of a new day..... Amen and I hope my suggestions work

yoga and meditation are the best ways to fight stress and keep your body fit...... its way better than hours of exercising for hours...... you otta try it out.....it'll work for sure......


Yoga, Camile tea, exercise, relaxation tapes /Cd's and most importantly a good friend to talk your worries over with.

welll...... the more ways you tackle this the better. First thing to do is exercise, to clear all those stress hormones out of your system. A good walk in a beautiful setting (if possible) with a bit of fresh air works wonders. Try to get in a walk every day until this passes over - exercise has been proved to be as effective as counselling in people suffering from depression, so put it to use for you! Even just 30 mins will have a great effect ...... Second, Lavender baths are a great one - but you need to put the Lavender oil (about 6 drops should be enough, but adjust to your taste!) into a glass of milk before you add it to your bath. This helps the oil to dissipate, if you add it straight to the bath water it just sits on top. Go mad and use a whole pint of milk if you want, it will moisturise your skin and make the whole experience very Cleopatra-ish. A bath an hour or so before bed works very well for me, followed by soft fluffy pjs and a glass of wine! Treat yourself to new pjs if you haven't any suitably comfy ones. Treating yourself well and prioritising your own care will have a knock-on effect - the old "I'm worth it" cliche is actually kinda true. Best of luck!

daz j
a holiday to australia

Hi I have the same problem and went to the doctors and he recommended to go and see the homeopath in one of the store in my town. So i went to see them and told them my symptoms, I said I get down alot, angry, moodswings, and snappy all the time and she recommended Passiflora tablets. These are herbal and have no side effets and dont interfere with other medicines. So they are safe to take. If you think they are like calms they are not. They work and you will feel an improvement from the first time you take them. I have been much better now with taking these and they have worked on people I my mum now takes them and my aunty. As I am young the doctor didnt want to put me on anti depressants as a fear I will get addicted to them. My dad is on anti depressants and these help him also if he forgets to take a tablet he takes these and he agrees there just as good but are not addictive. Have a word in your local herbal store and see what they can give you. there are other that you can take if you symptoms are different.

Light exercise and sleep are great. Hot baths may be good, too. If you can discover the source of your negativity, perhaps by talking to a close friend, this might help.

Take some BACH rescue remedy, you should be able to pick it up in most chemists, or some St Johns Wort, and you should be able to get that in most health food places like Holland and Barrot
Hope you feel better soon

Stop worrying & dont read newspapers or watch the news on TV. listen to the radio.

Drink plenty of water

Simple Life? HAHA
Peppermint oil and Lavender are both good for stress. In a bath or in a simmer pot. also Kava Kava and Valerian root are good to help you relax and get good rest which is also a high priority during times of extra stress. This has always worked for me.

Hi there, i went through a period of stress etc last year and i tried st johns wart, its herbal but it did help relieve things a little! Stay positive and try and focus on the good instead of the bad! (easier said than done) but give it a shot! I hope u feel better soon x

I heart HBK
please don't take this the wrong way - and i don't mean to offend AT ALL but try a little...um...self help. It is relaxing.

Tilly Ward
organic wine, essential oil orange is good too

Lisa D
Lavender - Tesco used to do a good Lavender pulse stick that you roll onto your wrists & it emits the scent throughout the day.

Lavender on your pillow at night. Yoga is good but you can also do some simple stretching before bedtime to make yourself physically relaxed. Read a good book or listen to calming music before bedtime.

malcolm m
plenty of exercise and a hot bath afterwards-lay off the booze though ,its only a temporary lift and if you've overdone it, makes you feel even worse.
Try to get plenty of quality sleep.
I find that the sea air works wonders, blowing away the cobwebs and calming me when I'm stressed out.

Please dont take my first suggestion the wrong way.
Try pleasing yourself if you know what I mean.. Hot bath ladida.
Eat well, no shxt food, this compounds the problem, chicken salads are so easy to make, (cut chicken, fry add some herbs or simply salt pepper serve with salad). Cut out fizzy drinks drink water. Excercise, start walking a lot more to gather your thoughts if you are active go for a run in the morning before the stress and then the same at the evening..
I think you will find your negativity will also go by the wayside but remember negative thoughts ONLY affect you and your growth, others will simply acknowldge or switch off

Well, when you go to sleep, try putting some Lavender scented stuff around you. You can get some Lavender cream from The Body Shop to rub next to your eyes and that can help calm you down and help you sleep better. Also try taking a nice long bath, that's what my Mum does when my sister and I are really Bugging her.

Hope that helps you!

St Johns Wort has been known to be a effective remedy for stress or i would suggest plenty of exercise and sleep to take your mind off things.

I'd say listen to music you love & makes you feel peaceful. I know it's too simple, but even in the background it'll help.

Also if u can remember take as many deep breaths as you can throughout the day.this is very relaxing.

I find water is very relaxing, wether I go & sit in a jacuzzi, or take showers or baths or go & sit by the sea-side.(it's too cold to go swimming now!)

I read somewhere recently that Siberian Ginseng is relaxing & is used to help the body deal with stress (see link) & it's actually a muscle relaxant!

Also Skullcap tea is supposed to be good for stress.

Please ignore the recommendation for kava Kava as it has been ruled unsafe. I use rescue remedy and kalms tablets for a quick fix. I suffer from killer pms and find that intensive exercise such as a taerobics class is the most effective. Also try not to give in to chocolate cravings (ugh I've eaten mini eggs and maltesers all day!) because you feel sluggish and guilty afterwards. Try a Lavender linen spray for your bedlinen and have a lush bubble bath (not too hot) with Radox in it-they do some delicious fragrances and they all relieve stress. if you have a partner get them to massage your back and shoulders with any type of massage oil-even almond oil will feel and smell lovely. If you are feeling really aggressive, digging the garden is helpful but you may ache afterwards. If you don't have a pet, offer to walk a neighbour's dog (preferably not a staffy or rottweiler) or visit a pet shop and study the fish tanks. It may sound weird, but it actually de-stresses you listening to the water. All these things don't cost much, if anything, so I hope I've given you some ideas. Hope you're feeling better soon:)
Love Aunty Twist xxx
(why do you think they call me twisty in the first place? Aargh!)

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