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If I gargle alcohol (brandy, vodka, tequila...)...will it kill the bacterias causing my sore throat?
I have a sore throat now...and I'd like to know if I gargle alcohol would help to kill the bacterias or whatever is hurting me

a spoon full of honey honey its antibac qualities will kill germs and it will also sooooooth your pain

hello,try salt water its a miracle,half a teaspoon of salt into boiling water,let it cool down, then gargle a few times,


well it might do.
When my wisdom tooth plays up i gargle with whiskey and in numbs the pain!!!

the bad seed
just do shots that way you get them all

My grandparents did that. warm salt water works better if it is not strep throat.

it will work the alcohol will kill bacteria,

vodka would be best, less sugars

Wise One
A real man would swallow!


Alcohol used in drinks is actually Ethyl Alcohol, safe for food. Not the same kind of alcohol the doctors use to clean the skin before giving a shot or the alcohol in hand sanatizer. Ethyl Alcohol is the only alcohol 'safe' to bring in your body.

I would actually try something else like some soup or a home remedy.

The Canadian
Probably, but not as well as an Antibacterial gargle that you can get at the drugstore. Plus, do you really want to spit it down the sink? What a waste!!

I don't know if gargling with will make you feel better,but if you swallow it ,it will definitely help you forget about it!! Just kidding with ya!.Why don't you try gargling with some warm salt water instead.It works pretty good, you won't get drunk,and it's a lot cheaper too.

probably killing any good bacteria too which in turn cannot kill off future bad bacteria. starting a vicious cycle.

christine s
I'd just drink it mate.

It might, providing you swallow it after gargeling, you may just not notice it ...............give it a try. If you have a sore throat, why not enjoy it????

Sea-salt is best. Dissolve a couple of teaspoons in a cup of water which has been boiled a couple of times. the alcohol we get is not what they use for killing bacteria, I think that might be surgical bacteria.
I think alcohol might only numb ur throat.

Kings Child
Try to gargle with apple cider Vinegar, and/or just drink a straight tablespoonful. Kills bacteria and is healthy for you.
I'd suggest eating something before swallowing it tho.

Are you in need of alcohol rehab? There are simpler ways to cure a sore throat without booze. I am sure you know that.

Chances are, your sore throat is caused by the nasal mucus running from your nose down the back of your throat, which means that the culprit probably resides in your nose or sinuses.

Best to gargle salt water...it breaks up the mucus a little and soothes your sore throat.

Also, take Tylenol if you aren't allergic to it to remove pain.

Take mucinex with a lot of water. This also thins your sinus drainage. Eat chicken noodle soup as well. This doesn't scratch your esophagus, and the warm salty broth will make you feel better.

Alcohol is usually consumed during a cold to help a person sleep. Nothing more.

tell you what mate try Aspirin gargle, half drink then half gargle it'll work. Alcohol wont do much, a Mouthwash would act the same as alcohol.

not as well as Mouthwash, but sorta yeah!

Iain B
Get a bottle of whisky and a boot. Put the boot at the bottom of your bed.
Get into bed and drink the whisky until you see two boots.
When you waken up your sore throat will be better.

it will work as good as Mouthwash. but the bacteria causing a sore throat isn't only on the inside of your throat and mouth. it's in your system if you already showing symptoms. Gargling liquor might make you drunk, but if curing sore throats and colds were that easy why would there be a multi-billion dollar cold medicine market

I dont think so I think it would burn very much

markos m
An old practical way to ease a sore throat, is to squeeze a lemon and add very little water to the lemon juice, and gargle with it three to four times a day.

Michael F
It probs won't kill all, but after a few you'll not feel your throat

No it will not kill all the bacteria in your mouth but if you drink enough of one then you should feel pretty good.

Lisa A
Gargle Listerine instead.

Gargling brandy, vodka, or tequila will kill bacteria. And then it will promote bacterial growth, because it has sugar in it!

It will, and it's a great way to avoid using Listerine.

Listerine is my gargle of choice, mainly because it kills bacteria AND and leaves a fresher breath in your mouth.

Also, it won't kill what's hurting you. It will help numb your throat. If it keeps on persisting, see a doctor.

I think if you gargle salt it would be better, then DRINK the brandy , vodka and tequila, why waste good booze?

shelley s

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