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Keep Your Head Up
Is this true????
My Biology Professor said some doctors would sip thier patients urine to check for diabetes

being from south africa...i can see how that might mean that the traditional 'medicine men' might do that...but i highly doubt any modern doctor will do that!

I've heard of being on the piss but I didn't think it was literal...however I have heard this to be true

gross. is that the homiopathic test?

Hmmmmm.....give a whole new meaning to sweetpee (sweetpea) LOL

mhmm, maybe back in the days?

I Study Herbs
Yep, I've read that, too. Apparently the practice goes back to the ancient Greeks.

Are you sure he said sip and not sniff?

Talk about being pi$$ drunk!

ummmmm, eewwwwwwwwwww!!!!! I HIGHLY doubt that. that's not a necessary to test someone for diabetes.

Mr. Boof
That's how they did it in the old days, because the body knew it had too much sugar in the blood and would filter it out through the kidneys. If the urine was sweet, it was diabetes. Thank goodness for those new blood test kits, huh?

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