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 What's a good cure for a hangover?
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 How long does cannabis stay in your system?

 What is the best anti-depresant medicine out there?

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...and are they brain altering? Iv'e recently heard that they can change your brain chemistry is this true?...

 What do you think of smoking in public places, like bars...?

 I get bit by mosquitoes alot what can I do to not attract them?

 WEED OR ALCOHOL that is the question?

 Whats the best cure for a cold?

 Nits, nits , nits...?
does using a nit comb get rid of the EGGS?

whats the most effective way of getting rid of them apart from these bottle's and mouse's with chemicals in?
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 Why do they use sterilised needles for death by lethal injection?
Think seriously before answering this question please! :-D
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 I know this is sick but?
What is the best way to get rid of constipation ...

 Anyone know any natural cures for depression that acutally work?

 What is the best way to fall asleep without drugs or herbal remedies?
I tend to lie in bed for a long time before I fall asleep, is there any reason for this?? and how could I stop it?

 Do you think Marijuana is more healthy than crack, cigarettes and any other substance people use ?
I think it's a pretty good alternative to most of the illegal and prescription drugs we use today ...do you think it should be legalized for this reason? why or why not ?
Additional D...

 Good cure for hangover?
drank too much beer ...

Is Marihuana REALLY bad?
Lately im not feeling good at all for some stuff that got mixed up and I asked around and some people say ''It kills neurons'' other say that is addictive other that marihuana is cool and prevents people from killing etc.... SO whats the TRUTH of marihuana is it bad? good? addictive? gets ya dumber?
Additional Details
o my God come on brothers, I make a very very serious question and you come and ''say spell correctly'' come on goooosh the most annoying thing ever!

Courtney :]
well, first of all, i don't think you should be smoking something you can't even spell? marijuana is not said to be addictive, i have tried it, and i don't care to try it ever again. I think it should be legal though. if alcohol is legal, why not pot. Alcohol, makes most people angry, and fighters, also it hurts your liver. When people smoke they usually become more mellow. Marijuana kills your brain cells though, also it hurts your lungs when you smoke it. Think about it, you are breathing in smoke, then holding it in your lungs, it hurts. and think how bad it is, why bother?

It kills very little brain cells, and it's not addictive. The main downside is it will break you financially, besides the obvious things any smoker should be aware of.

Introverted Mind
It's just as good as Tobacco, in chewing or smoking form. Actually I think it's less harmful than tobacco. Do some research about Marijuana.

its better than tabbaco. either way EVERYTHING is bad.

Beverly Anne N
if you take marijuana you'll become crazy and dumb.........because you'll always laugh without a reason and you don't know how to spell a word.........

The SuburbanCat
I'm a nursing student who worked with a patient this week who used pot daily before he came to the hospital. He has constant hallucinations, a side effect of smoking it so long. He also gets muscle ticks frequently. Sure, it "mellows" people. But at what expense? Do you want to loose brain cells? Do you want to have hallucinations? Do you want to loose control of your muscles? Do you want to crave a joint all the time? Do you want to feel like you have to smoke pot in order to feel normal? Yes, it is addictive. One joint isn't enough to get you hooked, but it's still addictive like any other drug available.

Another thing to consider, whenever you start drinking or doing drugs, your mental development pretty well stops at that point. In other words, if you start doing drugs at age 13, you will have the mental level of a 13 year old for the rest of your life. That makes it extremely difficult to stay in college or get a job later in life.

Marijuans is addictive, the same as ciggarrettes... It can still kill your lungs and liver, just as ciggarrettes do, even though there isnt as many additives... It does dumb you down, it slows your thinking down, and makes you irresponsible... You arent as quick to assess the situations you are in...
And personally, If you are going to smoke marijuana, you dont deserve to help vote in our next president

teddi p
you already have symptoms (spelling) , kills brain cells and does get you dumber......

Marijuana isn't what it used to be.

A long time ago marijuana wasn't addictive. But now, through genetic engineering they have made it contain more THC (the active ingredient in marijuana, ie the stuff that makes you high)
so now its more addictive.

I read somewhere that a joint of marijuana is as dangerous as 4 cigarettes.

america is an anti drug coulture sadly anything that's pro drug is looked down on even tho it may be true

It depends. I believe its addictive, but it takes much longer to get addicted than most other drugs. Someone who uses it at a college party once or twice will recover. Someone who uses it to escape reality on a daily, or weekly basis will most likely end up on welfare living in the projects, or at a dead end low income low skill job, living in the projects. Too much will burn you out. Once you kill the neurons its very difficult and after a while almost impossible for them to regenerate. In simple terms marijuana will burn you out faster than you can recover. If you are underage your brain is still developing, it can cause learning probs. My husband smoked every day with his dad when he was 13 till he was 17, and he has learning problems...ADD and dyslexia.. when he was a young child he did well in school now he can barely read.

Weed is bad for so many reasons and the first being this. It is a gateway drug....in otherwords, it leads you to a world of street drugs like crank, heroin, coke, pills...etc. The reason it takes you to these drugs is not the weed itself. It's the people that you have to be around that will take you down that dark and deadly path. Weed takes your ambition away, it takes the place of socializing. Have you ever gotten really stoned and wanted to go somewhere to meet people and pick up chicks? It is a lonely drug for lonely people. It is stronger in thc than it has ever been in the past and it continues to destroy people and their natural personalities. I ran around with the Grateful Dead crowd for 20 years and never cared to partake. I know what it does....I dont care to be a part of that. My friends from High School that still smoke are couch bums and lack any ambition. I think weed is a bad choice.

your choice

Yeah it makes ya dumber,just check your spelling for proof

You know you can read into this issue whatever you want. There is plenty of evidence that marijuana is in fact harmful, but the media frenzy over just HOW harmful is full of hype that prevents people from being able to find out real information about it.

The biggest thing to pay attention to? How is it affecting your life? For some people pot becomes their entire world. For some people, they can still function get through school and hold a decent job within that. And for some people it's really increasing their issues of anxiety, paranoia, or depression, even if it seems to alleviate those problems upon immediate consumption.

Good luck, you'll find a lot of well written conflicting information on the subject if you're interested, but if you're only so interested as to glance at some random yahoo answers, than just remember to notice whether or not you're having more problems you smoke a lot of it, or if there is a noticeable difference.

Mother of four
Okay there are two ways to think of this. I myself have used MJ off and on through out my life, and I have a sister who says it is her Prozac and an ex whom you could not be around if he didn't have a steady supply.

First and for most it is illegal. If you get caught with it to me is not worth the price you have to pay. Personally I don't look good in orange and don't care for county jail.

Second it has alot of tar which is not good for your lungs. So if you smoke it, do it through a bong (filter it). Cig.s have way more dangers in them and our government taxes that and lets us sell all we want.

It does f-up your short term memory. No dought about that. Let's see what was I saying.......no really it works as an anti-depressant really well. You have never heard of anyone getting stoned then killing everyone in the house. How many people have died at the hands of alchole? Too many to count.

It should be legal and not a problem but it is not.

Addictive? I have a pretty addictive personality and I can walk away anytime. When my ex got busted he quit for 2 yrs while in drug court, not a problem. I think chemically some people may be more easily addicted than others. You know your body better than anyone.

Any drug including marijuana is bad.

Nancy B
It kills brain cells, It causes indifference, It is now laced with chemicals namely THC which is addictive and can cause stroke.

noa mikal collins
Okay Alex, here's the real deal from an old school smoking family. i'm a chiefer. i smoke and i smoke big. i started smoking when i was 24, and i'm 31 now. while results may vary, since i began smoking, i got a divorce, went back to school and now i have a bachelor in business communications, a bachelor in forensics accounting and a master's degree in musical interpretation. do i think mary jane is bad...no, she got me through many nights of cramming.

It Wont Benefit You In AnyWay.. Thats About All There Is To It. have fun if you do though, its pretty fun.

It can be most of those things. People can be mentally addicted to anything, but it's not physically addictive. It probably does help keep some people from going nuts, I know it calms me down. As for it making you dumb, that depends on the person. Pot makes you feel okay about being bored. So if you sit on your *** and do nothing all the time, you aren't learning any new skills, and most likely will forget some of the ones you already had if you don't keep using them. I personally think pot is a good thing. It's hard to be mad or agitated when you're stoned, it helps headaches and nausea and quite a few other things. And it doesn't hurt your body as much as other drugs or alcohol. Yes, it's bad for your lungs like smoking anything else, but that's it. I also like the fact that there's no after effects. There's no waking up at 3am going oh man I don't feel so good. There's no fiending for more when it wears off like there is with hard drugs. And I've never (seriously) regretted things I did while stoned like I have from drinking.

IMO it doesn't screw you up as bad as alcohol or other drugs.

justin schwan
Mary is healther than Pall Malls. The fact of the matter is that Marijuana gets a bad rap for basically doing the same thing Alcohol does with less side affects of either booze or cigarettes. It's illegal, and that's what makes it so gosh darn bad.

It's not a gateway drug.

It is no more a carcinogen than standing over a smoking grill is.

It's far less adicting than cigarettes.

It's natural, if you grow it yourself, which you SHOULD do. NEVER SMOKE WEED YOU'VE GOTTEN FROM A STRANGER...lol

Should you smoke it? No, you shouldn't. Will it kill you? Probably not. Cancer? Have you ever heard anyone who got cancer from smoking weed? Honestly. If you drive while you smoke it I hope you get into a single car accident and die before you can kill someone else. Otherwise, the worst thing it's gonna do is make you waste your entire life on the couch, and depending on who's point of view you have, that's better than wasting life in a cubicle.

Christopher W
I can't remember, but I know I am no longer attached to jesse's couch. And instead of making minimum wage I make 75k a year.

isnt it marijuana?

I noticed that no one else corrected your spelling, that means they are all stoners. See thats what weed does to you, makes you stupid.

well EVERYONE WILL HAVE A DIFFERENT OPINION ON marijuana.....You may want to read about it in a medical book...that way you will know FOR SURE...

the red shore
I've seen some pretty retarded burn outs.

I have kidney disease, and it helps me feel better. I don't think it makes you dumb, if you don't smoke it to much. It does make you kind of forgetful if you do smoke to much.

Yes, "marihuana" is bad, especially since no one knows what that is! I would NEVER do that if I were you. Now marijuana on the other hand...

Jack B
First of all....idiots, seriously....marihuana is a perfectly acceptable spelling. Personally I see nothing wrong with it, if used in moderation. It is less harmful and less addictive than both tobacco and alcohol, which by the way are perfectly legal. Why should I be denied the right to do as I wish with my body?

Does it make you dumber? Perhaps. Usually a temporary side effect, though. I haven't seen any permanent impact to intelligence or memory from long-term pot use. I use pot myself, on a daily basis. I am an Engineer for the Department of Defense. My roomate uses pot on a daily basis, he is a System Administrator for the Department of Defense. Many of my friends....you guessed it, daily users. They all hold white collar jobs and do quite well. My brother-in-law, a doctor, also a pot user. His wife, a technical writer, also a pot user. I could go on and on with my anecdotal evidence.

Pot is quite acceptable in my family and circle of friends and somehow most of us hold jobs and manage to be productive members of society. Amazing, right?

Queen Amidala
No it's ALL BS propaganda from the 30's when Reefer Madness came out. If it were SO bad it wouldn't be prescribed AS A MEDICINE in 9 states. Doesn't make you any dumber than excess drinking. Children/teens shouldn't use it. It should be regulated like cigs & alcohol.

It's no more a "gateway" drug than alcohol & most people who say it's bad are uber religious freaks!

im serious
no no its all gravy train.. bong tokes are the best... just dont burn anyone and pay the rent on time

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